For When The Mother In You Is Desperate

UPDATE: Comment numbers 67, 492, 461, 151, and 264 are the randomly selected winners of this giveaway.

“I’ve had enough. I’ve had just about ENOUGH of the arguing and fighting!” I yelled.

My kids stopped the squabbling mid-argument. I took a deep breath. Finally.

And then my daughter whispered one word under her breath, an insult directed at her brother.

A dam broke. I said things I shouldn’t have. I was angry. I left my children standing in the kitchen.

And I closed my bedroom door.

I headed straight for the bathroom and locked it.

That’s when I felt it, desperation clawing it’s way into my heart. I couldn’t breathe.

I’ve been here before. Last week and the one before.


I feel inept as a mother a lot of the time. I try. I try really hard and I connect with my kids, we laugh and talk and I get it right some days. But it’s the days in-between, I wonder if I’m undoing the good I’ve done.

Motherhood turns you inside out. Sometimes you feel overwhelmed by how tired you feel; the days go on and on, and you want to be a “good” mom, but you feel like a failure so much of the time. -Desperate

We don’t have a manual or how-to instructions that come with our children. It’s trial and error. It’s good and bad. It’s hard and easy. It’s heartbreaking and breathtaking.

I take a deep breath and lay my anger, failure and desperation at His feet. In that dark bathroom, I receive grace. Grace to breathe, to mother when I don’t know how.

Sarah Mae and Sally Clarkson’s book is like oxygen to a mother’s body. It’s simple, yet often-forgotton permission to accept grace in motherhood. They challenge mommas to lean on God and others who are further down the road during the joyful and challenging days of raising little humans.

If you’ve ever felt desperate as a mom, this book is for you.

Today, I’m giving away FIVE copies of Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe.

We often don’t talk about the desperate moments because we’re ashamed. There is power in sharing them–it frees us and offers encouragement to others.

Please leave a comment if you’ve ever been a desperate momma (as your entry).


  1. 151

    Sara K says

    This was so me yesterday! One kid came home grumpy and it just set everyone in the house off balance-especially me. I felt myself just being angered at everything and anything and taking it all out on my kids. I count it as a blessing that I decided not to rail into them about the one last thing I had noticed that ticked me off and instead, managed to pray with them and for all of us for forgiveness. Motherhood is certainly a challenge and can be very discouraging. I’m promising myself that during the good times, I’m going to try my best to appreciate it and in all things – bad days and all- give thanks for the crazy kids I have.

  2. 153

    Tara says

    Yeah … how about last night? I just wanted to go away and let my children fend for themselves … my husband is gone in the evenings 6 days of the week and sometimes it just really wears on me! Last night was one of those times. I went to check on my 4 year old a bit after he was tucked in and he asked me, “Mommy, why were you yelling at us tonight?” I wasn’t even aware that I was yelling at them. Poor kid. I told him mommy sometimes has bad thoughts and needs to ask Jesus to take them away and not yell, told him maybe he could pray for me next time. His answer? A prayer for mommy right then and there. I thank the Lord that despite my failings He has given me children who offer grace and forgiveness to their “desperate” mom!

  3. 154

    Amy says

    Exactly! There are some days that I wish I could take back, for I too have been in that place many times. There are days that I say “What in the world was God thinking giving me these four kids?”. I think of my mother and her mother before her and realize that none of us have the answers. Motherhood is a work in progress, for our children and for ourselves. We are all works in progress! Some days we step forward and some days we step back. We only step forward again when we are real and can freely admit that we don’t have all the answers and neither did any mother before us. There is no such thing as a Stepford mother. Ha! Let us all hang in there. This book sounds like a “refresh” button on a computer. Would love to read it. :)

  4. 156


    Yes…I have been…and still am…a desperate Mommy sometimes… One in particular that I (and likely my children) will never forger was when they were LITTLE…I’m thinking 2, 3, and 4….and my oldest had written on the walls with crayons and markers while I was making lunch. Instead of just administering discipline and keeping cool…I BROKE down….put my back against a wall, slid myself down to the floor and CRIED….and cried…and cried…with all three of them standing there watching me as if I were dying or something…they were in awe. I hated myself afterward for behaving that way…thinking, “What am I teaching them?” Whew! Mommy-hood is a lot harder than I ever expected…although I wouldn’t trade it for a day of my life before marriage and children…because they are a blessing, a gift from God…some days are definitely harder than others…

  5. 157

    Angela Forlina says

    My fiancé and father of my two children died July 3rd, 2010 in a motorcycle accident. My son was 11 months old and my daughter almost two and half. I think desperation is putting it mildly! This has been really the most trying 2 1/2 years of my life this far of course. I’m constantly questioning and second guessing every decision I’ve made and have to make. Everyday there is a battle or struggle. My son is 3 and instead of using words to express his emotions, he throws monster fits several times a day, my daughter is 5 with a mouth of a defiant teenager. Where did I go wrong?? I ask myself that more than 10 times a day and how do I make this better. I want to be the best mom I possibly can be but my children make it do hard!! My temper and patience are both wearing very thin. I don’t like the anger I feel inside. I need help!!!!!

