WFMW: Homemade Costume Roundup

We aren’t big Halloween celebrators in our house. We don’t really like scary. We do love a good pumpkin though. My hubby and I grew up not dressing up for Halloween and we spent the night pretending we weren’t home. But since I’ve been a momma, I dress up my kids, offer the best candy in the neighborhood and just try to shine Jesus. To each his own, right?

We generally do inexpensive, homemade costumes. My kids have always loved playing dress up and we still have a cool box of random stuff they put on periodically. Here’s some fun options:

Some of ours from the past:

What works for you?


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    awesome and timely post! i usually do ‘homemade’ (aka pulled from dress up) costumes but this year I buckled and bought store costumes…but they’ll become dress up ones soon :)

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    Jenn says

    We go to our church’s harvest fest which is an outreach to our community. There are games and lots of candy there. This year Maddie is going to be a Harvest fairy…I made her a brown and orange tutu that she is actually going to be wearing for a wedding rehearsal this week and then again as her costume. Her brother is going to be a lego….wearing a box with some solo cups glued to it, all spray painted whatever color he chooses. I always leave a big bowl of treats on our porch for the trick or treaters. One year I gave them hot cocoa packets, last year I made paper pumpkins with little packs of pretzels. This year I think we are doing small cups of mandarin oranges with a jock-o-lantern face drawn on the top.

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