The Last 24 Hours

    1. Our first Mercy House event and luncheon of the month was amazing with guest Maureen Owino. She is so well-spoken and passionate. And very sassy. Check out the video clip here
    2. She read this beautiful letter to the crowd, written by our precious girls at the maternity home.
    3. Maureen had her first trip to Hobby Lobby.
    4. Someone’s going to get her first throw pillows!
    5. We spent the morning in the cold Mercy House building organizing and Maureen got a taste of what I do several days a week. One of which would be falling off a chair I was standing on to reach a shelf. Call me Grace (and sore). 
    6. Kenyans aren’t used to freezing weather. She asked if it would snow (Houston, Texas and my kids wish).
    7. We visited Chick Fil A again (and were blessed with a free lunch)! The employee just happened to hear Maureen speak the day before and wanted to bless us. She did.
    8. Maureen only woke up 4 times last night (jet lag is for the birds).
    9. My kids were telling her about roller coasters and she said they are like “death and resurrection.” And followed that up by my favorite question of the day:
    10. “Why does the government allow roller coasters??”
    11. She watched her first episode of America’s Funniest Home videos (and loved it).
    12. She woke up from a catnap this afternoon to blood curtailing screams from my 6 year old who was NOT jumping off her bed. Her busted lip, gums and pool of blood proved otherwise.
    13. Maureen cradled my baby and hushed her while I felt faint and woozy. 
    14. She listened to her “sister” play her flute and laughed her head off at our howling dog. (She still can’t believe there are doctors (veterinarians) for pets.
    15. Maureen did several carlines with me.
    16. I was photobombed:
    17. We laughed and joked and talked and I am continually amazed at her big heart and how much she teaches me about wealth, poverty and God.
    18. We scheduled a health checkup for her at a family doctor’s office.
    19. She told me stories that made me weep and I realized (again), I can do and give so much more.
    20. I have been reminded over and over how easy my life is. From laundry to dinner preparation, to shopping and living. I have no reason to complain.
    21. Perspective is everything.
    22. We went on a mini shopping spree –first scented candle, sassy insulated cup and much more!
    23. She has blended into our home and family just like I knew she would.
    24. I can’t wait for the next 24 hours!



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    We stand in awe of His goodness and this is such a beautiful reminder of that and just how important it is to reach outside of ourselves and love with abandon those in our community (whether they are close or far!)

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    Debra Stanley says

    WOW!! I’m so happy that Maureen got to come to the US. Your story and her stor are just amazing. I try to hold back the tears (only because I am at work :) ) as I read. I know she is having a blast experiencing the American way. Blessing to you all and to Mercy House.

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