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    Amanda says

    Oh my gosh…I love her so much! She is such a sweet and joyful person! I know you are going to miss her so much. God bless you Kristen and Maureen! You always bring such joy to my day. :)

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    Oh how I’d love to worship with her. I DO agree with her that we lack FREEDOM in our worship. <3 She's too cute and sweet, thanks for sharing this with us all who pray for her and you guys daily. <3 What a blessing!

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    Robyn Hirvela says

    Thank you for sharing this! I now know why you love her so much! She is a sweet soul. What a blessing she is for Mercy House!

  4. 8


    She just glows! And I could listen to her talk all day! What a special friendship y’all have been given..

    The pet issue was very insightful. I’m sure it’s disturbing to see that our animals here are spoiled while people are homeless & hungry. Ouch. I have 2 dogs (had 3, but one died 2 days before Thanksgiving) so I’m feeling the weight of her observation. My monthly bag of dog food (let’s not talk about toys, bedding, grooming, treats, etc.) would feed an entire family in an impoverished country. Very convicting to my own heart. I do love my dogs, but I need to make sure I’m serving the ones Jesus came to save before I invest in excess pleasures for myself.

    Thanks for sharing, Kristen. It’s been so exciting to watch your obedience as God stirred your heart for this greater purpose! You’re my hero. ;o)

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    Maria says

    Such a blessing to hear her thoughtful words. I love her perspective on the work you all are doing at Mercy House, what joy God’s given her as she serves.

  6. 11


    Wow, Maureen seems like such an energetic blessing to have in your home. I’m sure that your entire family is learning so much about life just by sitting at the dinnertable with her (Chinese restaurants or at home :) My husband (from Costa Rica) doesn’t understand pets/vets in America either. Granted, they exist here in CR, but aren’t nearly as “important” and prolific as in the US. Thanks for sharing this interview with us, Kristin.

  7. 12

    Juan says

    I got to meet Maureen and Kristen this past Sunday evening at my church in Katy and was deeply touched by God’s work through Mercy House. I’ve already been using their testimony to share about God’s great works with 4 friends at work. :-)

  8. 13


    I love Maureen!! What a sweet, precious woman.
    Kristen, your voice sounded different than I expected…I expected more southern.
    I love that Maureen gets to be spoiled by you! What a treat :).
    You both are so amazing!

  9. 14

    AmberK says

    HI GIRLS!!! Aw, I’m so jealous that you two are together and talking and learning from and with one another! Maureen and Kristen, I love your hearts just SO SO much! God definitely smiles when he sees you two together … don’t we ALL??!!! :)

  10. 18


    I have never thought of pets being excessive but I can definitely see how it would look that way to a Kenyan. I thought for sure Maureen would want to take some appliance or food we have back to Kenya. The traffic must be really bad!

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