And Then My Blog Turned Five Years Old {Party!}

UPDATE: Congratulations Donna Livingston you are the lucky winner!

In the 8th grade, my Language Arts teacher, Mrs. Abernathy, a heavy, somewhat grumpy teacher, peered over her glasses and  told me  (without smiling) that I was a good writer. It took just those few words of encouragement for me to decide I wanted to grow up and be a writer someday. She was my favorite teacher–not so much for what she taught me, but for simply believing in me when I didn’t really believe in myself.

Eventually, my love for writing (many rejected manuscripts, critique groups and writer’s conferences later) morphed into blogging when I was 34 years old.

Today this space turns five years old. 5. That’s half a decade.

And the best part of blogging isn’t a platform or occasional free stuff, it’s you, the reader. Because an unread blog is just a diary. But when you take the time to laugh, cry and dream with me, we change the world, my friends.

What I’m trying to say is, I love you. We make a great team. Let’s do another 5 years, shall we?

In honor of you, I’m giving this WATF Reader Appreciation “Basket” to one blessed reader. Your comment entry:  Tell me why you read here.

Basket contents:

Valued $200


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Don’t forget to leave a comment for the basket and then grab this deal. I just ordered 5 for $25. Merry Christmas to all the teachers in my life!

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Happy birthday to us.


  1. 303

    Elizabeth says

    I appreciate the serious truth and fun humor that comes through on your blog.
    I have only been a subscriber for a few months, and have been truly blessed by your writing. This, after avoiding reading when I was going through serious homeschool burnout and felt I could only read homeschool writers, due to sometimes intense feelings of envy for all of the “free time” non-homeschoolers have! Very selfish and prideful, I know. Glad to be over it (well, mostly!)
    Thank you and happy blog birthday!

  2. 304

    Sarah P says

    I love, love your blog. Honesty and a kick in the behind with lots of humor and love wrapped around your words. Keep at it, girl.

  3. 306

    Lindsay says

    I love being reminded that we can all do something – that God’s given us each a purpose and job to do. Thanks!

  4. 307

    Kim B. in Az says

    You ask us to tell you why we read your blog. Well I read your blog because you are real. You don’t present just the good and pretend you don’t have any problems. It is all there, which is encouraging and challenging. It challenges me to live better this christian life. It encourages me cause I know I am not alone.

  5. 308

    Jessica H says

    I read because I found your blog at a time when I needed a “little shake up” in my faith. You helped me find exactly that with a particular post you wrote. I keep reading just because I like ya! Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. 309

    celeste says

    I enjoy all the crazy, southern, family moments-makes me remember our time in small town TN. And the ministry posts challenges me where I am.

  7. 311

    cheryl says

    Well HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I feel like we should’ve been best friends or twins separated at birth because you write what I feel and think and breathe. I love your blog. I love your humor and honesty, your sweet tea references and your heart. I love your transparency. You bring hope into my little corner of the world by being a vessel for Jesus used in me. so thanks :)

  8. 313

    Caroline says

    I started reading here because of WFMW, but I’ve kept reading here after not doing WFMW for quite a while because you’re an inspiration. I wish I could be half the woman you are.

  9. 314

    shelly foster says

    LOL don’t even remember HOW found the blog… But been such a blessing I did… I do remember the day i found it I was feeling so overwhelmed b being a single mom and I prayed God send me a sign that I can make it theough. And I found your blog and it soothes my heart and LOL made me giggle :) And i realized ALL moms feel that same way and it’s nice to have that sparkle of encouragement in my email every day… OK seriously your oldest with the water comment in today’s post had tears in my eyes i was laughing soo hard.. Thanks for the encouragement!!!!

  10. 316


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  11. 317


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