Bold Love {TVP Giveaway}

UPDATE: The winners for this giveaway are Shana (comment #63) and Brandi

I chose love for the New Year.

Little did I know, I would scarcely breathe from December to February. It’s been a hard, long, beautiful journey in-between.

I have been given many opportunities to display bold love.


And love is in the air, and not the puffy heart kind you find in grocery aisle. The deep abiding bold love He has for you and asks us to have for others.

I absolutely love this declaration:

Today in honor of love and the boldness that comes with giving it, I’m offering TWO BEAUTIFUL Bold Love Necklaces from The Vintage Pearl.

What a perfect gift to give this season. Tell me what else you like in a comment and you’ll be entered to win one of these gorgeous necklaces (valued $62 each).

This giveaway ends Thursday.


  1. 5

    Lisa M says

    I love everything from TVP, but right now I especially love the lower case vintage initials. I think I’d like one for me and one for hubby with the key to my heart charm and the little vintage love charm. So sewer!

  2. 6

    Jen McDougal says

    Hi there! I love the necklaces you posted. I also really like the Circle of love necklace as well.

    Glad your visit with Maureen was so great!

  3. 8

    Ellen Russell says

    They have so many beautiful things, but I really love the “I have found the one whom my soul loves” necklace!

  4. 13

    Vanessa says

    Love the autistic awareness necklace would love to gift this to my sister who is a wonderful mom to 2 autistic sons who are so adorable

  5. 15


    I love the “Secret Keeper” necklace – I think I would have it say “FREEDOM” and wear it in honor of those who have been trafficked into forced labor or prostitution.

  6. 16

    Shannon Fox says

    They’re all so beautiful, but I love the “I love my state” and the vintage lowercase initial” necklaces! Praying that the adjustment to Maureen’s absence is going okay for your family.

  7. 17

    Sarah says

    What do I not love?!

    Although I am normally a sucker for anything with my kids initials/names, I think I might have to go with “I love you to the moon and back” necklace as the moment’s favourite. Every night (and often in the day) we say to our kids, “I love you to the moon” and they say “and back.” We even have a silent squeeze the hand for each word version when we are holding hands!

    Thank you for the chance to win the beautiful necklace. Number 4 is supposed to make his/her’s debut any day now so it would be so fun to have a necklace with all our family members names on it!

  8. 19

    Jacquie Olsen says

    Love the bold love necklace and also the golden love one too. I know traditionally people have their children’s names stamped on them but I’m thinking that in addition to my two children’s names, I would add two others– my husbands name and Jesus. That would complete my family.

  9. 22

    Laura says

    I love this one, but have always wanted to get my boys initials on the square charms. I just love all of their stuff!!!

  10. 23

    Amy says

    Thanks for a great TVP giveaway! It is such a wonderful company with so many beautiful pieces. I love my initial necklace on round charms.

  11. 34

    Amy says

    It’s hard to decide. There are so many pretty options! A couple that stuck out to me were the “He loves me” necklace, and the peas in a pod necklace. Also, the chunky sunshine necklace.

  12. 41

    Karen says

    I LOVE the bold love necklace, but I also really LOVE the rustic faith cross. The simplicity yet intricacy of her work amazes me!

  13. 43


    I love Bold Love! It’s exactly the kind of love I want to show! My other favorites are He Loves Me and Promise of Hope…and, of course, anything with the names of my children melts my heart…

  14. 44

    Claudia says

    I love that you can add many names. As a mommy to 5 I rarely see where I can add more than three names! And it is so beautiful too!

  15. 48

    Ro elliott says

    Love the line…love and boldness that comes from giving it away…perfect for me today…as I will be in a very awkward situation…unresolved conflict….me being the odd man out….bringing bold love and giving it away…and this along with not giving to get…God is so faithful . And I love now wearing jewelry that has meaning…a necklace I bought for mercy house…katie Davis…from Jennifer’s daughter…when people comment on the necklace…I can tell their story …not a big thing….but just a sweet little gift that keeps giving. Thanks for the opportunity. Blessings

  16. 53

    Amy P says

    So many beautiful things. I really like the dainty drops necklace. Thanks for the giveaway and your words each day.

  17. 54

    Tina says

    Aw thanks for the opportunity. In addition to this I love the fused heart necklace from the vintage pearl. Lovely.

  18. 62

    Shana says

    I love the new bold love necklace. My all time favorite has been the chunky love. Thanks for the chance to win. I so appreciate your willingness to share the good and the bad on your website. It makes you real. Thanks for that. I am sure it is not easy to share all the time.

  19. 66

    Kara says

    I love everything from the Vintage Pearl! But especially the double layer heart necklace – one layer for my husband, one for my kids….
    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  20. 76

    Jolene F. says

    Wow…I love them all…If I had to pick just one I think it would be the “You are my sunshine” necklace. I always sing that to my oldest daughter who will turn 15 this year.

  21. 83

    Wendi says

    Kristen, you certainly have had a whirlwind month. I pray for many breaths for you in February, time to slow down, reflect, and rest in God and His loving arms. Thank you for the beautiful giveaway today. Vintage Pearl has so many beautiful pieces and is a wonderful company. So much to love. Today as I went there I picked the simple pearl dangles, the photo keepsake necklace and the hand stamped keychain. Soooo much to choose from, and all so beautiful. Hugs to you Kristen and all that you do.

  22. 84


    I would love love love to give a necklace to my best friend who has twin babies and a 2 year old. Bentley, Bryce and Brent.
    I also really like the let your light shine necklace.

  23. 88


    I actually like the Men’s jewelry. I never know what to get for you husband, and I think the leather bracelet might do the trick. Ny favorite though, is the necklace you are giving away!

