WFMW: 10 Affordable Gifts for Teen Girls Under $19

I’m about to have a teenager.

Seriously, y’all. We are weeks away from a 13 year old in the house.

How did I get this old?

Last weekend she went to her first teenager sleepover party at her best friend’s house. They did crazy makeovers, stayed up half the night singing and dancing, you name it. Ready or not, here it comes.

If you’re like me, you might be looking for fun and meaningful gifts for a teen girl in your life. We are sticking to our three gift rule again this year, but Santa needs ideas for stocking stuffers, so I thought I’d share my top ten list:

  1. LemonHead: Get a grip on your hair. I bought my daughter one of these headbands at a craft show and it’s her absolute favorite one. The no-slip ribbon headbands come in hundreds of styles and colors are are super cute.
  2. Cute JOYN Geometric Block Printed Clutch – Green for $19 and stylish fabric bracelets and necklaces (fair trade group that rescues women in India) on clearance right now! I love Joyn and have one of their bags and I’m giving my sister one for her birthday. I love shopping fair trade.
  3. A Charm for a bracelet or necklace. We are adding one charm at a time to a silver bracelet we are giving our daughter)
  4. Urban Soul BE JOYFUL Photo Holder
  5. Fair Trade alpaca cable knit fingerless gloves  My daughter is very aware of things made in other countries and one of the first things she asks is “Is this fair trade?” It just takes a few conversations to make our kids aware. We can’t/don’t buy everything fair trade, but we are trying to be conscience consumers.
  6. EOS lip balm-according to my daughter, you can never have too much lip gloss. 
  7. Beautiful plaque: Love from the Center of Who You Are. I love to give inspirational gifts that build up a teen girls self esteem.
  8. A Mustache cowl scarf  
  9. iTunes gift card–always a safe bet with music-loving teens!
  10. Gorgeous fair trade journal-I love it when I see my girl jotting down her thoughts and writing me little notes. 

Is there a tween boy in your life? I have a delightful one. I loved the ideas on this gift list. {There are a few affiliate links in this post}

What works for you?


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    Congrats on having a teen! We’ve had two and really, it’s an awesome time. You have your moments, just like you do when they’re little, lol! But if you hold them to accountability for their behavior and actions, and don’t allow them to try to play the “I’m a teenager, I’m SUPPOSED to act this way” card, it will be fine!

    You set those boundaries and occasionally they’ll try the “You don’t trust me” thing. But you just remind them that it’s not them that you don’t trust, it’s just that they don’t have the experience and judgement yet and can get themselves into situations that they might have trouble getting out of, which is why you sometimes have to say “no.”

    During those teens years you wonder if they will ever “get” it, and I have to say that mine are now 19 and 23 and it takes awhile but I think they finally “got” it, lol!

    I will stop writing a book on your blog, lol! I just have a lot to say when it comes to teens, haha. Just keep parenting, I know you will. Some people think you let go when they become teens. But you don’t let go, you just give them a little more room to fly, while providing a safe place to land.

    Thanks for hosting and have a lovely day and happy birthday to your daughter!

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    I accidentally linked part two of my “How To Have a Self-Cleaning Kitchen” instead of part one. However, I tried to correct it by linking up part one but it wouldn’t let me. The link back to your blog is on part one instead of part two. But if people read part one before they read part two they will see it, so I hope that that is o.k. with you?!

    Sorry that this is so confusing with all the “part one and two” and stuff! It’s nearly midnight and I’ve been at Disney Land all day and I think my brain is mush, not to mention my feet…….

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    Love the fingerless gloves! I have an 8 year old and she loves the EOS lip balm, so that’s a good one for even younger girls – I think she thinks the shape is cool! Thanks for the link up – I’m sharing my homemade real food pumpkin spice latte – no chemicals and save money by making your own!

  4. 10

    jadell says

    please, Please PLEASE tell me you are going to do a similar post for your son. I have a 9year old (almost 10) son and I have absolutely no idea what to get him for Christmas!! He wants a DS or Ipod touch neither of which I plan to get him. But, he is over Lego’s and now I am at a loss. Any ideas???


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