It All Starts With One Small Yes [Introducing::Pure Charity]

I used to think changing the world was done by world changers:  People with power, money and influence.

A superhero cape didn’t hurt either.

But more than ever, I’m convinced world change happens in the quiet yes’ of ordinary days, by inadequate people who simply love God and others.

Which sort of gets us all in the game.

You don’t know my heroes, they can’t fill a stadium or sell a truckload of books. They work in obscurity and are unknown. They simply live to make His glory known.

And while there is no formula for world change, I believe it all comes down to this: it all starts with one small yes.

We like to categorize people. This guy does big stuff. That gal is special, look what she can create. But there is one category every God-lover fits into: you were created to do something for Him. You may still be looking for your One thing, but I believe there are a few choices we can all make.

You might be staring down a dozen questions today or perhaps you’re waiting for someone to ask.  I know what the answer is.

I’m excited and honored to be a part of a brilliant new movement called Pure Charity. This non-profit takes ordinary people like us who buy from powerful companies in corporate America and it turns our every day purchases into something good, benefitting amazing non-profit projects to help people in need.

Pure Charity doesn’t encourage you to spend more money, rather it harnesses what you’re already spending and puts it to good work. If you buy diapers online, purchase plane tickets, need a new printer, pride yourself as an Amazon Prime member, your clicks count.


In 3 easy steps, you can make a difference. Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up at Pure Charity.
  2. Download the webapp bar. This little app in the corner of your screen will make it easy for you to know if one of the 800 retailers is a Pure Charity partner. You can just go about your online business and when you shop, click the webapp to make sure you get giving credit for your purchases.
  3. Fund a project. Here’s where it gets fun! You can add a debit/credit card to your account and put money into a project OR as you shop, your giving fund will accumulate and you can choose projects to give it to.

——–>Amazing truth: With just a simple yes (click), you can help fund projects like this one at our very own Mercy House!  It’s free, it’s intentional, it’s a small way to make a big difference!

I believe in Pure Charity. I believe in you. I believe that together our yes counts. Will you please take 5 minutes and join me today? 


Want to know more? Check out these links: Pure Charity FAQ, Info about  the WebApp,

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Pure Charity and did not receive any compensation for this post.

How to Heal Community Wounds

I said it out loud.

“I can’t believe no one called, no one asked, no one offered to help,” I complained to my husband.

My old community wounds surface at the first hint of disappointment and surprise me with their intensity. My words sound bitter and I struggle to sort it all out.

Why is it that pain from past relationships cast a shadow over present ones? Why is it easier to remember the negative than pursue the positive? 

[click over to (in)courage to continue reading how I navigate this rocky road…]

The Perfect Fall Treat

This is my kind of baking:

Buy three ingredients, use the microwave instead of the oven and assemble.

It’s so easy, a child could make these (and my daughters pretty much did).

Take half the bag of mini chocolate chips and melt them (10 seconds at time, stirring). Chocolate glue is the best!

Apply a bit of chocolate glue to the bottom of the Hershey’s kiss and attach it to the Nutterbutter. After it dries, attach the acorn top (mini choco chip).

Share with friends!

We were going to take some to other people, but we ate them all. Turns out we aren’t that nice.

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How to Get Your Kids to Do the Laundry

We have a very special, how should I put it, ceremony for our children when they turn 8 years old in our house.

They get their first laundry basket (Just for you! Yay! Look at the pretty white basket!) They are given several tutorials on the fine art of waiting-until-you’re-out-of-socks-and-then-stuffing-as-much-as-you-can-in-the-washer.

It’s a beautiful event and brings a tear to my eyes. I always hope God will call one of my offspring to a deep love for laundry. It would be a much-appreciated ministry in this house.

I originally thought this “bestowment” of a chore would mean less work for me (ah, selfish ambition). It doesn’t really, but my kids are wear less clothes, because they want less work. A win-win.

When I introduced my kids to our new washer and dryer, it was love at first load. “Look how big the tub is!” they cried. “I love the tune it plays when you open it!” My kids rejoiced because this wasn’t a gift just for mom, it was for the whole family. They were a bit disappointed that it didn’t come with a fold-it-sloppily-and-stuff-it-in-your-drawer feature, but we can’t have it all.

I still monitor my kids in their weekly washing experience, especially since they are still in the ketchup-sleeve, drink-spilling stage. Come to think of it, I may still be in that phase of life. I depend on my Maytag Bravos XL washer to help me stain-fight. I was in a hurry the other day and I forgot to remind my daughter to pre-treat the food stain. I was really impressed the barbecue sauce came out of my daughter’s top.

I realized after all these years of looking for help with laundry, I finally have caring assistants. They are sleek and excellent at what they do! Welcome to the family, Maytag Bravos washer and dryer! Make sure you check out these resources:

Disclaimer: I wrote this post as a #MayTagMoms Dependable Laundry Ambassador through mom Central Consulting on behalf of Maytag. I was provided with the Maytag washer and dryer set to facilitate my post.

WFMW: Organized Chaos

I like to prepare myself before I enter my kid’s rooms. My delicate constitution (OCD) can’t handle it some days. I try to give my expressive kids (they take after their father) plenty of warning before I go into their rooms. I have less heart palpatations that way.

One way to contain some of the chaos is with labeled baskets.

These sit at the bottom of the stairs and have each of my kid’s names on a laminated tag. When my kids go upstairs to their rooms, they can either take the basket and deliver their scattered items to their place of find whatever is missing. I place lost shoes, random papers, toys, etc in the baskets. I also make everyone empty their baskets once a week.

It’s chaotic, but it makes sense in my little world.

Labeled baskets on the stairs work for us!

(I just used baskets I had at home, but I really love this Stair Step Basket w/Handle created just for stairs (Amazon link)  and I’m absolutely addicted to my  Labeler Machine. You’re welcome.)