  6. 158

    Kaleena Barnett says

    Seems like we all need this book. Whether we have one kid or 12 kids we all get desperate and all need Him to remind us who we are!!!

  7. 159

    Sarah Shay says

    I have already posted once…but it is not showing up.

    With an 11 yr old boy and a 9 yr old boy, I find myself desperate more than I would like to be. Being a mom is one of the hardest task I have.

    Thank you for your honest and open blogs.

  8. 160

    Erin says

    Oh yes, I can relate! I often wish I could take words back or that I could just breathe like the title of the book says.

  9. 161

    Joy Burns says

    Thank you so much for these words. As a mom of 4 I can’t tell you how many times I have felt this way! In fact lately I think I feel this way more than I feel good about being a mom. I feel like a constant failure like I have already damaged my kids to the point that I feel like when they are grown will probably hate me. I really could use This book!

  10. 162

    Donna C says

    I would really enjoy a copy. I often feel like my little girl is the only one that does things. For example, everyone’s children are so well behaved at church, except for her! Same goes for just about anywhere we go. It is a very lonely feeling, and the things she does make me desperate!

  11. 163

    Melissa C says

    Im desperate to read this book! :) Little sleep and two high energy boys are testing my heart and leaving me feeling like desperate mom and running on fumes. As a ministry wife and mom of two little ones learning how to balance all facets of life has recently felt so overwhelming. I know Sally C & Sarah M have so much wisdom in this area, and I can’t wait to take a quiet moment and read their hearts in this book. I know this life stage is not forever, but when your a momma in the trenches it can sometimes feel like the days stretch a little too long!

  12. 164

    Lynn J. says

    I have heard so many amazing things about this book and I would love to read it. My kids are 10 and 8 and the arguing and fighting is overwhelming at times. Trying to give myself and them more grace in life so that they will give eachother grace in frustrating times.

  13. 165

    Angela says

    I would love a copy of this book! I have desperate moments daily, as most of us momma’s do with little ones! I have a 3 year old, a 16 month old and another due in a few months. I am excited and terrified all at the same time! Would love some encouragement :)

  14. 166

    Esther says

    We all feel desparate at times! It helps to have fellow desparate moms to confide in. My group of desparates meets monthly for pizza and much needed mom talk!

  15. 167

    Tracy says

    Being perpetually sleep deprived leaves me in many desperate moments with my almost 3 year old and 13 month old. I would love to have a copy of this book.

  16. 168

    Stacey says

    Oh, most definitely! Pregnancy always brings out the worst in me, and I’m dreading the next year of trying to recover hormonally. So thankful to have found Sally and Sarah Mae!

  17. 170


    I would love to have this book!! As a matter fact, I’m actually hiding in my bedroom for a quick minute by myself!! There honestly isn’t enough room here for me to list all the reasons why I feel desperate almost every other day but I am enjoying Sally Clarkson’s other books and I know that this newest book will be such a refreshment and encouragement to me!! Pick me please!!!

  18. 172

    Sandy says

    How can it be so blissful, so soul-wrenching, so joyful, so grueling, so fun and so monotonous all at once? That makes me DESPERATE for Him and His grace to make it through the day.


  19. 173

    Jenn says

    I can’t even begin to tell you the encouragement I get from reading this post, then a lot of these comments from mothers…good mothers…who feel just like I do. I am not alone in this. Thank you.

  20. 176

    Wendy says

    I have four children. I have love everyday for them. I also have a stove and meat in the fridge. The two will give me something to eat, but is it nourishing? Is it delicious? Is it the highest and best? I know that is where grace comes in but sometimes it is hard to figure it out in a practical way. Sometimes I need hearing aids for the Holy Spirit! I would love to have this book to further my revelation in this area. :)

  21. 178

    Nancy says

    Not desparate at this moment, but maybe that’s because they haven’t woken up yet! Homeschooling 5 kids, there are lots of moments of desparation–I think that’s just reality. Praise God that HE equips us and is able to straighten out our mess!!

