Burning Lights

Some days music is the only thing that keeps me going.

When there aren’t words or I’ve used too many, it’s worship I need.

I’m feasting on music this week, letting it seep into my soul.

I’ve been listening to Chris Tomlin long enough to make me old. His new album Burning Lights does not disappoint. It’s rich and beautiful and it’s like a vehicle that drives you right into God’s presence.

Listen to this song with guest Kari Jobe:

It might be exactly what you need too.


  1. 4


    Love Chris Tomlin! Love this CD! LOVE this song on it! I’ve listened to it over & over! He’ll be here in April and I’m so excited! His concerts are the best!

  2. 6


    I love Chris Tomlin. I definitely understand because sometimes I am out of words but music gets me through no doubt. God knows how to carry us when we dont feel we can go anymore.

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