WFMW: Easy Static-Free Laundry Tip

My mother-in-law lives on a farm, grows her own food, is famous for her Mississippi Mud Cake and handed over one amazing son to me nearly two decades ago. When she offers a household tip, I listen. While I was with her in January, she shared this awesome tidbit with me.

She was out of dryer sheets and since static is a pain in the dead of winter, she crumpled up a piece of tin foil and tossed it in the dryer to remove static electricity. Boom. I love her.

What works for you?


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    That is amazing! I hate dryer sheets because they make my kids break out and itch., but the static! My kids’ hair looks like they stuck their finger in a light socket. Thanks for sharing the tip and hosting!

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    Sue says

    We tried this too! Be careful – the foil ball is HOT! Not only that, but after a few cycles, the ball is perfectly round – no crimps.

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    Sooooooo much static this winter. I’m tryin’ it! I never remember to put in a dryer sheet until it’s too late, but foil … it’s crazy enough to make an impact on my brain.

    Maybe I should make a hat to go with it …

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    Gosh I love that laundry tip! I love you for loving your mother in law and admitting it :) We (mother in laws) aren’t all bad are we? Thanks for hosting.

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