Love. {TVP Giveaway}

UPDATE: Comment number 4 and number 255 have been randomly chosen as winners of this giveaway. Congratulations Sukyee and Kelly!

It makes the world go round.

Sometimes my tank runs a little on empty… like when I enter my children’s rooms on their “messy” days. The love is harder to feel. Or when I find their freshly laundered clothes under their bed (deep breath and why?) You know what I mean, mothers out there, right?

But I’m glad love isn’t a feeling. I’m glad I don’t have perform and do good to receive it. I’m glad that God gives us the ability to love no matter what…and when we run out, He’s takes over.

God is love, love is God.

I think that’s pretty cool. Especially on days when I need it the most.

His banner over me is love!

I love The Vintage Pearl, their vision and their support of Mercy House. And today, I’m happy to give away two $50 gift certificates. If you want to feel the love, visit my favorite stamped jewelry store and tell me what you love.

P.S. Who doesn’t love these Vintage Charms? Oh my.

This giveaway ends Thursday.


  1. 1

    mary says

    First the rustic cross is my favorite item.
    Secondly and more important is for you to know that God’s love does carry you through
    even on the rougher days. It is unconditional just like a mothers’ love! I so appreciate your

  2. 3


    love the start of this post. never have i felt so encouraged by a giveaway post!!! :)

    hard to say what I love most!

    I like the square names with heart necklace

    and the heart initials on a chain

    I also like the ‘autistic love necklace’ (for a friend)

    sigh. it would be really hard to choose!!!

  3. 10

    Candice Brown says

    I love the rectangle charms with the kids names on them!! I also love the skinny inspirational rings!!

    Finding this blog has meant so much to me! I have constant struggles and I feel like God sent me to this page to find that I am not alone….Thank You for all you share and your encouraging words!!!

  4. 12

    Kris says

    I love the ‘gold and silver layers’ necklace. I’d love to be able to purchase it for my future sister in law to include in her brooch bouquet! So many lovely things to admire at TVP!

  5. 18


    Hands down my favorite is the featured one when you click on the unique styles. It has the little feet and says “You are worth it all.” So many reasons for loving that one but there were so many other gorgeous pieces as well. That one captivated me though.

  6. 26

    Amber says

    The peas in a pod necklace or anything I can put my kids’ names on are all wonderful. I’ve been waiting until we hit the 20 week mark and had a name for this sweet baby before getting one of these beautiful necklaces. Both have happened and it’s time!

  7. 29

    Jacquie Olsen says

    I love the golden love and chunky love necklaces but really love everything on the vp site. So many beautiful pieces to pick from. :)

  8. 34

    Liz says

    LOVE you (and pray for you). LOVE what you do for Mercy House. LOVE the 20 Mom Things post. (SO true) LOVE Vintage Pearl and the Found by the Sea shell necklace.

  9. 39


    The Shutterbug charm makes me smile because my husband and sister are both photographers. :-) And our oldest seems to be headed in that direction too!

  10. 48

    Deb says

    I love everything. I have one of her necklaces with my three kids’ names on it and I love it, I would have to drool over everything for a while before I picked out something else……..thanks for the giveaway!

  11. 52

    Emily C says

    I love the dainty drop necklace. And I really love your blog and all the love and encouragement you share–you have a beautiful heart.

  12. 53


    They are all so pretty it’s hard to pick just one! But every time I look I am drawn to the mother of pearl necklace! LOVE! I also really love the vintage names necklace! These are both going on my Christmas list! :)

  13. 54


    I LOVE the vintage pearl necklace! What a treat to wear my son’s name around my neck…a precious gift, indeed! I also love the rustic cross piece. Thanks for sharing!

  14. 56

    Cindy N says

    I love TVP.

    I had bought one a couple years ago after my son was born but have since lost the necklace.

    I love the square and circle necklace. It’s so simple yet elegant! =)

  15. 57

    Mandy S says

    I love the eclectic charm necklace. What a sweet way to try to represent the differences in personality in each person of the family. :-)

  16. 59


    The eclectic charms have always been my favorite, but those new vintage charms are amazing. I might switch my preferences on my Christmas wish list….