  24. 96

    Rachel says

    I love the Miracles Happen and Dainty Drops ones as well. It is really hard to pick favorites! They’re all beautiful!

  25. 98


    how fun … you always have the best giveaways! i love vintage pearl … it’s so hard to pick one thing i love … butttt, i do LOVE the bold love necklace … and the golden love necklace. :]

  26. 100

    Denise Vera says

    I have always admired The Vintage Pearls craftmanship- but never had that “extra” cushion in the family budget to treat myself. The BOLD LOVE necklace is such an elegant way to wear your love BOLDLY.

    The declaration that I love “Pray about everything; Worry about nothing” Phil4:6 This brings me peace.

  27. 101


    I love the vintage pearl “pressed cross” necklace I wear daily, with my life scripture fused to the back of the cross pendant. I never take it off… well, except that one time I didnt have my wallet and filled up at the gas station… oops. They asked if i had anything of value to leave behind while i drove home to get money hours later (i was helping a friend move)… i laughed. I’m a no frills girl, no jewelry and nothing of value except my heart… and this necklace … so i took the necklace off, handed it to the cashier and told her i would most definitely be back for the necklace!! I felt naked for a few hours without it! The minute we were done moving my friend, i raced home, grabbed my wallet, and got my necklace back. Whew!

  28. 102

    Sarah Schneider says

    Wow, I really like the designs on this website!! My list of likes are A promise of love, Pearl Bracelet with charm, Cupped Square with heart, Names on my heart and I like the mens keychain. My husband doesn’t do other accessories but a keychain for Fathers Day would be great! Thank you for hosting this lovely giveaway!

  29. 103

    Kristin B. says

    I really love almost everything from Vintage Pearl! I absolutely adore dainty drops, how beautiful! And the Bold Love is just gorgeous, all four of my babies names would fit on that one! :) The twins necklace is also nice, since I have a set of twins, but I would need to represent my two other children, maybe on the same, with their own circles. The dainty flower and circle necklace is also very beautiful.

    By the way, I LOVE reading your blog. So inspiring and heart warming. Love….

  30. 107

    Debra Stanley says

    WOW love them all. I would have to say the one that stands out is the “I’ve found the one whom my soul loves”.
    This is very true for me after a horrible divorce. I would love the chance to win this beautiful piece of jewelry!

  31. 108

    Heather says

    What beautiful jewelry! The Wrap Ring caught my eye – love that idea of names all wrapped around my finger……how about scripture being wrapped around a finger/wrist……beautiful!

  32. 113

    Jenni says

    So beauiful, I love the vintage, love birds necklace, the bracelets are all beautiful. what an awesome site! thanks for sharing it!

  33. 119

    Lisa W. says

    I absolutely LOVE these pendants and the idea of having my babies (seven and ten) close to my heart – really LOVE that! :) Thank you for sharing your heart and this giveaway is such a a generous gift! :)

  34. 121

    Tara says

    I love the vintage starfish necklace. It reminds me of the starfish story of the little girl who throws starfish back into the ocean to save their lives. When the man says “you cannot save them all” she replies while throwing one back in with “I made a difference in that one’s life.” It has been a precious story to my family while we endure the foster care journey.

  35. 122

    Danielle G. says

    I love The Vintage Pearl! I have always admired “vintage peas in a pod”, though it is certainly difficult to chose.

  36. 124

    Sarah says

    I love this necklace! I also love the ‘carefree’ and ‘vintage bloom’ necklaces and I really wanted to get my daughter the ballerina necklace but now that I’m looking I don’t see it on the website :(. I love TVP!!

  37. 128


    Oh my goodness…what’s not to love about all of that!! I think my favorite besides the necklace you posted (you have amazing taste!) is the chunky and layered ring, the baby spoons, the messy nest necklace. I’m partial to the mens leather bracelet as well. Looks like I’m set for Valentines Day…I’ll send my husband over as well :)

  38. 129

    Melissa R says

    I love the hearts intertwined necklace. I don’t have any jewlery with mymy name and my husband’s name on it.

  39. 132

    Brianna says

    I love so many items on her site, it’s so hard to choose! But I adore the keepsake baby spoons. What a wonderful way to remeber your little ones. Thanks for the chance!

  40. 134

    Ginger says

    I love so many things. But recently I have fallen in love with the “best friends” set. Almost two years ago, our Navy family had to move 10 hours away from what we expected to be our “forever” home. And from my best friend. Hey, it’s the life! But I still miss her every day.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win your beautiful BOLD piece. I purchased necklaces for my 2nd mom and sisters for Christimas, and they were truly lovely.

  41. 135

    Jeannette Kardasz says

    Thanks for the opportunity to win! I love the simple necklace with the copper heart, although there are so many beautiful items!

  42. 136

    Jennifer says

    I like the necklace with the “I Love You” sign on it. We use this sign a lot in our home especially when we are waving goodbye so it’s meaningful.

  43. 139

    kristina says

    Love the Bold Love necklace and what it stands for :) and I love several from the Vintage collection – Love gives wings to the Heart, a Good Snapshot, and Little but Fierce – to name a few.

  44. 140


    Just lovely!! The Bold Love necklaces are beautiful!! Another favorite of mine is the Silver & Gold layers necklace. Love that is has room for me and my love then my kiddos. Sweetness!

  45. 147

    Tiffany says

    the coordinates of your heart necklace is such a cool idea! And I love the ones with baby feet on them! Such beautiful and meaningful jewelry!

  46. 150

    Lindsey Simpson says

    My mother bought me the silver circle with the mother of pearl flat bead on top last year with our two kids names on them. I love it, but we are expecting our 3rd baby in 6 weeks, so I’ve been looking at the site almost weekly trying to make up my mind. I love them all. Really liking the peas in the pod and the bird nest with the pearls too. :)

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