The Kitchen iPad Rack {Heck of a Giveaway}

UPDATE: Comment #1035 was randomly selected as the lucky winner of this giveaway. Congratulations Hillary S. – an email has been sent your way.

[Hint: You’ll want to read this post to the very end!]

Our kitchen is the busiest place in our home. And by busy I really mean dirty.

Eating. Homeworking. Snacking. Cooking. Drawing. Cleaning. And now Googling.


I bought my hubby an iPad for his 40th birthday a couple of years ago. Now that’s a gift. He loves it and uses it daily. It’s really become a family iPad. He shares well with others. It’s such a portable resource and is handy in every room of the house. The kids use it for researching their science project, I use it for recipes and my hubby watches the Texans stomp all over other teams.

And now, a new little tool has taken the iPad limits to the max. It’s been called the missing link to making the most of your iPad in the kitchen. I give you:

When my new advertiser sent us The Kitchen iPad Rack, we quickly and easily mounted the plexi glass shelf to make cooking with the iPad easier.

Or watching football while you’re supposed to be setting the table. Ahem.

Product Description: Super-easy to use, it stores away in the cabinet when not in use and pops into place when you’re ready to cook.

The Original Kitchen iPad Rack is constructed of solid acrylic with a beauty to match any kitchen.

And get this, with every order this holiday season, $5 goes to Mercy House. Awesome, huh?

Some of you may be thinking, well, Kristen, this is fantastic, for people who own an iPad. Well, in celebration of such a handy kitchen tool (makes a great Christmas gift!), this generous company is giving away an iPad rack and an iPad2 to one very lucky reader today!!!! Yes, you read that correctly!

Please, hop over and check it out: (The specs on the shelf, extra mounts for easy iPad use all over the house, and some great Amazon reviews!)

Entry requirements: Visit the Original Kitchen iPad Rack store and then come back and leave a comment on this post.

For extra entries:

  • stumble, tweet, pin and/or facebook this post
  • leave a comment for each that you do

[details on iPad: ipad2 16GB (winner has option to upgrade)]

This giveaway ends on Friday. May the odds forever be in your favor.


  1. 151

    Niki D says

    Just checked out their website.

    This would change-my-life!

    I remember being so pleased when I first got one of those racks to hold open a cookbook. This is that times a billion!

    ndisilvio @ gmail . com

  2. 155

    Amy Sue says

    This is Amazing…. not only would it help me out a ton in the kitchen but would be a great addition with my daughter and homeschooling. 😉

  3. 163


    I sure hope the odds are in my favor. I love the rack. It would come in so handy, especially if I had an Ipad.
    Thanks, Kristen for your wonderful blog and all you do for the Mercy House.

  4. 167

    Amy P says

    Wow, I checked out the website, very nice idea. Now I really need an iPad!
    Thanks for informing us about this and the giveaway.

  5. 170

    Becca says

    I went to the website! This is awesome! It would save so many trees from me no longer having to print my recipes from the web. :-)

  6. 172

    Sarah R. says

    we still don’t have an ipad – but this looks amazing! my kids keep crossing their fingers that we will get an ipad eventually. :-)

  7. 175

    Lysa Sands says

    We don’t have an iPad, but sure could use one, especially after seeing all the ways you’ve found to use it! Please enter me for a chance to win!

  8. 178

    Diana B says

    WoW! What a great giveaway! I checked out their website and it looks like a great product. Of course, we don’t have an iPad (yet??), so here’s hoping for a win!

  9. 182

    Jen Lenhart says

    I love this! It looks like it could be used for a tablet and other things as well. And with such an affordable price, who wouldn’t want one? Great idea!

  10. 183

    Rebekah says

    Yowsers! This would be awesome to have! I often bring my clunky laptop to the kitchen and inevitably end up getting something spilled on it. The installation video clip on the kitchen iPad rack site definitely made me want to get it and the iPad to go with it. It is just so convenient!

  11. 191

    Danielle G. says

    This. is. awesome. We don’t own an i-anything, but I think the iPad would be very helpful when it comes to getting stuff done in the kitchen! And the rack is such a plus.

  12. 194

    Danielle G. says

    Shared on facebook! I also think it’s wonderful that part of the $$ for the iPad and rack go to Mercy House.

