Love. {TVP Giveaway}

UPDATE: Comment number 4 and number 255 have been randomly chosen as winners of this giveaway. Congratulations Sukyee and Kelly!

It makes the world go round.

Sometimes my tank runs a little on empty… like when I enter my children’s rooms on their “messy” days. The love is harder to feel. Or when I find their freshly laundered clothes under their bed (deep breath and why?) You know what I mean, mothers out there, right?

But I’m glad love isn’t a feeling. I’m glad I don’t have perform and do good to receive it. I’m glad that God gives us the ability to love no matter what…and when we run out, He’s takes over.

God is love, love is God.

I think that’s pretty cool. Especially on days when I need it the most.

His banner over me is love!

I love The Vintage Pearl, their vision and their support of Mercy House. And today, I’m happy to give away two $50 gift certificates. If you want to feel the love, visit my favorite stamped jewelry store and tell me what you love.

P.S. Who doesn’t love these Vintage Charms? Oh my.

This giveaway ends Thursday.


  1. 151

    D says

    Love, love, love the vintage name charms (which you happen to have featured here). I love TVP and have a couple of necklaces, but I’m going to need to order from them soon as we’re adding a new addition to our family in the spring! :)

  2. 152

    Sara Z. says

    I love the Vintage Pearl! Couldn’t possibly choose just one, but I’ve been wanting to get a “Dainty Drops” for my daughter :)

  3. 156

    Elise says

    Ooo! Pick me! I’ve wanted the Vintage Silver Charms necklace for the longest time. (Hubby doesn’t seem to be catching the constant hints every birthday, Christmas and Valentine’s day) :-)

  4. 160

    Jackie says

    So many wonderful choices…but I really do love the “Love” banner and it would be a reminder of His love for me. Thanks!

  5. 166

    Katrina Henshaw says

    I am new to your store but love what I saw. I have been wanting something like this. I really like the rectangle drop necklace. I have 2 precious kiddos and would love to have their names around my neck. :)

  6. 167

    Holly Bazan says

    These are my favorite necklaces to give to new moms! Hopefully one day soon, I’ll be gifted one, too. :)

    My new favorites are the Cup of Love Necklace and Circle of Love. So beautiful!


  7. 170

    Katrina says

    I love my TVP necklace that I have:) I want to get the I Love You to the Moon and Back necklace because it is one of our favorite bedtime stories right now.

  8. 173

    vickie says

    I adore them all! My favorite (at least at the moment) is you are my sunshine … it would be perfect for my soon to be grandbabies names near my heart

  9. 182

    Beth Baird says

    Love, love, love them all. What’s not to love. I especially love the aqua stone with the names and the incredible giving spirit behind the company. I think I know some people who will be getting some of these pretties for Christmas!

  10. 184

    Alison says

    OK, so I’m going to sound weird but I actually really like the mens chunky leather cuffs with the bible verses on them. I find it hard to find a gift for my husband that is manly yet has that sentimental feel to it and think he would actually wear this.

  11. 187

    K Bryant says

    My absolute favorite is the share laughter, wipe tears necklace. I purchased this for my sister’s birthday this year. It is the first time we will not be together for her birthday (first time in 29 years!) Together we have shared much laughter and MANY tears!

  12. 190


    I really like the Heart for Africa necklace. I was born there to missionary parents, grew up there (until I was 18) and still have a heart for the people there, and I am so thankful for those missionaries and others who are ministering to them.

  13. 191

    Lacey C. says

    LOVE that layered m.o.p. necklace, but also love those name charms you posted a pic of above. What a cute shop!

  14. 192

    Janel says

    I love the “simple” line (especially the necklace with the birthstones) and several of the “unique” ones also. But they are all beautiful!!

  15. 196

    Maria says

    I love the Vintage name charms. It is hard to pick just one!! Some of my top favorites are “a flower and a circle” and “square names with Heart”. What a beautiful collection! Thank you for making me aware of this company.

  16. 198

    Yulie says

    Would love love love to get the vintage scripture pendant! Your post about love is very true… God is love and love is God. Thanks!

  17. 199


    Holly Shmagolly! How can you choose? If I had to pick one today it would be the rectangle drop down charms. I’m a practical girl and I could add those to an existing necklace and they would still be visible ;o)

  18. 201

    Kathy A. says

    Oh my goodness! You know where it says “can’t decide? how about a gift certificate?” Well, that’s what I almost put here….but I did finally decide on The Coordinates of Your Heart!…..for now!!! Thank you for this awesome giveaway!

  19. 204

    Grace says

    I live TVP but what I love the most are my two little fur boys, Happy & Homer. I would live to get this love necklace.

  20. 207

    Rebecca says

    Love the Large Layer that says “You are worth it all”
    As a foster parent you go through a constant roller coaster of emotions and stresses, highs and lows,
    and this sums it up. This kids are worth it all!!!!

  21. 209


    I am still in love with the Eclectic Charm Necklace! I got mine maybe 4 or 5 years ago from The Vintage Pearl and last year I added a new charm when my 6th baby was born!

