Just Cause {How to Give Twice}

With the holidays fast approaching (HOWDIDTHATHAPPEN?), it’s time to start thinking about gifts. I love that we all hold the opportunity to shop strategically and bless twice: the person we’re giving to and the person (organization) we are buying from. Nothing feels better to give a gift to someone you love EXCEPT giving it and knowing it helped someone else live in freedom.

There are so many just causes we can give to and bless those who are receiving. I’ve highlighted a few that  help girls and women in our world specifically.  Your purchase will keep on giving. And don’t forget to shop thru Pure Charity to truly maximize your spending this Christmas!


31 Bits (poverty in Uganda)

Rahab’s Rope (sex trafficking India)

Mercy Shop (girls/babies in Kenya)

Market Haiti (poverty)


Sseko Sandals (poverty in Uganda)

Batik Boutique (single moms Asia)

Open Arms (refugees)


Trade One (global)

Noonday Collection (global)

Come Together Trading Company (global)

Delicate Fortress (global)

Serrv (global)


Give safe drinking water, a chicken or medical care, plus dozens of other options with these great organizations:

Compassion Gift Catalog

World Vision Gift Catalog

Samaritan’s Purse Gift Catalog


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    Danielle Koroschetz says

    Thanks for the list! Just ordered some paper bead earrings for my Mother in Law from Mercy House! And the adorable tree for myself, it will look lovely with our nativity!!

  2. 6

    Kit says

    love this, and I’m going to share it around, if that’s ok. Gospel for Asia has a good Christmas gift catalog also, btw. We let our kids pick between those 4 and last year they gave some to GFA and some to CI :)

  3. 7


    Thank you for this great list; already put your good advice to work 😉
    And I didn’t comment on the last post, the one about feeling alone…but my heart went out to you as I read. You do such a good work with this blog and that family and your ministry, and I am blessed every time I read your words. Every. Time. You aren’t alone in the struggle.

    • 7.1


      Oh! And there’s also MadeBySurvivors.com…they’re, as it sounds, products made by survivors of trafficking and exploitation with 100% of profit going towards rescue and aftercare of victims.

  4. 8

    Heather says

    Wonderful list – I ordered stocking stuffers for my girls from 3 Cords (Haiti Ministry). I’d like to do even more shopping that gives doubly!

  5. 10

    Kate says

    Love your list–im gonna check out each one:) Also check out handandcloth.org — a wonderful organization in Bangladesh helping women. Their tag line reads “blankets handmade by women. Women handmade by God.” my brother bought me a blanket and they are absolutely gorgeous!

  6. 13


    this is great! my mom and i have been scheming to give with purpose this christmas and this takes out so much of the research/work of finding places to shop! of course there are countless others out there, but this is a perfect starting place!! thanks so much!

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