25 Family Ideas for a Meaningful Fall

    1. Our number one favorite fall activity for one-on-one time? We lay in this together. Oh my goodness. Every family needs a giant hammock. But an old blanket in the yard will work too. It’s the perfect place to whisper and read books and be together.
    2. Get outside-toss a football or chase each other. We gave this very fun outdoor game to my husband for his birthday. It’s a favorite for all ages!
    3. Go on a walk, hunt for leaves, acorns and fall flare
    4. Create this [framed leaf art] or make a nature garland with your finds.
    5. Visit an orchard
    6. Make applesauce or something apple-y. Apple crisp, bob for apples, This little toolmakes it easy.
    7. Pick out a fat pumpkin for the front porch.
    8. This activity is a huge Thanksgiving memory-maker.
    9. Visit a local farmer’s market. Eat fresh and choose a new veggie (our latest: Spaghetti squash. This healthy recipe.)
    10. Invite friends over for s’mores. I love this s’mores in a jar idea!
    11. Have your family devotion outside. Anytime we can read a few scriptures or an inspiring story away from our normal routine, we engage so much more with our kids. Some days we lay on the trampoline or just take a long walk and talk (We are going verse by verse through Philippians as a family right now).
    12. Rake the leaves just to jump in them.
    13. Go camping. I’m not much of a “happy camper.” I love my bed too much. But we try and go at least once a year and I’m never sorry when we do.
    14. Bake bread. Make bread bowl soup (kids love it!)
    15. Create a family tree (get messy) fall hand tree art or family tree wall art.
    16. Decorate with a homemade pinecone swag.
    17. Send these puzzle letters to someone who needs encouragement.
    18. Keep fall trail mix in an easy-access jar for snacking
    19. Collect acorns, put them in a simple jar and call it a centerpiece. Lovely.
    20. Create a thankful tree
    21. Write in your Gratitude journal
    22. Make handmade thank you notes to give
    23. Pick something from this list to do this season
    24. Go on a family bike ride
    25. Don’t feel pressure or guilt to DO anything on this list. Just be together and be grateful.