The Kitchen iPad Rack {Heck of a Giveaway}

UPDATE: Comment #1035 was randomly selected as the lucky winner of this giveaway. Congratulations Hillary S. – an email has been sent your way.

[Hint: You’ll want to read this post to the very end!]

Our kitchen is the busiest place in our home. And by busy I really mean dirty.

Eating. Homeworking. Snacking. Cooking. Drawing. Cleaning. And now Googling.


I bought my hubby an iPad for his 40th birthday a couple of years ago. Now that’s a gift. He loves it and uses it daily. It’s really become a family iPad. He shares well with others. It’s such a portable resource and is handy in every room of the house. The kids use it for researching their science project, I use it for recipes and my hubby watches the Texans stomp all over other teams.

And now, a new little tool has taken the iPad limits to the max. It’s been called the missing link to making the most of your iPad in the kitchen. I give you:

When my new advertiser sent us The Kitchen iPad Rack, we quickly and easily mounted the plexi glass shelf to make cooking with the iPad easier.

Or watching football while you’re supposed to be setting the table. Ahem.

Product Description: Super-easy to use, it stores away in the cabinet when not in use and pops into place when you’re ready to cook.

The Original Kitchen iPad Rack is constructed of solid acrylic with a beauty to match any kitchen.

And get this, with every order this holiday season, $5 goes to Mercy House. Awesome, huh?

Some of you may be thinking, well, Kristen, this is fantastic, for people who own an iPad. Well, in celebration of such a handy kitchen tool (makes a great Christmas gift!), this generous company is giving away an iPad rack and an iPad2 to one very lucky reader today!!!! Yes, you read that correctly!

Please, hop over and check it out: (The specs on the shelf, extra mounts for easy iPad use all over the house, and some great Amazon reviews!)

Entry requirements: Visit the Original Kitchen iPad Rack store and then come back and leave a comment on this post.

For extra entries:

  • stumble, tweet, pin and/or facebook this post
  • leave a comment for each that you do

[details on iPad: ipad2 16GB (winner has option to upgrade)]

This giveaway ends on Friday. May the odds forever be in your favor.


    • 305.1

      Shanna Wynn says

      Posted to Google+ Thanks! My coputer seems to be acting up so I could only comment by “reply”. Hope this works!

  1. 307


    Would LOVE to win! iPads are one of those things I’ve always wanted, but would never buy for myself. I use my phone for recipes…the shelf would be life-changing!

  2. 310

    Kris R says

    How awesome is that! I have sent this link to (2) friends husband’s so they can buy it for their wives for Christmas. What a great gift! I really appreciate the fact that it isn’t crazy expensive as well. It would be such a great addition to the kitchen or garage either one.

  3. 314

    Michele foerch says

    This is so simple yet so awesome. The acrylic just disappears and would look great in
    My tiny redone kitchen. I hope I win.

  4. 322

    Jenn says

    Oh my goodness, this would be soo awesome to use! I use mine in the kitchen for recipes ALL. THE. TIME! …checked out the website!

  5. 324

    Stacey Shipe says

    I would love to have this for my kitchen! I could convert all my recipes into paperless & keep the iPad right in the kitchen, secretly tucked away until it’s needed! Perfect!!

  6. 339

    Cherieann Riley says

    What a terrific giveaway! Thanks to you and all the sponsors helping mamas get a gift of their own this holiday season. :)

  7. 342

    Liz @ The HomeStyle says

    My husband would think he’d died and gone to heaven if I won this. He’s been pitching for an iPad forever. :)

  8. 345

    Kelly M says

    This would be perfect! I use my iPad in the kitchen all the time and can’t stand in on the counter in the way!

  9. 353

    Candace M says

    I just decided to designate my ipad as my “recipe book” in the kitchen as I’m tired of using my laptop. Since I use my ipad for other things too, it would be so nice to have an extra one AND an amazing stand to utilize it. Thanks for this great giveaway!

  10. 391

    Deb says

    That would be so cool, don’t have an ipad and I drag the clunky laptop in the kitchen for recipes that I don’t want to print until I know if we will like them……..course I have to shut it down before dinner, so they don’t look at the screen, then back at my dish and say, “that is supposed to be THAT?!”

  11. 397


    A neighbor boy came over yesterday, grabbed my husbands iPad off the counter (after I’d asked him not to) and dropped and shattered it. It was an iPad given by his company and they didn’t buy the Apple Care so we have to buy a new one ourselves,

    It would be really awesome to win him a new one…

  12. 405

    Kim a says

    Wow! I really do LOVE that it’s clear and with a small small small kitchen (I mentioned Small right?!) not on the counter is amazing

  13. 416

    Lisa T says

    What a neat product. I was just trying to figure out a way to get it off the counter this morning! Thanks for the giveaway!!

    • 419.1


      Well, I thought I had shared it on Facebook, but I can’t seem to find my post. I’ll try again, but don’t disqualify me, because I am trying. 😀

  14. 447

    Kristin says

    Wowser! We’ve yet to buy an iPad, but I hear great things about them, and the rack be the perfect accessory for me. With 3 teenagers eating hourly I never get out of the kitchen!

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