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The other day, my hubby got home from work and found me in the backyard lying in the hammock. I was hiding from my arguing kids. I have amazing children. We have peaceful days and we have days where they fight alldaylong about everything. I think it’s called human nature. I’m pretty sure they were standing outside  the bathroom door arguing, hoping I would solve the issue from inside the bathroom.  I’m talented like that.

My husband joined me on the hammock and we fell asleep. Right there on a Thursday when I should be fixing dinner. My day got about 100% better. We woke up to a 5 year old staring at us about half an hour later. Nap time over. Before we went back inside, we saw a man walking next to the side of our house.

I was a little alarmed, but my son looked over the fence and said, “Oh, it’s just a guy putting a padlock on the meter.”

My husband jumped up because THAT’S NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN.

He came back with a yellow slip that said our gas had been shut off.

So that’s what it feels like to be delinquent.

My kids were all WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? It means it’s after 5pm and there will be cold showers in the morning.

Truth: I had no idea we even had gas in our house. [Insert a lot of gas jokes from my kids here]

Apparently, I forgot to put it in our name when we moved two months ago. Oops.

My momma said there’d be days like this….

So,  I locked myself in the bathroom and took a long hot bath with the last of the hot water.


A couple of hours later, I shared this picture on Facebook. Some brilliant mother came up with “The We Will Get Along Shirt.”

I felt completely understood. And have threatened it more than once!

Smart moms for the win.

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P.S. How’s your Monday going?


  1. 1


    Love the shirt idea!! Today is my 30th birthday and we have been up since 3:57 with our little lady and an earache! nothing like starting the week and a birthday off with a bang! On the plus side I was able to sneak a few hours of sweet cuddles in before work this morning. :) Mama wins

  2. 2

    Teamtindle says

    Cute idea, we have often resorted to having the fighting pair hold hands for a certain amount of time, say thirty minutes. Then they have to complete all tasks that need to be done in that thirty minutes while holding hands. You haven’t lived til you’ve watched a pair of siblings wiggle into winter jackets, boots, hats and mittens while being in continuous contact. By the end of their thirty minutes they have worked together, probably yelled together in frustration, and laughed together at the ridiculousness of it. Haven’t had them fighting afterwards yet. Have fun in your hammock!

  3. 3

    Jenn says

    These things happen. I told my husband that in 4 years (next election time), I’m going to strategically ‘forget’ to pay the phone bill so it gets turned off just in time to miss all of the pre-election phone calls. We had 14 political calls on Friday, 12 on Saturday, and 6 yesterday. Apparently most of them take a break on Sundays. LOL!

  4. 4


    Oh my goodness…haven’t we all been there (or somewhere strikingly similar to “there”) at some point or another? I hope this week goes a little smoother, complete with hot water. :)

  5. 5


    Oh, I needed that laugh this morning! My Monday started with the kids waking me up with the urgent news that our puppy had thrown up. Fortunately, it was on the kitchen floor. Unfortunately, he’s done it 5 more times, and not always on the kitchen floor. Sigh…he’s over it now–whatever it was–and has been running around the backyard like a nut while I tell my kids helpful things like, “Don’t get him excited! Keep him calm! Let his tummy rest!” Yeah…

    I wish my 15 year old and my 10 year old sons could fit into a t-shirt like that together. 😉 Years ago, I had them stand at opposite ends of the yard and yell to each other “I love you” until they decided they could get along without physical or verbal abuse. (They didn’t realize that one of the advantages of homeschooling would be that this PDA would take place when their friends were at school.)

  6. 7


    Oh, dear. I’ve been there a few times or twenty. :) When our electricity got shut off once, I thought “I won’t freak, I will just sit here and have some coffee”. Until I realized I needed the electricity to heat up the water. Then I lost it.

    Why do they always shut off after 5 and then charge you to come back after 5 to turn it on????

  7. 8


    My mom had a tactic similar to this shirt. When my little brother and I fought, we had to sit in the lounge chair together, with me holding him in my lap. Much like the faces of the kids in the tee photo, I generally wore the scowl and my little (spoiled?) brother generally grinned from ear to ear. I thought it pure torture.

  8. 9

    Cara says

    The exact same thing happened to us when we moved into our first house in Austin! We thought the gas was through one company, so we called them (and weirdly they never told us they don’t cover our new neighborhood) so we never called the CORRECT company. A few weeks later, boom, no gas.

  9. 10

    Jen says

    I did the same thing with the water when we moved into our new home 5 years ago! At least we didn’t have kids and it was easy to get a hotel room until it got turned back on. Ooops! Love the quote, I can totally relate to that right now with a clingy 20 month old who does not understand the meaning of the word privacy!

  10. 12


    When my husband and I moved in to our first (rental) house after we were married, I called my Mom in tears because of a HUGE electric bill – how was I suppose to know I was suppose to change it to our name?? :) The shirt reminds me of when any of us 4 siblings fought… We had to sit on the couch and hold hands – pure TORTURE!! :)

  11. 14


    At least you’d just had a nap with your husband when the gas man arrived.
    My daughter is obsessed with her dad right now, so the day has been great since he left for work. While he’s around, she pretty much hangs on his legs avoiding me.
    Also, we’re cleaning our carpet tonight, quick, before the inspector of rental homes returns to verify that we have unplugged all our extension cords.

  12. 15


    Sorry for the gas problem, but you did make me laugh. And I love the t-shirt idea. Do you think I could use it for my 18yo boy and 12yo girl? Ha!

  13. 16


    Oh my goodness, I about died when I saw that shirt! I loved reading that sometimes we feel the same. I want to pretend I don’t hear the arguing. I’m so thankful there are people who are transparent. I needed to laugh today with my homeschooling gang of 5. I had a bad day! But, you made it better.

  14. 17

    Theresa says

    Hubby is a police officer so we have occasionally used handcuffs to keep siblings close after constant bickering. Sometimes we have moved them into the others room and made them share for a week. When dad is at work I use a handkercheif or mismatched sock to bind them together! I think the t-shirt may just work well too! Never hurts to have another tool in the toolbox to keep them on their toes! May be easier on the wrists as well! ;o)

  15. 20


    Heehee.. I saw, and liked, that shirt pic you posted on FB.

    I’m reading this on Tuesday so that says a bit about how my Monday went..

    (Actually, on Monday, I picked up the cremated remains of my step dad and delivered them, along with two boxes of stuff from his office to my mom.. we rejoice for HIM being in Heaven but it’s been hard on all of us).

    I hope you got the gas situation resolved today!

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