WFMW: Organized Chaos

I like to prepare myself before I enter my kid’s rooms. My delicate constitution (OCD) can’t handle it some days. I try to give my expressive kids (they take after their father) plenty of warning before I go into their rooms. I have less heart palpatations that way.

One way to contain some of the chaos is with labeled baskets.

These sit at the bottom of the stairs and have each of my kid’s names on a laminated tag. When my kids go upstairs to their rooms, they can either take the basket and deliver their scattered items to their place of find whatever is missing. I place lost shoes, random papers, toys, etc in the baskets. I also make everyone empty their baskets once a week.

It’s chaotic, but it makes sense in my little world.

Labeled baskets on the stairs work for us!

(I just used baskets I had at home, but I really love this Stair Step Basket w/Handle created just for stairs (Amazon link)  and I’m absolutely addicted to my  Labeler Machine. You’re welcome.)


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    Yes, baskets are wonderful. I can’t seem to get enough of them! Labeling them is a great idea as well. :) Thanks for sharing and for hosting. We must be getting all the rain you all got a couple days ago. It’s been raining all day and my kids did just what yours did the other day, but they loved it!! :)

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    I’m sharing what’s going on in my kitchen and at the co-op in “Harvest Time” and then something that I constantly have running in my kitchen: dehydrating tomatoes!

    Thanks for hosting!

    We also host a blog hop called Eat Make Grow we are always looking for folks with post about gardening, cooking, crafting and kids to link up.

    Stop on by if you get the chance:


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    I have baskets in the kitchen for stuff to go upstairs, and one on the landing for the basement. It isn’t ideal, but it sure works and the stuff actually ends up (eventually :D) back where it belongs! Your baskets are so much nicer though ;0)

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