Petite Lemon {Giveaway}

UPDATE: Melody, comment #88, has been selected as the winner of this giveaway. Congratulations – an email has been sent your way.

I’m a sucker for personalized shirts.

I’d have family uniforms with our names on the back if my hubby would let me.  I think it all goes back to those matching red Christmas sweaters we wore in family pictures with our dogs (yes, they matched too) before we had kids. This is where I don’t insert that picture because I value my relationship with my spouse. Ahem.

When my newest sponsor, Petite Lemon, said they were going to send a Little Sister shirt to our little sister, we couldn’t wait! Look how cute. She may be turning six soon, but she’s my baby and I’m going to personalize that child as long as I can. We chose this cute Lil Sister baseball shirt with friendly owls. It’s a super soft adorable shirt!

I also LOVE Petite Lemon’s birthday, name and special occasion shirts:

Colorful Number Girl Tshirt

Playful Doodles - Big Brother Tshirt

I Love Dad Boy Tshirt

This great company also does personalized posters, growth charts, and more!

So fun! Today, Petite Lemon is offering a $100 gift card to one lucky winner! 

Go look around and leave a comment on this post with what you love.

This giveaway will end Tuesday.


  1. 1

    Jen U says

    oooh – I would love to get my girls a set – big sister / .little sister. we had reindeer last winter with their names and it was oh-so-cute. And I made matching PJs for the 7 cousins. But this year I am all sewed out. HA HA.

    Have a great day!

  2. 3

    Julie says

    I like the Touchdown Shirt for boys. Since we have 3 boys, I’d probably go with our last name so all 3 could wear it. Cute stuff!

  3. 11

    Mel says

    They have such cute stuff! If I had to pick just one thing it would be the Under Construction Sky Blue and Green Brothers shirt.

  4. 12

    tina says

    I love it all! With two little boys, the brother shirts with the owls is a must. But they really need growth charts! Also my oldest loves saying the alphabet so the posters would be perfect too. Just basically everything on the site!

  5. 16

    Demarie says

    I Love the “chic style” brother/sister shirts! We are due with Baby #5 in February, and my kiddos love getting new sibling shirts each time a new one comes. In fact, my oldest just saw me looking at the shirts and said, “You know, I think I need a new big sister shirt. My others are too small.” :-)

  6. 17

    Michelle R. says

    Ooh! Love the owls on the girl shirts. We are adopting from Ethiopia and we would love to get Big Sister/Brother shirts for the 3current kids. Thanks for this giveaway (=

  7. 19


    Cute stuff! I like the “Picture Me” growth charts with the big circles for pictures. I’m sure I could find some lovely cards in all those cute designs too.

  8. 22

    Mandy S says

    My son would love the crane monogram shirt and my daughter would love the flutter by shirt. They’re all super cute.

  9. 26

    Cindy R says

    I love the photo posters and personalized invitations! :) I will have a graduation coming up in May and all that would come in handy!!! :)

  10. 31

    Ash says

    I love the Big Sister shirts, as my baby will be a big sister this spring!! Love the designs, and I would pick the owl one too!!


  11. 35

    Elizabeth P says

    I love the monster alphabet name shirts! Would love to win…so many cute things to choose from! Thanks!

  12. 36


    I LOVE the birthday shirts! My little is one turns one in a few months and needs a personalized t-shirt to wear at his birthday party. I could spend WAY to much on personalized clothes! LOVE!

  13. 37

    Amy P says

    Oh so cute! There are so many adorable things. I really like the Animal Pile and the Balloon Bouquet Monogram shirts! Thanks for telling us about this new sponsor.

  14. 38


    I hate to be predictable, but I’d pick EXACTLY the one your daughter has, with the owls and “little sister” and her name. My daughter is strangely obsessed with owls right now.

  15. 40


    Oh, I would love this! I always look at stuff like this online, and then my frugal side kicks in and I don’t order. Or my practical side that says “if you personalize it, you can’t hand it down!” Bleh. I like personalization!

  16. 48

    Nancy Cornwell says

    I love the Big Sis/ Lil Sis shirts, but those growth charts are adorable! I want the solid penant ones for each of my girls.

  17. 49

    Carrie says

    Oh I love the touchdown shirt too-we have three boys that I love to dress alike! :) That said there isn’t anything on the site I wouldn’t love! From the birthday shirts to the picture posters…such cuteness! So glad you posted about their site…will be checking them out for Christmas gifts!

  18. 50

    Stephanie says

    I love the name-o-saurus shirt for my little guy! All of their stuff is so cute. I wish I would have known about them for his 1st birthday!

  19. 55

    Jabber Jaws says

    I LOVE those posters! I would think a playroom decorated in posters of the kids would be super over the top cute!

  20. 56


    My daughter had been wanting a new “daddy” shirt because she’s outgrown her last one. So I’d have to choose the Heart 2 Heart Dad shirt. So cute!
    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  21. 57

    Kirsten says

    I loved the Glitter Number Girl t-shirt. My almost 4 year old would LOVE it! *fingers crossed!* All of their things are adorable!

  22. 60


    I do the same thing. My boy is 3 and my girl is 2, and they’ve had several “big brother” and “little sister” shirts. Hey–it took us long enough to name these kids–now that we’ve made this important decision, why not personalize everything they own?!

