Sing Like Never Before {Giveaway}

Congrats to the following winners: comment #207 Hannah, #211 Robyn, #200 Linnea, #63  Niki  and grand prize winner #138 Vicki

I grew up sandwiched between two singers. My sister and brother were in choirs and had voice lessons and were definitely gifted in that area.

And then there was me.

Tone deaf.

I don’t sing in the shower or have a massive music collection, but some music makes me forget that some people aren’t supposed to sing (out loud). Matt Redman’s new CD is one of those for me. I feel the worship songs all the way to my toes!

Today I’m giving away his new CD Sing Like Never Before to 4 people and one grand prize winner will get the album, plus his four other albums:

 10,000 Reasons

We Shall Not Be Shaken

Beautiful News


Listen and tell me you don’t feel like singing too.

Leave a comment as your entry. This giveaway ends on Thursday.


  1. Lori says

    I love singing along to his music on the radio, but I don’t have any of his CD’s. His songs definitely inspire true worship!

  2. Linda says

    Oh how I love his music. I too am one of those people who really shouldn’t sing out loud but can’t help it when I hear Matt’s music!

  3. Brandy says

    I so get that….. I am completely tone deaf and have no rhythm whatsoever. But, I will put on my headphones {so I don’t have to hear myself} and sing anyway ;)

  4. Sharon O says

    I love that song and in fact my nieces three year old who I babysit sings it VERY well just like an angel… from a childs heart to mine, I am blessed..

  5. Kathy A. says

    well, we Matt Redman at our house! my 16-year-old son’s FAVORITE song is 10,000 reasons….and he LOVES to sing it very LOUD….but doesn’t seem to like it so much when i do!!! :) Thank you so much for the chance to win the CD!!!

  6. Jan says

    We just moved to a new area and I can’t find any worship music stations. I would love this as I’ve not invested in CD’s as I was use to having my favorite radio station. Please and thank you!

  7. Beth says

    I LOVE Ten Thousand Reasons. It is the kind of song that gives me goosebumps everytime I hear it and makes me feel like I can sing. I imagine that is how we will all feel when we get to Heaven!

  8. Robyn says

    Love his music, but don’t have any of the CDs, this would be great!! I can’t remember the last time I bought any new music, so we are way behind here!

  9. Valarie says

    The sound of worship of my God always brings out the need in me to sing. Matt Redman has some beautiful songs that are just chock full of this feeling.

  10. Hannah says

    SO grateful to my mom, who used old hymnals to teach all 10 of us (homeschooled) kids to sing. We can’t wait until our daughter is old enough to sing along with us!

  11. Amy T says

    i definitely need some new worship albums. we have listened to 10,000 Reasons in the car on the radio and my 2 yr old yells along :)

  12. Julie says

    Love Matt Redman! Always feel like singing when I hear him on the radio. Great to sing his songs at church while worshiping my Saviour! :)

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