  17. 62


    Oh man, who doesn’t love these? I love so many! The vintage color stamped one is really cool, but I’ve also had my eye on the little ballerina for my daughter and the free bird necklace. Thank you for this giveaway!

  18. 63


    I just had my second little girl, and I would love to get one of the mother’s necklaces with my babies’ names on it! It would be hard to choose which one though!

  19. 67

    Rachael says

    I adore the coordinates of my heart necklace – especially as I prepare to leave one of my heart places to live in one of my other heart places as a missionary!

  20. 69

    Melissa Y says

    I’m very grateful that God’s love carries me through, especially on the rough days (and I’ve had a lot of those lately)! I think my favorite thing at The Vintage Pearl right now is the Layered Circle of Love.

  21. 73


    LOVE so many things! Love the vintage starfish! Love I love you to the moon and back {reminds me of my youngest}! Love You are my sunshine {reminds me of my oldest}! Love the hammered star {reminds me of my middle daughter}! Now I’m looking for what reminds me of my grandson and my man! And I’m in love with so many things!!! AMAZING jewelry!

  22. 82

    Brandi says

    I love so many of the items at TVP! I love browsing their sight and enjoy the many ways they make personalized jewelry. I think my favorite, if I HAD to choose would be the ecclectic bracelet.

  23. 83


    As someone who completely believes in loving BIG…this post definitely speaks to me. Love is the most important ingredient in parenting, without it the recipe fails.

    The Love Connection necklace is DEF my fav. Simple and perfect.

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  24. 84


    Not only am I thankful that love is a choice….I’m grateful that God never stops loving me–even when I don’t do what I’m supposed to do!

    I love the vintage tags. I have several fave’s at TVP!!

  25. 85

    Amber Byrd says

    It IS hard to feel the love sometimes; especially when they start the day already cranky! We have another little one on the way, and I would love to add a tag to my heart to heart necklace with the name of our newest to remind me of who I am loving!

  26. 88

    Lynne Batchelder says

    I love everything TVP! I am partial to the dainty names necklace, and I do LOVE the heart for Africa. Thank you for all you do for Mercy <3

  27. 89

    Sarah says

    I *LOVE* this post! Lately I’ve been feeling the same way and I really need to read things like this to snap me out of it.

    I asked for a TVP necklace for Mother’s Day and it was THE BEST mother’s day gift I’ve ever gotten! I really wanted to get my daughter, Morgan the vintage ballerina for her recital this year but it just wasn’t in the budget :( It’s just the sweetest thing!

  28. 94


    I LOVE the Coordinates of my Heart Necklace. We’re in the process of adopting again, and this necklace would be awesome to have with the coordinates of our next 2 girls!

  29. 95

    amy brown says

    I love the mother of pearl necklace. It has the pearl in the front (like us moms) and the layers of jewelry behind (with family names) like our families. It is very symbolic. Sometimes us pearls (moms) are rugged and dull but we must remember that we are at the front of our families and that our family members are depending upon and are in need of and are looking to us for so much (physical and emotional well being). Got to shine up and lead (like the necklace). :)

  30. 96

    Brittany says

    The people at TVP sure are talented! I think my favorite was the mess nest necklace. Thanks for the awesome chance to win!

  31. 99


    My favorite piece is the “coordinates of my love” which I have hoped my hubby would buy me soon. I have one VP necklace and it is the one that gets the most compliments.

  32. 104

    Tracey H. says

    Who can pick just one thing from TVP??:0) The piece I have been admiring lately is the gold initials on a chain, to keep my babies around me always!! Thanks for the opportunity and what a great giveaway!!!

  33. 105


    I love the a simple “i love you” will do. necklace, as well as the ready made one with the key, although I’d like it with a heart instead of a pearl, or maybe a little initial heart with my husband’s initial. :)

  34. 106

    amy brown says

    Aw, I just saw the “Little Ballerina” too. My oldest daughter just left for college a month ago and seeing that necklace took me back to her being a little girl in her tutu. Sigh. She will always be my little ballerina.

