It’s Christmas {Mandisa Giveaway}

UPDATE: The winner is comment #61! Congratulations, Tara.

Our tree is trimmed with the oh-so-classy theme of kiddie ornaments from the last 4 decades. My hubby and I have favorites from our childhood and my kids have carefully placed their “special” ones at eye-level. I just can’t do anything fancy or grown up. And all these people who have multiple trees HOW? It was all I could do to get one together.

But my tree does spin.

So, there’s that.

I bought the tree stand spinner when it seemed crucial one year to true Christmas happiness. Every year when my hubby drags it out and we roll our eyes at my silliness for buying something so unnecessary, he says, “I’m so thankful you were rescued from wealth.” But we have it, so we use it.

I sort of have a thing for Nativities too. I just love them. But besides the festive colors and twinkly lights, it’s the music that makes it really feel like Christmas in our house. I love Christmas music in the background of our busy life.

My new favorite Christmas album is by Mandisa, called It’s Christmas. It has an great selection, including the song Somebody’s Angel. Have you heard it? The movie footage in the video below is from the Gospel Music Channels original movie Christmas Angel that premiered this month. It will be playing throughout the Christmas season. This song is a simple reminder in a hectic time, to be somebody’s angel this year.

I know there are so many needs right around us if we’ll just look. I’m so excited about our family adopting a local single mom to secretly deliver gifts and groceries too.

I want my kids to feel the magic of Christmas, get something from their list and enjoy the wonder of it all. But more than anything, I want them to remember the reason we celebrate.

It’s Christmas.

It’s about Him.

Today, I am giving away Mandisa’s new Christmas album PLUS the Christmas Angel DVD and her entire collection of albums to one lucky winner:

What If We Were Real


True Beauty

Remixed: Get Movin’

Leave a comment as your entry.

This giveaway ends Thursday. Winners are announced on giveaway posts once they close.


  1. 4

    Anouk S says

    Love Christmas music too! This year will be fun since our daughter is almost 2 and will enjoy things more than last year! Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. 6

    Wendi says

    What a wonderful giveaway of such amazing music. We too are helping out a couple of single moms and it would be so much fun to include a couple of Mandisa’s albums to each mom. Merry Christmas Kristen to you and your family.

  3. 16

    Katie says

    I love Nativities too! The Christmas cd I’ve gone back to is Wow Christmas. I love Toby Mac’s “It’s Christmas”. Would love to try some new stuff though:)

  4. 17

    Laura H says

    Tree stand spinner – how genius! Although, we usually hide our “least favorite, but gotta put them up” ornaments in the back 😉 Mandisa’s one of my favorite artists – what a treat this win would be! Thank you :)

  5. 20

    vickie says

    What a wonderful giveaway. And what a gift it would be to be the lucky winner!

    I’m sitting here trying to imagine your tree spinner … what kind of speed does a tree spin at? Do ornaments ever fall off? So many questions this brings! LOL

  6. 29

    Erin says

    Love Christmas music playing in our house throughout the season! It’s especially relaxing in the evening when the fire is going in the fireplace, the lights are dim, the Christmas tree is lit up, the ‘winter’ scented candles are burning, and beautiful Christmas music is playing. :)

  7. 34

    Sheila says

    I think last year you recommended David Crowder Band’s “Ode to Joy” and it has become my favorite Christmas album! So even if I don’t win I have a feeling I’ll be buying Mandisa’s album too!

  8. 36


    Mandisa is amazing and I would love her Christmas album – I would love some good music! :) I first hear Mandisa at a Women of Faith event a few years ago and loved her and her story and how real she is. I love her music as well, bonus!!! :)

  9. 41

    Heather says

    My ten year daughter hangs out in her room with Mandissa blasting on her stereo and singing her heart out! I would love to win this for her!

  10. 43

    Tara says

    Oh how I can so relate to your tree story!! We FINALLY got ours up and decorated this past Sunday afternoon!! It was stressful, tiring, but really so much fun in the end…and of course, good Christmas music a MUST during this yearly event! :) Wonderful music just makes EVERYTHING better!

  11. 57

    Amy says

    What a good idea about secretly adopting someone and delivering gifts.
    We are planning to choose someone and do this this next week! Thanks for the great idea!

  12. 70


    I love Mandisa music and I love your blog and through it, you and your family!! Merry Christmas!

    Ps….I’m still giggling over your rescue from wealth. It’s true though, isn’t it?

  13. 72


    Like you, we’ve really simplified Christmas the past few years. Especially when it comes to gift giving. But you can never have enough Christmas music, right? I’d love her new album! I just heard her new song on KLOVE this morning. Thanks for another great giveaway!

  14. 73

    Jill says

    Your tree spinner makes me laugh. I could never use one… it’s all I can do to make ONE side of the tree look balanced and beautiful. The backside of our tree doesn’t look as nice!

    But I DO love me some Christmas music!

  15. 78

    Kim jones says

    Our family loves your blog! Thank you for being so honest in all your posts! We also would love to win some new Christmas music !

  16. 79

    Amy P says

    Thanks for the Christmas music giveaway. One can never have too many Christmas cds. The music video sounded and looked really good!

