Beautiful Feet | Violet’s Story

Update as of 9pm CST We only have $1200 (of $10,000 goal) to go! More than $8,800 has come in for her surgery! 

Violet is one of our girls at Mercy House in Kenya, Africa.

She is just one girl. Like most of our girls and so many others in our world, she’s lived a life of pain and insignificance.

When I heard all the horrible details of her life before she entered our home, the roaming journey of a helpless orphan without an advocate in this world, I put my head down on my desk and I cried. I wept for Violet because I didn’t know if anyone else had.  She has experienced unspeakable hell in her few years on earth.

But God saw her sorrow and He went after that one girl… just as He does for each of us.

This is her story.

Maureen and I knew we had to help this child. She belongs at Mercy House and is being transformed more every day! We agreed to take care of her medical costs because we knew you would help us.

Our world wouldn’t define Violet as beautiful. She is scarred.

But God defines true beauty from the inside out and he makes beautiful feet for those who share the Good News!

Violet’s surgery will be before the end of the year. It will cost $10,000 US dollars. $1800 has already been donated for the surgery. Would you be a part of this story?

For a short time, we are offering these beautiful LIMITED EDITION Beautiful Feet shirts for $30, available in S-XXL. Please note shirts will be mailed 2 weeks from order.

(We found a gorgeous Kenyan model to show off our Beautiful Feet shirts. You can read about the shirt details and order in The Mercy Shop.)

Order one today while supplies last.

We are also selling these gorgeous handmade pottery crosses with the Beautiful Feet scripture etched on the back for $20. Order one here.

If you donate $100 or more to Violet’s fund below, you will be sent both shirt and necklace as a gift.

We need your help: please consider giving today and if you aren’t able to donate financially, please share her story.

Special thanks to NextWave Creative for creating and donating this amazing video and our t-shirts design. The counter below is only updating donations given thru it. People are also donating through our Mercy House site. Update as of 9pm CST $1200 (of $10,000 goal) to go! More than $8,800 has come in for her surgery! 

We are raising money for Violet until Dec. 31, 2012. Any money that comes in above and beyond her medical needs will be used for future medical needs at Mercy House in 2013. Your monetary donation is tax deductible. Please mark all donations VIOLET.


  1. 1

    Liam says

    Hi guys, is there any chance we can get better captions on this video? I think there are a lot of transcription errors in the closed captions and those of us with hearing impairments can’t enjoy the video fully. :( Bless, L.

  2. 4

    Jessica says

    I just donated and forgot to add Violet to the note section. Hope you find it. Only 10.00 today, but hopefully more later.

  3. 6


    beautiful. What perfect timing for me too, my girlfriends birthday is in December and her LIFE verse is Romans 10 14:16. I just ordered the cross necklace for her!

  4. 7

    Beth says

    Hi Kristen,

    I ordered two of the crosses. Don’t know who the second one will be for.

    I have wanted a turquoise cross for for-ev-er. (OK, really only since my daughter was born in December almost 8 years ago.) It’s the December birthstone. And I was looking for a gemstone necklace; but I never found one I liked! This is the most beautiful *turquoise cross necklace* that I have seen…’s the one I have been waiting for!

  5. 8

    Debra Fields says

    Done! and honored to do so. Thank you for sharing her story with us and making it so easy to help her. She is beautiful!

  6. 13


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