  22. 180

    Angie says

    I have definitely had those desperate days and with a second child on the way I am fearful of them becoming more common. I don’t want that for myself or my children. I would love a copy of this book!

  23. 181

    Becky P says

    With 4 kids ranging in ages from 10 yrs -21 yrs, you’d think I would have it figured out by now but I continue to struggle on a daily basis. We have good days and bad, and I am DESPERATE!

  24. 182

    Magz says

    Sometimes in those desperate moments, it’s SO hard to remember that it’s not ALWAYS like that. I think that being a parent and actually parenting is one of God’s highest callings. It’s no surprise it tests us to our core so often. There is little that builds character in quite the same way as those desperate moments of motherhood. If we let it…

  25. 183

    Trista says

    Kristen, you were clearly in my living room this morning as I threw a temper tantrum in front of my children. Not a proud Mom moment. It left me praying on the car ride to school while my children had tears in their eyes. Before I dropped them off, I apologized and begged for mercy from them. Then, we listened to some funny ring tones with fart noises and silly voices on my phone to get them to laugh. Sometimes I think it’s good for kids to see that their parents have faults too. Leading by example sure is a hard task some days.

  26. 185

    Nicole says

    Stay at home mom of an incredibly active and rambunctious 3 year old little boy. Desperate just to breathe alone sometimes!

  27. 187

    Amy Quinn says

    My daughter was just diagnosed with ODD – I amseverly overwhelmed…feeling very helpless. Praying we will overcome this and get hte much needed support from our school and our friends and family….

    Prayers are appreciated..


    • 187.1


      Amy, we went through that… those days were very overwhelming… The BEST advice – the rewards / token system. It took a few months of consistency and she was a changed child. No more occurrences. On a side note, we just found out that she has food allergies and those set her off in a serious way!!!

  28. 188

    Kristen Queen says

    VERY desperate! I would love to receive a copy of this book, I’ve been wanting to read it ever since I read the description on her site. Looks to be such an encouragement and I could really use some encouraging!

  29. 190

    Ruth says

    I’m the mom to 4 kids ages 5-5 months. My 3 year old is autistic which adds to to the daily challenge. Feel like I’m struggling to keep my head above water most days.

  30. 191

    Mary Claire says

    Just today…. my three have been snipping at each other for weeks now! I think they are tired… tired of school, tired of the snow her in WI… just plain tired. Today was the topper — one sister yelled at the other because she didn’t understand what one was trying to convey to the other, then brother got into the mix because one sister didn’t like where he placed his backpack in the car…. I lost it at first and told them I was tired of hearing them yell at each other, then it hit me… .I’m yelling at them! I tried to calm things down and throw in the fact we are in the Lenten season. The rest of the car ride was discussing the season and different ways to respond to each other to remember we truly love each other…… we’ll see how things go after school— we might have forgotten the love at school along with some homework, but hopefully both will come home!

  31. 192

    Tracie Tripp says

    As a mother of four, I’ve certainly had my days of feeling desperate! Some days I just want to run away when it gets so deep at home! Being a “new believer” is really tough! I have allowed my kids too much freedom and now by the conviction of the Holy Spirit, I have totally changed the way I parent and it is really a struggle most days! But thank you Jesus that His Grace is sufficient and we will pull through this and my children’s lives will be better for it!

  32. 193

    Brenda says

    Thank you for this post. I often get to that point with my kids. It is such a struggle at times. I just want to be a good mom…all the time! I know my kids feel loved and my husband is so encouraging. I just wasn’t the times that i! lose my cool to occur less often. It is good to know that I am not alone in feeling this way

  33. 195

    Rachel B says

    I have two boys ages 4 and 18 months. I have had lots of health problems with dizziness and low energy this pasty year. Still don´t know why but I can tell you this has been one of the most desperate years for me. Boys are full of energy, I barely have the energy to make it trough the day much less do more than one thing and I feel like I am always putting out fires because I don´t have the energy to keep up and avoid them. God is good though and by his strength I am making it little by little.

  34. 196

    Shannon says

    I so do relate! Some days I get to the snappy point and think, “Uh-Oh! Mommy’s forgot not only her Evening Primrose but to practice her Self Control too!”

  35. 197

    Tracey says

    Thank you for talking about the moments none of us want to talk about! I am a work in progress, as I know alot of us are, but I am working on it 😉

  36. 199

    Olivia says

    I’m so sick of the fighting and screaming in my house – and yes, sometimes (a lot of times) the screaming is me! We desperately need CHANGE around here!

