To the Woman Who Is Looking for Grace in the Aging

I am getting old.

Before you roll your eyes, it’s true.  It’s happening to all of us, one day at a time.

My 30’s have been glorious. I felt good in my skin and accidentally discovered chasing your dreams is a good beauty regimen. I stopped hiding from mirrors and put the spanx away. My laugh lines look more like winkles and my “baby” who left me with a thicker middle is now reading.

The gray is coming in strong now, wild.

This is it.

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    Hey, you look great!! But, it happens to all of us sooner or later. I have just started using a rinse on my hair to hide my gray. I can no longer part it to hide it! But, the crazy thing is…..I think it bothers my beautician more than it bothers me! I’m just happy to have an age to claim and hair to comb!

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