You Might Be a Redneck

If the highlight of your 7 hour drive to Oklahoma is listening to Tim Hawkin’s CD, Pretty Pink Tractor.

If you’re proud your 5 year old has learned the words to the best song on the CD, Shave What You Need to Shave (a parody of this song).

If you start off the grandparent’s 50th wedding anniversary celebration with a clay pigeon shoot in the pasture.

If there was a line.

If you’re attacked by a swarm of biting gnats and have the itchy whelps to prove it, but still don’t go inside.

If you hide behind the truck when the guns are going off because you’re a city girl and you don’t want to die.

If your husband is tickled you agree to shoot a 12 gauge shotgun for the first time.

If said shotgun gives quite a kick and a bruise and your husband finds this new development sexy.

If you have a family tick check.

If you expect chocolate gravy for breakfast.

If you sit around with family and tell snake stories.

You might be a redneck if you wouldn’t trade any of it.


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    I had a “You might be a redneck” moment when my hubby and I got married…it was a “You might be a redneck if you go to a gas station dressed in your wedding dress, twice, on your wedding day” You should have seen peoples faces, but if you are hungry and that’s the only place you can stop, that’s where you go! come on now! :) ha! I love this post, I could totally relate ha! :)

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    CHOCOLATE GRAVY?!?! I love chocolate gravy, and don’t hear it mentioned nearly enough. Sadly, people married into the family do not love it as much as people born into the family (at least in my family).

    Glad you had fun with your family, redneck style and all.

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    I definitely just went back home for a visit, and probably 8 things on your list happened. Grandma tried out her new pistol, tick checks all around, and the songs my nieces & nephews can sing would be impressive to the greatest country music fan :) Good work with the shotgun, go for a 20-gauge next time; less kick.

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    I love the “If you wouldn’t trade any of it” part. :) Sounds like a *great* weekend to me, and I’m the city girl of all city girls…a little country never hurt nobody.

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