  37. 200

    Kelly says

    Oh boy. You wrote this as if you heard me this weekend. Five days with all four kiddos home. Most if the time we had it together, but after awhile…oh boy. Frustration, bickering, annoyance, anger, shame. Shouldn’t be. (sigh) Love your blog. Thank you for what you do!

  38. 202


    I’m desperate… All too often I find myself feeling desperate in those moments when my kids are not behaving, I’m overwhelmed and exasperated when I think it can’t get any worse, etc. I know there is hope for us mamas who are too ashamed to bring up to others! God is always so near! :)

  39. 204

    Johanna says

    My son is 3 and we’re having a baby in 3 weeks. There have been so many moments in the last 6 months that have left me desperate. After getting out of bed 10 times in 3 hours, I spanked him harder than I would had I not been “desperate” and unraveling. It wasn’t out of frustration but out of anger and desperation. This morning, because I wouldn’t let him have candy for breakfast, he told me he hated baby sister. Just because he could! Thankfully he’s in school the rest of the day!

  40. 206

    Jenn says

    More times than not I am that desperate mom. Leaning on the Lord so that those desperate moments are less and less.

  41. 207

    Emily says

    I love my girls so much that it hurts. And it kills me when they are disobedient and temporarily become little creatures whom I don’t know or want to know. In those moments, I–sadly–find myself reacting and becoming a creature whom I don’t know or want to know either. My moments of desperation are, thankfully, few so far, but oh-so desparate when they’re here.

  42. 209

    Shaylin Morgan says

    Things seem to go smoothly until that one moment when everything goes haywire! And it’s in those moments that I find myself blowing up and I feel so desperate as to how to get my children to listen or behave. I hate that I let myself get to that point and don’t want that to be the norm for how I react when things do go a little crazy, because we all know that it will go a little crazy.

  43. 210

    Becca says

    Homeschooling 5 children- oldest high school age & youngest in preschool.. Leaves me desperate for Him many days!!

  44. 211

    Debra Stanley says

    WOW!!! I think you are hiding in my house watching :)
    I AM DESPRATE !! I have become a mom that I really don’t want to be at time. I too have a 13 year old (boy) who is going through “life” and sometimes it gets the best of me.
    Would love to read a book and get some insight!

  45. 212

    Lucy McNamara says

    This desperate “mamacitade6″ could use a good book of encouragement! 18 years ago I was reading many of Sally Clarkson’s books I found her to be such an encourager/ mentor through her writings. I’m anxious to read this newest book as my family has grown to six children ranging from 18 to 4! Even when you’ve been a “Mama” for a long time there is always room for growth and encouragement! Thankful that God is in control of Motherhood and as my oldest is getting ready to graduate from high school I see how gracious God has been in developing an amazing young man despite my many shortcomings! To God be the Glory, great things He has done!

  46. 213

    MJ says

    I feel like after working all day at my little shop, then going home to a family that refuses leftovers and a baby who will NOT let me sleep one solid night, I am desperate. I am desperate to feel like a woman, to feel like a success, to feel loved and cherished. I need to remind myself that these feelings are transient and that God alone makes fills in the void where my family doesn’t quite measure up to my ideal.

  47. 214


    I CAN relate!

    PS-I just read your book and could relate to SO much! Especially your strong-willed little girl. I have one of those and she challenges me to be a better person daily. I’m a new reader of your blog and am really enjoying it!

  48. 216

    Christine says

    I am parenting a 4 year old, 2 1/2 year old, and a 1 year old and I often need grace. But more than that, I need to remind myself that I can ACCEPT the grace that God offers. That one bad moment, or even one bad failure of a day does not define my life or my ability as a mother. That God is the God of second changes, and third chances, and nine millionth chances. That God glories in our progress and our trying. That we do not all start on a level playing field, so we should not measure our lives by how far we are in comparison to others, but by how far we have allowed God to take us from where we were. I definitely feel desperate at times, but I am slowly learning to take those moments and lay them at the feet of Jesus and ask for just enough grace to get through another day. Then to wake up the next day and ask again for my portion of God’s strength and wisdom so that I can raise my children for the glory of the Lord.

  49. 217

    Liz Karrick says

    Oh my, this is me so Desperate but willing do whatever the Lord wants me to do. I have a 3 and 6 yr old little girls and God gives me peace and mercy everyday. I would love this book to help me.

  50. 219

    Sharon says

    My son is my biggest joy but raising him has been the biggest challenge of my life .. many “desperate” moments and I would love to read this book!

  51. 220

    Jenn says

    Yes, yes, yes! I’m desperate nearly every day and it gets discouraging really fast. We’re expecting our third soon and I just want this cycle to stop.

