The Kitchen iPad Rack {Heck of a Giveaway}

UPDATE: Comment #1035 was randomly selected as the lucky winner of this giveaway. Congratulations Hillary S. – an email has been sent your way.

[Hint: You’ll want to read this post to the very end!]

Our kitchen is the busiest place in our home. And by busy I really mean dirty.

Eating. Homeworking. Snacking. Cooking. Drawing. Cleaning. And now Googling.


I bought my hubby an iPad for his 40th birthday a couple of years ago. Now that’s a gift. He loves it and uses it daily. It’s really become a family iPad. He shares well with others. It’s such a portable resource and is handy in every room of the house. The kids use it for researching their science project, I use it for recipes and my hubby watches the Texans stomp all over other teams.

And now, a new little tool has taken the iPad limits to the max. It’s been called the missing link to making the most of your iPad in the kitchen. I give you:

When my new advertiser sent us The Kitchen iPad Rack, we quickly and easily mounted the plexi glass shelf to make cooking with the iPad easier.

Or watching football while you’re supposed to be setting the table. Ahem.

Product Description: Super-easy to use, it stores away in the cabinet when not in use and pops into place when you’re ready to cook.

The Original Kitchen iPad Rack is constructed of solid acrylic with a beauty to match any kitchen.

And get this, with every order this holiday season, $5 goes to Mercy House. Awesome, huh?

Some of you may be thinking, well, Kristen, this is fantastic, for people who own an iPad. Well, in celebration of such a handy kitchen tool (makes a great Christmas gift!), this generous company is giving away an iPad rack and an iPad2 to one very lucky reader today!!!! Yes, you read that correctly!

Please, hop over and check it out: (The specs on the shelf, extra mounts for easy iPad use all over the house, and some great Amazon reviews!)

Entry requirements: Visit the Original Kitchen iPad Rack store and then come back and leave a comment on this post.

For extra entries:

  • stumble, tweet, pin and/or facebook this post
  • leave a comment for each that you do

[details on iPad: ipad2 16GB (winner has option to upgrade)]

This giveaway ends on Friday. May the odds forever be in your favor.


  1. 901

    Stacey says

    I visited the website. I would love to give the iPad as a Christmas gift to my fiance! He is a huge Apple fan and this would definitely start our impending marriage on the right foot. 😉

  2. 903

    Jenni says

    I love your blog, so I pinned it, and shared on facebook, hoping more people will check you out and be praying and helping with Mercy House, I also visited the Kitchen I pad Rack site!!

  3. 907


    I was just telling my husband the other day that I neede, well, wanted, a holder/rack/something to affix the iPad to in the kitchen! wOOT! If I win, the iPad will be given away to some friends that are hurting.

  4. 909

    Marie L. says

    I love this idea! I use my phone to read the recipe I want to follow. This is difficult because the screen is so small. It usually gets splattered since it is laying on the counter.

  5. 912

    Jennifer says

    I would love to win the iPad 2 and give it to my husband. He has wanted one for a long time. He would be able to use it in so many ways including cooking in the kitchen (which he enjoys) as he reads the recipe on the iPad 2 while it is sitting on the rack.

  6. 914

    Lerinda says

    I would love to win this for christmas! I’ve shared and like on facebook, tweeted and repinned as well as visiting the website. Thanks for doing this awesome contest and good luck to everyone who is entering! *crosses fingers*


  7. 919

    Rebecca L says

    I would love to win and give it to my oldest daughter. She’s working so hard and not expecting much for Christmas and this would sure bless her.

  8. 936


    That lil gadget is pretty stank’n cool! I was thinking about getting an ipad for my hubs {since he no longer has a work one} for Christmas…with this thing, I may have to ‘borrow’ it more often ;o)

  9. 947

    Kyla says

    This looks like an awesome product 1 Wish they had more pics of it mounted in other places too, like the bathroom or garage, even laundry room! And would use it for other products (KINDLE, YEAH!) Winning the ipad would make my day!

  10. 960


    I visited the site and love the Kitchen iPad rack! So clever! It would be so handy and keep the iPad a little cleaner and definitely safer! Thanks for this fantastic giveaway!

  11. 964

    Becky M says

    I would love to win this! I am forever stealing my husband’s laptop & it makes him really nervous when I take it into the kitchen. This would be the perfect solution!

  12. 972

    sayuri says

    both of these would be a great addition to my family. it would save me paper and ink. since i don’t have to print out recipes all the time while i cook; if i got the ipad and ipad rack. i could so so much with both.

  13. 975

    Molly J says

    I would LOVE an ipad for cooking, for completing Science experiments, and for using our internet-based Family fitness program!!!! The Original Kitchen ipad Rack would just make an ipad PERFECT for our home! Thanks for the chance to win!

  14. 985


    This would be awesome! I would definitely use it in my kitchen, and my husband would love an iPad!!

    I love that you ended with may the odds be ever in your favor. :-)

  15. 995

    Tanya K. Moyer says

    This is such a great idea! I always tote my laptop into the kitchen and wind up getting flour or sugar on it!! :) Thanks for the great giveaway!

  16. 998

    Anita MW says

    Know what? – that handy little rack would work great for regular old cookbooks too! (if they are the type that stay open!)

    or for an E_Reader as you’re chopping veggies ….

    And I pinned your post!

  17. 1002


    Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest; what a great idea! I’d love to win they iPad and iPad rack… they’d definitely be a great addition to my kitchen.

  18. 1006

    Amy E. says

    Very cool product, I visited the site. I need one of those to keep my Iphone off the counter! Would love to win!!

  19. 1008

    Cindy says

    What a great idea!! Would love to help support Mercy House. I love the project you have started and pray for God’s blessing on it!

  20. 1010

    Lydia says

    I visited the Kitchen iPad Rack website! This is awesome! I saw it a while back on Pinterest and loved it! It would help so much in making all those neat recipes I keep finding on Pinterest too! Plus – the iPad – oh my! I don’t have one but have been wanting one so very much! Awesome giveaway! I would love to win!

  21. 1013

    Tammy says

    Meant to ask–does it have to be mounted under a cabinet? I live in an old house with no cabinets hanging above the counter-tops. I couldn’t see an answer on their site.

  22. 1015

    Sara O. says

    We’ve been wanting an iPad for a while too (along with the rest of the world). Thanks so much for a chance to win!

  23. 1023

    Beth says

    For a Cooking Mama like me, this would be great. I am always setting up the laptop on the counter to follow a recipe, but this would be so much better than a laptop!

  24. 1024

    Shauna M. says

    This is so neat! I am always using my Ipad and Kindle Fire for recipes and especially Netflix while I’m working in the kitchen.

  25. 1025

    Hillary S. says

    This is such a cool product! I love the idea of keeping the Ipad up off the counter – away from little elbows and cups full of juice!

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