Leave It to Beaver

I have a cold.

I’m in that coughing stage where I’m actually getting better, but sound awful.  I realized as I hacked up a lung on the flight to Atlanta for Together for Adoption, that I was the reason Airborne was created. Every time I had a coughing fit, I watched the elderly lady in front of me pat her hair.

I am really sorry about that.

In other news, my father-in-law is having a big beaver problem on his cattle farm. The beavers are wrecking his ponds. My husband texted me a picture of the beavers he caught. Which is pretty romantic, I might add. I replied,  “your dad really needs a reality show called Those Dam Beavers.”

I was pretty proud of that.


While I was away coughing and loving mercy, my husband was in charge at home.

He sent me some pictures of my kids playing in the rain with the caption, “this is why I’m the fun parent.”

I responded with “where in the world are you?”

Our backyard.

Awesome, apparently we have a wee bit of a drainage problem when it rains.

I love getting to tell the Mercy House story, but I hate missing moments like these (taken from my husband’s Facebook wall):

5 yr old – what are we having for dinner?
My husband: steak
5 yr old nearly crying – I’m going to fix my own dinner. I don’t like snake.
My husband:: Honey, I said S T E A K

As I put her to bed tonight, I snuggled up and told her how much I missed her.

She hugged me back and said, “I sort of like it when you leave.”

Ah, family.


  1. 4


    I can relate with the coughing. Had a cold 3weeks ago-still coughing. :(

    But thanks for the smiles this morning. Still love how blogs and Facebook keep our families connected. Love you!

  2. 5

    karen says

    Glad the kids had fun in the backyard but YIKES about the backyard lol! Your dad needs to call Billy the Exterminator. Yes, his look is a tad colorful, but he’s an expert on getting rid of pests and he’s done several beaver relocations (you can watch his show on Netflix). Oh, and two other points I totally related to you on this morning, Kristen :-)…I am fighting the same dumb cold and my kids LOVE it when I leave lol. Have a good week!!!

  3. 6

    Karen says

    I had to laugh! My boys used to line up at the door when I left to wave goodbye because they were so excited about it! For those few days, my house would apparently turn in to a locker room with all manner of grossness that they were prohibited from doing around “girls”. :-) And fruits and veggies? Never entered the picture unless it was cobbler for breakfast!

  4. 8


    It is so hard to miss those moments with our kids but you can be glad that God has gifted you with someone who will help complete the picture of God’s love in your children’s lives.



  5. 9


    The “snake” dinner is SO funny! Love it. Your yard – oh, boy. I feel bad for you, but at least you don’t need a swimming pool, and the kids seem to be having a blast.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  6. 10

    Pam says

    I laughed out loud in spite of a migraine! Snake for dinner. I guess the lil one thought it was in the realm of possibility after the day they had. So funny.

  7. 11

    Kit says

    Ha ha, your 5 year old is hilarious, sounds like she and my 4 1/2 year old would get along well.

    Last night I spent an afternoon/evening out and returned after the kids had gone to bed. I asked my husband if they’d wondered where I was. No, actually they never asked about me even once. Gee, thanks! Don’t I feel special 😉

  8. 14


    “I sort of like it when you leave.” She slays me…

    I finally pulled up to my house at 3:30 a.m. this morning and was asleep at 4:00. My kids bounded into my room at 6:30 a.m., full of energy and “WELCOME HOME!!! NOW LET’S OPEN YOUR PRESENTS! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! WILL YOU PLEASE GET UP? CAN WE PLEASE OPEN YOUR PRESENTS? WELCOME HOME! WE MISSED YOU! WILL YOU PLEASE GET UP? CAN WE OPEN YOUR PRESENTS?”

    You get the idea.

    I’m tired.

    • 14.1

      Terrell says


      Thank you so much for loving mercy. Kristen commented several times to me that it was such a blessing to have your help! I’m always amazed at how God has called others to come along side on this journey. Thank you again.

  9. 17

    Ann says

    I LOVE your blog! Every time I read it I find at least one thing I totally relate to. This one made me laugh out loud. Thank you!!

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