Don’t Spend Your Life On What Doesn’t Matter

There has never been a time like we live in now.

In my daughter’s public junior high, they don’t use textbooks, students can access the information online and they communicate homework and reminders thru texts. Small children maneuver (and own) Apple products instead of toys. Pinterest has changed the lives of women (who don’t like what their husband is watching on TV) everywhere. It’s becoming rare not to see someone attached to a phone or a device of some kind.

In this technology age, there are more distractions bombarding us then ever before.

I’m not against these advances and enjoy many of them, but the risk of wasting our time and our life on what doesn’t matter grows with every distraction.

We live distracted lives and we allow it because it’s become the norm. And it’s not like it’s sinful, right?

“Sin isn’t only doing bad things. It’s turning good things, into ultimate things.” -Jason Johnson

The risk is turning something good into our main focus, which in the end is bad.

And when our focus becomes stuff or devices that help us organize, acquire, manipulate, our stuff, we make them our idol. Idolatry is spending your life on what doesn’t matter.

God shows us mercy by allowing things to disappoint us, it’s there in the letdown where we discover the power our stuff has over us.

Focusing on things that don’t matter will always lead to disappointment. Whether it’s obsessively decorating our house (I’ve been there) or shopping and shopping and shopping for more, more, more (been there too), in the end, when the buzz is gone, we still want more and the temptation to “redecorate” or “restyle” magnifies.

“Remember you have one life. That’s all. You were made for God. Don’t waste it.” -John Piper

We were made for another world and this one will never truly satisfy. It only brings temporary satisfaction and we hunger for something more sustainable.

It’s when we find the passion of our lives, the passion that exalts Jesus, that’s where we are satisfied.

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    ?The risk is turning something good into our main focus, which in the end is bad.” Such a great reminder to rid my life of the excess. There are so many good things in my life that I spend far too many valuable minutes in my day doing. I want to spend my moments on eternal things, bringing glory to His Name!

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    Ive found all these distractions end up covering up the emptiness so many feel. Ive used the distractions of this age in the past to cover up some pretty strong emotions and situations I didn’t want to face but then I realized I wasn’t allowing those tough things the opportunity to grow me…instead I just stayed stuck. I think it can be scary sometimes to look up from the distractions and really evaluate our lives and what were doing with them. But in order for us to really utilize this gift of life God has given us it must be done. I’m so glad I read this post…there are some areas I really need to evaluate. Thank you.

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    Stupid question – not related to your point so please forgive my ignorance – how do children at your daughter’s school without internet access at home do homework?

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    This is so relevent, Kristen. Thank you. I am so guilty of letting myself be distracted by technologies and gadgets. This speaks volumes to me right now because God is really convicting me of this. It is as Champion’s Mommy commented about filling up empty spaces with these distractions. I lost my husband a year ago and the time between when my son goes to bed and when I go to bed are the hardest. This will be a good reminder to go to my Bible and prayer rather than a facebook game or pinterest.

    Blessings to you!

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    Good stuff, as an introvert it is very easy for me to retreat into my online world of blogging, twitter etc. and avoid actually having to talk to people (esp difficult ones.) On one hand, I tell people that getting an iPhone changed my life for the better (always able to access the internet) yet on the other hand, perhaps it’s made my life a little worse. Will be praying about this.

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    Wow. This aligns with where God is working in my life. I’m reading “No Other Gods” by Kelly Mintner – powerful book, btw. I highly recommend it. Interestingly, here’s a quote from the book from John Calvin “The evil in our desire typically does not lie in what we want, but that we want it too much.”

    Prior to last weekend, I began somewhat of a sabbatical from the computer – especially FB – other than things that I truly needed to do. I’ve had some major problems with my shoulder, arm, hand, etc. and the computer is one of the instigators. Or at least too much time on the computer. I’m back on, but am working on keeping it minimal compared to where I was.

    I also struggle with distraction. It’s the biggest enemy in my life and it’s brought on by . . . yes, ME! And it primarily comes in the form of the internet. I do love it, though, when God ties things together like this – what He’s working on my heart, the book I’m reading, a blog I subscribe to (yours), etc. It reminds me of just how much He cares for me and is intricately involved in the little details of my life.

    And I’ll close with this from Kelly’s book:

    “They worshiped the LORD, but they also served their own gods.” 2 Kings 17:33
    “Even while these people were worshiping the LORD, they were serving their idols.” verse 41

    “God and gods: Both were occupying space in their jewelry boxes of time, heart, and service. The people were living split lives, worshiping the One while serving the others.”

    Hugs & Blessings,

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