Where I Find You {Giveaway}

Congrats to random winner Elizabeth!

The last few days have been hard. Family birthdays and my anniversary tinged with deep sadness. I feel helpless, don’t you? I have wondered where to find God in the middle of such suffocating sorrow for our nation.  He seems quiet.

But do not doubt, He was there in that school, no law could keep him out. And He is with us:

In fear.

In joy.

In darkness.

Everywhere we go, everything we do, He is there.

During this Holy season, we are reminded that hope came down from Heaven to a lowly stable.

Grammy-nominated Kari Jobe is a worship leader and a beautiful young lady who loves God. Her new Christmas Edition of Where I Find You is amazing. I love “When Hope Came Down.”

Her song“‘We Are” is a song of commission for us as believers,” says Kari, “to be reminded of what we’ve been called to; and that is to impact people’s lives in everything we do.”

So, do that this Christmas season. People are watching, looking for hope.

Today I’m giving away an autographed copy of Kari’s “Where I Find You” CD, a red cloth-covered edition of the “A Christmas Carol” book, and a copy of the brand new Wow Hits 2013 CD that she is featured on.

I’m mediating on these words and this blessed hope.

Leave a comment if you’d like to win. This giveaway is only 24 hours and will close Wednesday.


  1. 3

    Lauren C. says

    I understand being tinged with sadness. Such despair.
    Thankfully He is here with us. Emmanuel.
    I love Kari Jobe – thanks for hosting.

  2. 5


    be reminded of what we’ve been called to; and that is to impact people’s lives in everything we do.” That’s is so good. :-) This has been a hard time, but light burns the brightest in the dark. We can’t help but pray for the families, and hold our boy a little tighter.

  3. 8

    Anouk S says

    My good friend wrote a post on the conflict of her emotions at this tragedy. I love how she worded it: “Thankfully, God does not require us to have only one emotion at a time. I am committed to using this tragedy not to feel guilty about celebrating with my own family, but to bring perspective to my celebrations. And while I celebrate the unspeakable joy of having my family with me around Christmas dinner, I will intentionally take some time to stop and reflect, pray for, and weep for those that are missing someone around their Christmas dinner table.” ( http://myhometableau.com/3-christmas-commitments-in-response-to-sandy-hook/ )

    Praying myself for these families. Thanks for this post and giveaway.

  4. 19


    Kari Jobe is definitely blessed in the worship music department.
    I adore her song “the More I seek YOU”. Fantastic.
    Thanks for sharing the HOPE we have when things don’t always make sense.

  5. 21

    Megan says

    Thank you, as always, for your insightful words. You have such a pure spirit and I always enjoy reading your blogs. Merry Christmas to you and may you continue to spread His love.

  6. 29


    You are right, people are watching. I’m praying that the Lord will open my eyes so I can see to whom and where he wants me to speak words of hope this Christmas. thanks for an encouraging post!

  7. 39


    i only just heard kari jobe for the first time a few weeks ago. she sang “you are for me” and that song has been played again and again here. she has some serious heart messages. : ) praying alongside you for those whose loved ones aren’t coming home again- let them draw near to you Lord.

  8. 40

    Carol Darden says

    Love Kari Jobe……

    Like you, I’m questioning events…but, as my pastor said on Sunday, “God doesn’t mind our questioning – just look at the Psalmists – God is there, listening, and will respond…”

  9. 48

    Tiffany Hopkins says

    First off, thank you! This is a wonderful giveaway & Kari Jobe is amazing and uplifting. I would love to win.

  10. 50


    So very true. He is there, even if we don’t hear Him at the moment. The whole nation is shook up by the tragedy, but He is there with His hand on all of our shoulders being there for us. Prayers to all the families!

  11. 52

    Crystal says

    It’s so nice to have so many godly bloggers writing down their thoughts. What a stark contrast from the secular blogs and comments I’ve seen.

  12. 56


    Kristen, I’m meditating on God With Us this month – thank you for your thoughts expressed so well on your blog. It’s helpful to process all of this together.

  13. 60


    Oh PLEASE pick me! I LOVE me some Kari Jobe and have thought about getting this, but we are so strapped for Christmas that I have resisted and listened to it over and over on spotify. I would be absolutely THRILLED to have it in my hands!!! And I would love the book as well!

  14. 68

    vickie says

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this amazing package! And thank you for your blog … I so look forward to reading it each day

  15. 69

    Liz G. says

    There are a lot of 3 minute songs that teach, inspire, convict and hit me over the head more than a 30 minute sermon.

  16. 70

    Robyn says

    What a great giveaway, if only more people could hear music like this and hear the message of the One who can help heal their hurting…

  17. 77

    Rachel says

    Wow, great giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity to win this package, and for your honest and encouraging posts. I love reading your blog!

  18. 79

    Jodi Kubiak says

    I laugh out loud, cry, ponder at your words. I enjoy reading your blog. Excited about this special giveaway!

  19. 86


    I was just reading this morning in Proverbs 18 that we have a friend who sticks closer than a brother – Good News for sure! Nice giveaway prize

  20. 89

    Pam B. says

    Thank you for your beautiful words. It is hard to express your feelings and emotions at a time like this. I am a Mom of a son who was murdered a few years ago, just after his birthday, Stories like this makes me so sick at heart. I wish so much I could be there and support the families going through the grief. Our son died in Nov.( his b/d was in Sept) It is very hard to lose a child.Thank you for your generous offer of a giveaway. I would appreciate some new music this Christmas. It would give me something nice to focus on.

  21. 90

    Toni Chambers says

    Have seen her in concert at my church, she is amazing! Thankful that my God was there with those people, and nothing happens without Him letting it. He is our hope! I love your blog. God has blessed you, may He continue to bless you and your family and all you do to advance His Kingdom.

  22. 92

    Andrea says

    Though the past few days have been sad, I have seen God working. One thing that has helped me is taking a friend’s advice and letting my kids teachers know how much I appreciate them and that I pray for them and the school.

  23. 97

    Melissa says

    I would love to win. My husband recently sent my best friend and I to see Kari Jobe in concert and it was the most worship-full concert that I’ve ever been to. Haven’t had the chance to get any of her cd’s yet. It’d be great to start with this one!

  24. 104

    Michelle says

    I am new to your website…I have enjoyed reading your posts and I thank you for giving this gift. Merry Christmas!

  25. 107

    Sharyl says

    He was there! I share your sadness. Thank you for offerring this giveaway …. Her words are what I needed to hear tonight. Hugs!

  26. 117

    Sarabeth says

    Not sure if I made the deadline for the giveaway, but I figured I’d try :) Thanks for the giveaway! Thanks for the reminder of hope.

  27. 119

    Michelle says

    Thank you for your words. I’ve been spending these last few mornings looking for hope — I seem to find it here :)

  28. 122

    Carrie says

    Wow! You are so right! People are looking for hope especially this time of year. It’s amazing how God uses us.

  29. 128

    Shawn Bensley says

    Would like the CD. We’ve bought more Christmas CD’s this year than in the last 5 years combined. Having fun listening!!!

  30. 132

    Christy C. says

    Thank you for your words. They are timely and helpful. I love Kari Jobe. Thank you for the opportunity to win this CD.

  31. 136

    Lesley says

    I,also, feel helpless during this tragedy. I love Kari Jobi and no matter who the winner is they will be blessed.

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