  13. 198

    cathyl63 says

    Well, it’s only taking me 100 minutes to post this because the computer is on its last leg. I think it’s time for an ipad. No more printing recipes – I can read them right next to the stove. And, most importantly, no more missing the Saints game because I am in the kitchen cooking. Yahoo!!! I can watch and cook! I need and want this. But, first I had better get an Ipad.

  14. 200

    mel says

    oh my word. . . i’m trying not to want this too much. what a wonderful give-away. what a wonderful donation to your project. i don’t have an ipad but i forwarded this post to my girlfriend.

  15. 201

    cathy M.L. says

    Well, it’s only taking me 100 minutes to post this because the computer is on its last leg. I think it’s time for an ipad. No more printing recipes – I can read them right next to the stove. And, most importantly, no more missing the Saints game because I am in the kitchen cooking. Yahoo!!! I can watch and cook! I need and want this. But, first I had better get an Ipad.

  16. 204

    Debra Lewis says

    Wow! We have such a tough year this year that this would be an amazing opportunity to get a really great gift for my hubby. And then with the rack, I could use it in the kitchen too. Thanks for the opportunity.

  17. 208


    When I see an invention like this–so simple but so BRILLIANT–I always think WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF IT FIRST. Checking out their site I realize simple ideas make great inventions.

    Thanks, Kristen…I’m crossin’ my fingers, eyeballs and toes!! :)

  18. 212


    Oh, how I would love to win this! My father in law had a stroke 5 months ago and is struggling with speaking, reading, recognizing things, etc. The ipad has aps to practice those things, but no one in the family can afford to purchase one for him. I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing it would be to gift him one this Christmas. Thank you for that opportunity. :)

  19. 221

    Tracey Layman says

    I have put this on FB, I have tweeted it, I have pinned it and I have google + it.

    I would adore having this for my new house that we are moving into. I use SO many recipes online now that we’re eating healthier. I know what I’m hoping Santa will bring me in case I don’t win.

  20. 224

    Lisa K. says

    I would love this, been looking at getting an Ipad for a little while now, this would be great! Went to the website, duly impressed.

  21. 241

    Bethany says

    I visited the site. I don’t have an ipad, looks useful! I’ve used my iPod touch to look up recipes and I can see how this would be handy to have one of these racks.

  22. 243

    kara says

    this would be much easier than attempting not to spill ingredients on my laptop as i cook with it in the kitchen! :) and great way to support the Mercy House!

  23. 259

    Carrie says

    We always listen to pandora while cooking and cleaning in the kitchen. With 3 little ones this would be a great way to avoid accidents which occur several times. So simple…why couldn’t I think of that!

  24. 268

    Jessica says

    This is so awesome! better then propping your tablet on your toaster, lol. It would be awesome to win an ipad, I would give it to my hubby for sure.

  25. 270


    Now that’s on my christmas list! My husband got an ipad for Father’s day and it’s also used by the whole family except for me. He uses it for work and the kids use it for play.

  26. 282

    Melissa Kuhlman says

    I would love to win this giveaway! It would be nice to make room on the counter when cooking with recipes.

  27. 285

    Sandy Maupin says

    This is an amazing giveaway, and the kitchen ipad rack is perfect! Thanks for sharing, this has just gone on my christmas list!

  28. 287

    Sarah K says

    I just visited the website. Wow, that looks so convenient, and I like the sleek, simple styling. What a great idea!

  29. 288

    Nina says

    Wow, that would be so convenient! I didn’t even know they existed! It sure would be nice to not run out of the kitchen to double check my recipes on my laptop! :)

  30. 290


    Wow! What a cool giveaway and I can already think of so many things that would be easier if we had one of these. Wonderful. Thanks for hosting. I just checked out the website and may order an extra mount for someone in my family who just got an ipad. Would be fun. Thanks again.

  31. 293

    Frances says

    I use my iPhone in the kitchen, and iPad and rack would be life changing, and I’m sure my little girl would love it too! (haha)

  32. 294


    I’ve been wanting an iPad mainly for using in the kitchen because I don’t like the idea of sitting a laptop in my workspace to read a recipe. We used to have a cookbook rack mounted under our cabinets, but couldn’t keep it when we installed under cabinet lighting. It looks like this iPad rack would actually work for us though. Very cool!

  33. 300

    Nikki T. says

    What a great idea! Now they need to invent something to keep my kids from automatically touching a tablet when it comes into view. :)

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