It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas {TVP Giveaway}

UPDATE: Congrats to Tara, comment #90, you have been selected as the winner.

I set up my Nativity this week. I just couldn’t wait another day. I needed to focus on The Why since it gets lost in our world and my heart. I love Christmas as much as the next girl, but I have to make a conscious effort to make it about Christ, especially since stores were bursting at the seams with THE HOLIDAY before Halloween….

A few years ago, I gave away half of my Christmas decor and lights and stuff. I had too much and it was suffocating. Since then, I’ve tried not to replace all the space and instead only purchase if it’s meaningful. Sentimental. Something to cherish and pass on…

I think that’s why I love The Vintage Pearl’s ornaments so much. These keepsakes are something that last forever:

These ornaments are a thoughtful and sentimental reminder of what really matters during the upcoming season.

Today, I’m giving away a beautiful ornament and a $50 gift certificate to on lucky winner.

Check out the other gorgeous personalized Christmas ornaments over at The Vintage Pearl and leave a comment here telling me your favorite.

This giveaway ends on Thursday.


  1. 156

    Brianna says

    My favorite is the vintage necklace that says “I made a wish and you came true”. My husband and I have been praying for a second child and I am now pregnant ! .a this gift would be perfect. Thanks for the chance!!!

  2. 157


    The vintage wreath reminds me of an ornament my mom had when I was a kid. I can’t find it in our Christmas boxes. How fun it would to be buy this one to replace it!

  3. 159

    Kara says

    I like everything from the Vintage Pearl! And the ornaments are lovely – especially the layered peaceful dove or the vintage snowflake…. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  4. 166

    Beth B* says

    We have a family tradition of each child receiving an ornament for Christmas… would love to WIN! I love the snowflake too!

  5. 168

    Linda says

    My favorite is the Christmas Tree Ornament. I have been to Haiti twice, and have a Nativity Set from there that I keep displayed all year long. I appreciate your perspective on Christmas. =)

  6. 173

    berjiboo says

    I love the snowflake ornament. We just moved to a place where there actually is a possibility of snow for Christmas.

  7. 181


    I love the vintage wreath for my family! I would also love to get the puppy love ornament for my dad & stepmom–they recently had to put their beloved lab to sleep and this would be a perfect keepsake!

  8. 183

    Genesis says

    I love the vintage wreath ornament. It is our family tradition to give each other ornaments for Christmas and this one would be the most beautiful yet!

  9. 185

    Teresa Zeller says

    I LOVE the VP!!! I did not know they did ornaments!! I’ve always loved their necklaces- but for ornaments I think I like the tree best!! So hard to decide- it’s all beautiful!! :)

  10. 187

    Dana says

    They are all so beautiful, but I think the snowflake cut out ornament is my favorite! Would love to get one personalized for my parents!

  11. 190

    Kristen says

    I love the snowflake one and the mother necklaces! They just opened a store in my town and I’ve been looking forward to checking it out. :)

  12. 197


    The vintage snowflake is my current favorite. I bought the star (which is no longer available) for my daughter last year and I need an ornament for my son this year!

  13. 202

    Doreen H says

    I think my favorite is the Holly Leaves Ornament or the Snowflake Cut Out Ornament.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  14. 205

    Jenny McDonald says

    I love everything at that site! I like the messy nest necklace and the holly leaves ornament. So beautiful!

  15. 206

    Jessica Reck says

    I love the snowflake cutout ornament and the necklace with the feet on it that says “you’re worth it all”
    so many unique things! :)

  16. 221

    Kendra says

    I’m not gonna lie – I didn’t hop over to the page to view the other ones because my heart stopped when I saw the ‘bella’ dove ornament. We had a miscarriage last month and I named her Bella. Not only that but the verse God used mightily to comfort me was Ps 91:4 ‘He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge…’ So there you go. The perfect ornament!

  17. 224

    Ashley Hiers says

    Love the dove ornaments, but my favorite one is the Christmas tree ornament and I have a Zachary too! :) Love your blog! Thank you!

  18. 231

    Jen D. says

    These are simply beautiful. My favorite item would have to be the hand stamped spoon, but I love the vintage snowflake ornament too. Just lovely! My mom collected ornaments for me my entire childhood and gave them to me once I moved out. I used them as a young, single and married woman for a few years, but then we moved to our current home from another state about seven years ago the movers lost so many things, including all of my beloved, irreplaceable Christmas ornaments and decor. It still breaks my heart to think about. I hope someone is enjoying them somewhere. Thanks for the great post and the giveaway opportunity. :)

  19. 233

    Ami says

    How do you choose?!!! It’s all so fabulous! But if I had to choose, it would be the vintage snowflake…now I’m sending a link to TVP to my hubs… :)

  20. 235

    Amy says

    What beautiful ornaments. My favorite is the Christmas tree. I hand’t heard of TVP, so thank you for sharing it with us.

  21. 237

    Katie says

    The dove…the snowflake…the wreath…all beautiful! These would be the perfect addition to our Christmas tree. Each year we buy a couple of the mini framed ornaments and frame a couple of our favorite pictures throughout the year… love The Lord and His special gifts to us and wonderful memories of personalized gifts

  22. 238


    I love the Vintage Snowflake Ornament! Such a good idea to give away extra Christmas decorations! I know I have too many and have really tried to simplify our decorations over the years. This just might be the year to give some away!

  23. 241

    Anita MW says

    The cutout snowflake is lovely! But -oh my- I had not seen before (maybe it is new) The Wrap-Around ring! great design!

  24. 247

    Danielle Fournier says

    It was hard to choose, because they’re all beautiful! I really love the vintage wreath ornament. It’s beautiful :)

  25. 251

    Heather says

    I love the Christmas tree ornament with the names around it. We do a family ornament every year, so that would be perfect!

  26. 256

    Christy C. says

    I love the Silver Snowflake Cutout Ornament! Thanks for the opportunity to win! I just found your blog yesterday and I love it!

  27. 258


    I love the Doves, and the Christmas Tree, and the vintage Wreath…..LOL! I love them all! But the Doves are my favorite! Thanks for sharing!

  28. 263

    Jamie says

    I love the snowflake ornament! Beautiful! Everything they make is gorgeous. I also love their necklace with an outline of Africa and a heart.

  29. 268

    Toni Chambers says

    The holly leaves ornament, because it reminds me that there is a season for everything. Thanks for your blog, and keeping it real.

  30. 275

    Tomi Martin says

    Love this website! I am ordering a necklace for my mom and a bracelet for my mother in law for Christmas.. beautiful!

  31. 276


    Oh my gosh how perfect! We buy a family ornament every year and I may just have to buy one of these even if I don’t win! I love the Christmas tree ornament and would love to own it! Thanks for this opportunity to win and get it for free!

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