  22. 211


    the Vintage Scripture Necklace… ‘I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I have committed unto Him against that day.’

  23. 215

    kelly fitzpatrick says

    how can i pick just one? they are all lovely. but i guess i would enjoy the names of my five babies near my heart.

  24. 216

    Jenn says

    The layered circle of love is a peice I’ve had my eye on however I do love His Banner ove rMe is Love! A reminder we need constantly. When we’re loved, it’s easier to love.

  25. 217

    Elizabeth says

    So many things were beautiful, but what really caught my eye was the sign language “I love you.” My children give me that sign through the window if they are outside or if they are leaving the house. Very sweet!
    Thank you!!!!
    Mommy of six, 4 to 16

  26. 218

    Jennifer says

    I love Vintage Pearl! If I don’t win, could someone please email my hubby and tell him that? I’ve tried but he doesn’t seem to get it. Thanks!

  27. 220

    Chelsey says

    Now that my youngest is getting out of the ‘yanking’ stage I can look at necklaces again! <3 TVP! So fabulous and definitely on my list of gift ideas to give to the hubs. :)

  28. 224

    Christine says

    So many to choose from, but I really like “I love you to the moon and back.” We say that to each other a lot. :) Thanks for the giveaway.

  29. 225


    First of all I love reading your blog, its up lifting when I am having a rough day, so thank you. :)

    Wow there is so much to pick from I really love the “secret love message necklace” Very beautiful!


  30. 229


    I like the vintage line. She didn’t have that the last time I looked at her site. I think I would choose either the vintage scripture necklace or the sign language I love you charms.

  31. 230

    Lisa says

    In this season of life I would love to have “You Are Worth It All.” It would be a blessing to me AND my son. Thanks for your generosity.

  32. 232

    Jennifer B. says

    There are so many beautiful pieces but my favorite is the “come fly with me” necklace. We are about to add another little bird to our family any day now!

  33. 234

    Beth says

    I love the vintage name charm necklace, and the pearl nest ring, and the mother of pearl necklace, and the…. You get the idea! :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  34. 236

    Stephanie says

    Wow thank you for introducing me to The Vintage Pearl! I don’t know if I could pick one piece of jewelry from them, but I do have my eye on some vintage necklaces or the leather cuffs. :) I’m new to following your blog and loving every post! Thanks!

  35. 237

    Jenny says

    I emailed you because I didn’t know to post a comment here – duh! But I love the Heart for Africa necklace. I would love to give it to my beautiful friend Lori who is in Johannesburg right now on a missions trip. She has such a wonderful giving spirit and a true heart for Africa. Thanks and God bless you – Jenny

  36. 238

    Kacey Foley says

    I love personalized gifts. It shows that you have been thinking about that person long before their birthday or Christmas rolls around. My favorite piece of jewelry is the dainty drops. I don’t have any kids yet, but know so many of my closest friends would love to receive this necklace as a gift.

  37. 241


    Ooh — I love some of the new items! I’ve purchased their “amazing grace” necklace for our niece, and a few of the “capture life” necklaces for the photographers in my life. I might need to ask for a necklace for myself for Christmas — we just found out who our 4th child is (through adoption), and I would love a mother’s necklace of some kind that includes our newest daughter. Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  38. 243

    Stephanie S says

    TVP has so many great things its hard to choose! Today I would say the “Heart on my Wrist” bracelet, but tomorrow it could be something else :)

  39. 244

    Amy N. says

    Oh my, such marvelous choices! I love the Heart over Square names, but the Miracle necklace is another favorite as both my boys are miracles — one by adoption, one by birth. Thanks for highlighting this website, I’m adding it to my wishlist!

  40. 245

    Suzanne says

    Love the love banner and of course all the charms that you can add names to…also love the chinese love symbol.

  41. 249

    Lorrie S says

    I absolutely LOVE the peas in a pod necklace. I adore fresh water pearls and anything centered around them like the bird nest ring or necklace would be absolutely wonderful. I am new to the site and love what I see. I also love that I would be supporting such a great cause by buying from your site….

  42. 250


    I love the mama’s nest necklace. I also really like the dainty names necklace. I have three friends who have lost babies in the past year (and I’m not talking miscarriage) and I would love to bless them with a necklace with the names of all their children on it.

  43. 254

    Kelly Sanna-Gouin says

    One of my friends has the circle of love with the pearl, her childrens names on it – have always loved this the most!

  44. 256

    Frances says

    Love the Mama Bird and Love Banner…
    I also love all the family tree or children’s names ones but we’re not done having babies 😉

  45. 257

    Mindy says

    I love the Rustic Cross! If I won though I would buy one for my friend that is pregnant with her baby’s name on it!

  46. 263

    Melissa says

    eeek! its thursday night and im just catching up on reading blogs! so glad i saw this- i too LOVE the vintage pearl and all their beautiful jewelry! the vintage charms are my favorite right now!!! LOVE THEM!

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