  23. 67

    Cara says

    I would definitely need a 1 year birthday shirt for my little girl! She turns 1 on November 24 (Thanksgiving baby!)

  24. 69

    Katie says

    I love the birthday shirts, but missed them for this year. I think I’d go with the “all mixed up” monogram shirt or big brother/little sister shirts!

  25. 70

    Lesley says

    I love the big/little brother shirts. My best friend is getting ready to have her second baby in a few weeks. These shirts would be cute for her 19 month old.

  26. 74


    Oh gosh there is soooo much cute stuff to choose from. We are expecting our first grandbaby soon – so I would let my daughter do the pickin’ if we win :)

  27. 76

    Amanda says

    It’s all so cute! I’d love to get matching shirts for my kids, big sister, big brother and lil brother for the baby on the way! So fun!

  28. 77

    Wendi says

    Since I am wanting my kids to write more notes and thank you cards I am liking the note cards section and the address labels. I would like to make up a writing station for them and have the note cards in there, their address labels and some fun pencils and stickers. So cute. Thank you for this giveaway.

  29. 78

    Amber says

    We’re expecting another baby soon and I would love to get big brother and big sister shirts for my kiddos to wear to the hospital.

  30. 83


    I love the growth charts. We just moved and had measured the kids heights on a door frame in our last house. Having to leave that behind was one of the hardest things ever!

  31. 85


    I also am a fan of the superhero shirt in pink! But my little girl is turning one soon, so maybe a birthday shirt for her?
    Their whole shop is too cute.


  32. 95

    Jane says

    I love the owl big/sis/liitle sis…but my girls are getting too old for it I think! But I adore the birthday shirts! How fun to broadcast their new ages!!! LOVE IT!

  33. 99

    Anna says

    If they couldn’t personalize a bunch of kid sized T-shirts that said, “I’m Uncle …” or “I’m Aunt …” to celebrate the addition of the first grandchild to our large family, then I guess I would go with the Christmas cards:)

  34. 105

    Sharilyn says

    I think I would get personalized little brother shirts. If I was having a baby, I would get the baby announcements. Very nice selection.

  35. 107

    Kristal says

    I really love the birthday shirts!! My boys both have birthdays coming up soon and they would love special shirts!!

  36. 108

    Rebecca says

    I love any and all the little sister shirts for my little 5 year old.Love the name with butterflies or the flying owl…so many to choose from!!

  37. 112

    Beth says

    My kids LOVE to see their names on things. One has a relatively unique name and one is one of the most common…. but either way, they love it! I would love to get a couple of birthday shirts for them.

  38. 116


    oh my gosh that’s some really cute stuff! I love it because both of my kids have pretty unique names, and so the only way to personalize something for them is if I have it special made like this!

    I really like the trucks growth chart and the ‘on the go’ alphabet poster. My son is obssessed with learning letters right now so he would love that in his room!

  39. 117

    Christine says

    Oh wow.. this stuff is soooo cute… I love the adorable shirts… they would be sooo cute to have.. and the growth charts!!!!

  40. 121


    I love the growth charts! And the personalization! My daughter will never find anything with her name on it. I definitely need to look into ordering something for her! Thanks for the opportunity Kristen!!

  41. 122

    Kristen says

    How fun! I actually found this website the other day through pinterest! I love personalized anything :) P.S your youngest is a hoot!!

  42. 124

    Kelley says

    I love the Colorful big sister and little brother t-shirts. Our family is adopting an older
    girl and I’m super excited for our little boy to have an older sister! The shirts are great!

  43. 125

    Brittany says

    I love the Big Brother/Sister and Little Brother/Sister t-shirts. I also love the party invitations. Thanks for the giveaway!

  44. 128

    Melissa says

    So cute! I like so much, especially the owl shirt you picked, but i think I would want to get my girls matching rainbow “sisters” shirts and get their pictures taken in them. I love your giveaways!!

  45. 130

    andrea says

    i would LOVE to get one of the big sister shirts for my little girl! it would be a great way to announce to our family and friends that we’re expecting! i really love the playful owls or the sunny flower designs!

  46. 131

    Carol Darden says

    I’m loving the birthday shirts…………Nana NEEDS a gift certificate for the grandkids – just sayin’


  47. 134

    Robin C says

    Love, love, love the growth charts. Probably with the owls. And matching big/little sister shirts for the babies- they come as little as 12 months, so the “little sister” one could fit in the next few (several) months!

  48. 139

    Jenny says

    I’ve already put the Big Brother shirt and Little Brother onsie in my cart! Now I need to look at the rest of the site :)

  49. 144

    Kelli says

    They have some really neat and unique designs. I adore photo posters. Was introduced to them a few years back and love finding some new designs.

  50. 146


    I love the girls owl shirts and the brother shirt with the drums for my six year old who has a drumset. But the Christmas cards are really great too… I’d like them all:)

  51. 148


    I have four girls and one boy. We have moved several times and have always had to leave their growth marks behind on the door frame when we moved. I love the growth charts, especially some of the girl charts. There is a chart that matches the interests/favorite animals of each of my four daughters. I would love to get them so I can take their growth marks with me the next time we move.

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