The Kitchen iPad Rack {Heck of a Giveaway}

UPDATE: Comment #1035 was randomly selected as the lucky winner of this giveaway. Congratulations Hillary S. – an email has been sent your way.

[Hint: You’ll want to read this post to the very end!]

Our kitchen is the busiest place in our home. And by busy I really mean dirty.

Eating. Homeworking. Snacking. Cooking. Drawing. Cleaning. And now Googling.


I bought my hubby an iPad for his 40th birthday a couple of years ago. Now that’s a gift. He loves it and uses it daily. It’s really become a family iPad. He shares well with others. It’s such a portable resource and is handy in every room of the house. The kids use it for researching their science project, I use it for recipes and my hubby watches the Texans stomp all over other teams.

And now, a new little tool has taken the iPad limits to the max. It’s been called the missing link to making the most of your iPad in the kitchen. I give you:

When my new advertiser sent us The Kitchen iPad Rack, we quickly and easily mounted the plexi glass shelf to make cooking with the iPad easier.

Or watching football while you’re supposed to be setting the table. Ahem.

Product Description: Super-easy to use, it stores away in the cabinet when not in use and pops into place when you’re ready to cook.

The Original Kitchen iPad Rack is constructed of solid acrylic with a beauty to match any kitchen.

And get this, with every order this holiday season, $5 goes to Mercy House. Awesome, huh?

Some of you may be thinking, well, Kristen, this is fantastic, for people who own an iPad. Well, in celebration of such a handy kitchen tool (makes a great Christmas gift!), this generous company is giving away an iPad rack and an iPad2 to one very lucky reader today!!!! Yes, you read that correctly!

Please, hop over and check it out: (The specs on the shelf, extra mounts for easy iPad use all over the house, and some great Amazon reviews!)

Entry requirements: Visit the Original Kitchen iPad Rack store and then come back and leave a comment on this post.

For extra entries:

  • stumble, tweet, pin and/or facebook this post
  • leave a comment for each that you do

[details on iPad: ipad2 16GB (winner has option to upgrade)]

This giveaway ends on Friday. May the odds forever be in your favor.


  1. 755

    Tara says

    That’s a great idea! The rack would certainly help prevent your ipad from getting wet or covered in flour, or whatever else goes on your counter!

  2. 757

    Andrea C says

    That is sweet! I use my phone to make recipes. . . . small screen :( This would be a super cool win!! Thanks for a chance!

  3. 767


    This looks very useful. I found a wooden one in the latest issue of Country Living, but it was about twice as expensive.
    My four-year-old liked the toddler videos! He is pretty good about not touching mine 😉

  4. 771

    Chris says

    I pinned and facebooked! Was telling my husband the other day that it was too bad no one had made a holder for the iPad in the kitchen!!!

  5. 778

    Ginny says

    I visited the link. What a great giveaway. I use my old ipad in the kitchen and it is almost dead, really would love to win this one!

  6. 779

    Kristin Llorente says

    what a cool idea! I visited the link and would LOVE to have this and the ipad to give my husband for Christmas. he is such a great chef, that having this in the kitchen would be amazing.

  7. 786

    Christine says

    I love it! I’m always bringing my lap top into the kitchen to display a recipe I don’t want to print. But then I worry about spills and such. Having an iPad on a clear mounting rack would be fabulous!

  8. 795

    Lisa H. says

    I visited the site. What a neat accessory for the ipad! Love that it is clear so you don’t really see it and it doesn’t compete with decor.

  9. 800

    Tracey Whitney says

    Oh my! I have never seen one of those racks, because I don’t own an IPad….but when I win I am totally going to use it all the time! Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  10. 833

    Kristin Whelan says

    I would love an ipad and kitchen rack for it! I feel like I would be a much better cook if I could be entertained while making dinner!

  11. 834

    Darby says

    good grief! one of the reasons i haven’t gotten an i pad (or any such thing!) is b/c it’ll be on the floor, covered in juice, or baked into a bread loaf within 10 min… with this rack, though…. might be on to something here! thanks for your give aways, kristen!

  12. 842

    Dawn says

    Wow! I visited the website and that’s sooooo cool! I use my laptop or phone in the kitchen to look at recipes. One’s too big and scary on the kitchen counter – the other is too dang small! I love this!!
    Fingers crossed the odds are in my favor today!

  13. 843

    Sylvia says

    I love how easily it just snaps in place! But honestly, I don’t have an iPad…so that’s what I would love the most!!!!

  14. 844

    Rea Tschetter says

    OK, I’m usually not impressed by kitchen gadgets/racks/etc., but that is nifty and I love that it can be stored out of sight.

  15. 857

    Elizabeth says

    I love that the rack was designed by a husband for his wife to meet her needs (from the history page on the website)!

  16. 859

    Kerrie Bryant says

    As a visual learner an iPad in the kitchen would be a fabulous way to watch/cook with some of my favorite Food Network cooks while in the kitchen!

  17. 877

    Paula says

    my sister-in-law loves this blog and now I do too. :)
    would really love to win this giveaway… its been a rough year both financially and emotionally, formour family.

  18. 887

    Cheryl says

    This is a great idea! Looks beautiful, too, especially backlit by under the counter lighting. I bet my daughter would love this! I visited the website, too.

  19. 888

    Chelsea says

    I shared as well. Here’s hoping! I would LOVE one of these in my kitchen, in my living room, on long car rides… :)

  20. 889

    Cheryl says

    And, I shared it on my facebook page. I hope they get lots of sales through this promotion. It is a great product!

  21. 895


    Very cool product! I use Pinterest as my recipe book so I always have the computer in the kitchen with me. This would come in handy as would the iPad!

  22. 897

    Brittany says

    I love that it is off the counter, easy to use and priced reasonably. I love using recipes online and this would help so much, very cool. Thanks for the chance to win.

  23. 900

    Kendra says

    Looks cool. My husband just got an iPad – this nifty little stand (not to mention an iPad for myself or someone else we love) would be fantabulous!

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