  35. 109

    Vicki says

    It’s hard to pick my favorite! “I love you to the moon and back” is so precious and so is “A simple I love you will do”
    and the rustic cross is breathtaking.

    I also love the reminder that comes with the Love Banner that you showcased in your post!

    Have a blessed day!

  36. 118


    I love the shutterbug necklace. I also love the wide leather cuff with Philippians 4:13 {That’s my life verse!}.
    I have a necklace from VP that my hubs bought me for Christmas a few years ago. I love Vintage Pearl!

  37. 121


    It would be very hard to decide! I like the sign language I love you and the rustic cross and I like the banner of love that you have pictured in this post!

  38. 124

    Amy w says

    I love the love banner necklace, oh, and the love birds, oh and the vintage charms are adorable. So much yummiest at one site!

  39. 125

    Kirsten says

    Oh my goodness! the sign language I love you is beautiful. My son communicates mostly with asl, and the first time he signed I love you, I melted.

  40. 126

    Lesley says

    Thanks for sharing. I really love the banner necklace. I still sing the song…His banner over me is love that we learned in sunday school as children. It brings me peace and comfort to know He covers me with His love at all times…even when I can’t “feel” it. He is there.

  41. 127

    Becky says

    Rustic Cross and Puppy Love are immediate favorites. I like their jewelry and will definitely plan to place an order.

  42. 129

    Lisa says

    I love all things TVP! My current obsession is the new Vintage Key to my Heart. I think it would be fab on a long chain! By the way, my Mercy House t-shirt came in the mail this weekend and I’m wearing it today! I love that one of my favorite scriptures is on it and I love the constant reminder to pray for the Mercy House family and for your family!

  43. 130

    Amy Kersten says

    Wow it all is very cool! I really like the shutterbug one and the owl necklace. There are tons more as well. Thanks for sharing this cool site!

  44. 131

    Melissa says

    So hard to choose, but I love the rustic cross and the gold and silver layers. Thanks for doing another great giveaway!

  45. 133


    Wow! She has a lot lovely stuff. I love the Love My State necklace and Secret Message Heart necklace and the Vintage Charms and the Shutterbug necklace…really my list could go on and on!

  46. 136

    Amanda says

    I have been checking this site out. I am pointing my husband there too. One day I hope to get the layered circles,my husband and my name on inside and our 3 kids on the outside, but number 3 is still growing in my belly and doesn’t have a name yet :)

  47. 137

    Nicole Gaylord says

    I LOVE the vintage charms and with 4 kids this giveaway would make it more in my price point! Thanks so much!!

  48. 138

    Jennifer Mathis says

    The vintage charms are totally me!! But I could easily destroy a $50 gift card in this shop!! EASY!! Love it all!!

  49. 144


    Oh, this would be such a blessing.
    I know things like jewelry are “extras,” but I’ve been asking God for something to mark my journey as a mama…I’m still so young at all of this! So my favorites would have to be:

    1. Vintage Name Charm or Vintage Silver Charm Necklaces…
    2. Love My State Necklace (To bless a friend who has moved…)
    3. Any of the awesome keychains to bless my hubby…

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  50. 145

    Shani Pearce says

    I love the “sign language I love you” charm!! My kids and I use this all the time to each other when we’re somewhere where we need to be quiet or at one of their games, just to let each other know how much we love. They are even trying to teach the littlest who’s 2 and can’t figure out how to get her fingers to stay :)

  51. 147

    Jenn B says

    I love the “heart for Africa” necklace! Waiting 13 months for my son in Ethiopia and would love to have that around my neck for the duration! Thanks and many blessings!

  52. 148

    Leslee says

    I love the vintage charms for my kid’s names. My son is at bootcamp and I miss him like crazy and my daughter is starting high school. I have reached a point where the jewelry I wear has sentimental value. Love the Vintage Pearl!

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