  17. 80

    berjiboo says

    We have never bought an ornament for our tree. They have all been gifts. As you can imagine, it makes for quite the eclectic collection.

  18. 82

    Lynnebee says

    would love to win for my daughter (or myself I guess-though I have to honestly admit I have never listened to her) Your tree spinner had me laugh out loud! LOVE your blog, your heart, your ministry and your family. Merry Christmas to THAT FAMILY :-)

  19. 85

    Audrey W. says

    Love it! We could use some new Christmas music, it’s such a favorite of all of the kids’ to listen while we decorate the house!

  20. 86

    MaryAnn says

    I’m curious as to how you went about adopting your family. For example, how do you know what size clothing the kids might be in, etc. I’d love to do this for a family!

  21. 95

    Susan Penney says

    Thanks for your blog and the encouragement and challenge you share through it :) I am listening to a Steven Curtis Chapman Christmas cd as I write this and looking forward to a house filled with my kids and their kids on Christmas Day – lots of noise, laughter, singing and rejoicing at our birthday party for Jesus. May God continue to bless your ministry!

  22. 99

    Megan says

    I’m one of those who puts up a whole bunch of trees…each with a different theme. I absolutely love Mandisa’s new song “Somebody’s Angel”. Amazing!

  23. 101

    Jennifer says

    I too have a thing for nativities! I’m so thank-ful for the dayspring outlet in my town! I love Mandisa!
    Merry Christmas!

  24. 104

    Leigh says

    We love Mandisa’s the few songs we have heard from Mandisa’s Christmas album. Can’t wait to hear them all!

    Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

  25. 106

    Mary B says

    Love Mandisa! We’ve seen her twice at a local christian music festival. She has such great energy and a beautiful heart!

  26. 108

    Danielle Puffer says

    Thanks for this opportunity- we would cherish the music and movie as a reminder of what celebrating Jesus’ birth really means today! The Puffer Family

  27. 111

    Jelli says

    My favorite Nat King Cole Christmas CD is lost this year. I’d SO love to replace it with Mandisa. Thanks for adding the disclaimer at the end of the post. I always wondered if you contacted winners or if you expected us to remember we entered and return to see if we’d been selected. Have a good one, spinning tree and all.

  28. 120

    Tiffany Clark says

    I love what you are doing for that special single mom and her family!! A great inspiration to look not to ourselves this Christmas but to those around us. Thank you!

  29. 121


    Seriously your blog just fills me with such comfort. The craziness, the realness brings me such comfort. I love you guys. Oh and yes the music is beautiful too.

  30. 125

    Kristy Lynn says

    Our tree is the same theme as yours!! My mom saved all my ornaments as I grew up and gave them to me as an adult for my tree and then when I had my girls I buy them a new ornament (sometimes more than one) each year to add to their collections! I love everything about the Christmas season and this year it has been especially hard to get decorated and into the spirit because we have had several significant deaths in the family this year. God is so good though!! Thank you for offering this great Christmas giveaway and I wish your family the Merriest and Blessed Christmas ever :)

  31. 126

    Kathy A. says

    I love reading your blog! Thank you for your heart for ministry, your inspiration, and your encouragement! And thank you for the Mandisa CD give-away opportunity!

  32. 130

    Dorothy W says

    You are so right when you say there are so many needs if we just look around us. I always ask the Lord to help me be intentional about serving, about meeting the needs of others in the ways He wants. He has met so many of my family’s, and to whom much is given much is required. I just want to give glory to God for blessing us so we can bless others! My family’s advent calender is full of ways to serve that He chose for us, ways that my family in particular can serve, and it has been such a blessing. Not that this comment isn’t long enough, but I also wanted to add I’ve been following for a few weeks and God has blessed me personally so much through your blog! Praying blessing for your whole family, and a very Merry Christmas!

  33. 137

    Katie says

    my heart is happy when there is an email from we are that family! And Christmas is my favorite time of the year, for sure…glory to our King!!!

  34. 141

    Sharyl says

    Ok…I will admit..I am one of these crazy tree ladies…we have 11 total. But there is a story…we lost our Christmas decorations in a huge natural flood disaster in 1997…and from all over the place people sent us trees and ornaments. It was unbelievable. Well over 85 trees,etc…of which we placed in well needed and loved homes. But many were specific to us with hand made ornaments, etc…incredible details that we had to celebrate…so each year we celebrate that love of all those who thought of us and it reminds us to do more for others. God bless!

    PS would love to win. The mandisa giveaway.

  35. 142

    Amber Byrd says

    Wow. What an amazing giveaway! I have recently discovered how much I enjoy Mandisa; and I tend to sing Christmas music year round. So Mandisa and Christmas music all in one album? Does it get any better?
    I love nativities too, along with the tree and the music, those are what I always insist on having out for Christmas, no matter how simple we decide to keep the decorations that year.
    Merry Christmas!

  36. 147

    Sharon says

    I found your blog thru your book. The “I googled superglue and baby lips and I’m pretty sure thats how cps found me” line still makes me laugh!!! I love all kinds of christmas music and could definitely use some new material!

  37. 148

    Shawn Bensley says

    I saw Mandisa at a Women of Faith event a couple of years ago. Her God given gift is wonderful (not awesome, only God is awesome). Would love to get her CD’s

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