  52. 221

    JaAnna says

    I thought I knew desperation….till we got our little girl with RAD. My level of desperation increased, sometimes on a daily basis. I’ve done research, have her in services, and exhaust myself daily, hoping that it’ll make things better and “easier” in the future. Until then, I am Desperate!

  53. 222

    Kristy Lynn says

    Wow God is so timely in bringing other people’s words at exactly the right time I need them!! Last night I had one of those desperate mom who throws a plate in frustration moments. So thankful for His grace, mercy and forgiveness when I blow it so miserably.

  54. 223

    Hannah says

    Would love to get my hands on this book! I have five children ages 9 and under and have gone through quite a few transitions in the last few years and yes, I have had my desperate moments. God has been faithful through it all – poor health, husbands bad health, unemployed, moving, homeschooling, pregnancy, etc. It truly is exciting looking back and seeing what an amazing God we have!

  55. 224

    Katina says

    My five year old daughter is so much like me I can predict her actions with eerie accuracy, yet I still find myself reacting in the worst possible ways! Our “incidences” always start out innocuous enough with me in control of myself, but I still allow myself to be drawn in to the point that I am having a yelling match with a five year old! And I allow this pattern to repeat time after time, while my three year old son just ignores me completely. I tell him “dinners ready” he ignores me I tell him “go to bed” he ignores me “put pee in potty,” “have a cookie,” “get dressed” everything is flat out ignored. yet I know he has no hearing problems! It is infuriating and I am just so tired!

  56. 226

    Hannah says

    Would absolutely love to read this book… I so want to do a good job with the treasures God has given me… a highly energetic 2 yr old boy and a little princess due in 10 weeks.

  57. 228

    Andrea says

    Homeschooling my children, I feel so inadequate most days. I think I am fairly intelligent until they start to question me. Fears arise, pressure to turn out “acceptable” students and useful people for society can squeeze out the joy of this amazing blessing I have: To live life with these amazing people God has blessed my life with. I want to breathe His grace, deeply inhaling the aroma of our God and King. To know His grace covers when I have to search for answers I do not know and that even in this way I am teaching them to stand. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.

  58. 229

    Melinda O'Steen says


    I’m not yet a mom, but I, of course, have one. My mom had 3 kids one after the other starting at age 20, so we were all less than two years apart. She and my dad ended up getting divorced when we were still quite young. (youngest was 1 year old). So she was a single mom for a few years–working a full time job and taking care of us. I can’t even imagine. She got remarried after the divorce to my stepdad, who has been a God-send though it was a rough road to get here. She had my little brother, RJ, when I was 13. He’s 7 now, and sometimes she just wants to pull her hair out, because he’s like a little adult. A cat of a different color compared to us 3. There are still many things that plague her over how things went with the divorce and some stuff that my brothers and I have been through–I think this book would be wonderful for her–since she has 3 grown kids and is doing it all over again.

    Thank you!

  59. 231

    Erin says

    With 5 children, it seems every other moment I am DESPERATE! I don’t want to be… Tired trying not to “blow” it again :/. Thank you for your blog

  60. 232

    Sharon B says

    I always feel like a desperate mom. As the mom to 4 great kids, it’s crazy to think that I’d be desperate, but trying to get an 11yo ADHD son and a 6yo out the door every morning is enough to push me over the brink. At least the 18yo and 15yo get themselves up and out each morning. Every day I ask why they don’t make a faster acting ADHD med so it will kick in before I want to strangle him. I guess that’s a question I can ask the Dr when we go this week…if we make it that long.

  61. 233


    SO desperate! I’ve been harsh, mean. And I’ve felt just like you’ve described–like I’ve undone all of the good, all of the triumphant moments all within one swift moment, with one harsh word. I’m still raising a six-year-old, parenting a twenty-year-old in college, and learning how to trust daily for a twenty-two-year old mama of her own, deployed for the rest of the year. And learning at the same time to grandparent the three-year-old son my oldest has had to leave behind. I’ve cried in my closet for hours one end. When they’re all sleeping soundly late at night, I feel the ache often. That ache of missing it. And I’m learning to accept the grace that freely flows. I’m trying desperately, learning slowly, that it’s not how much I miss it that I need focus on. It’s that continual falling on Him when I do. I will. I will miss it. Hopefully I will learn quickly and miss it less but really, I just hope to focus on falling on grace when I fall.

  62. 234

    Shanna Enfinger says

    As a stay at home homeschooling mother of 5 children 9 and under,I find myself falling short of Gods’s glory well…..often. I need grace every minute. Thankful for mercy and forgiveness…………

  63. 236


    Unfortunately I had a desperate moment just this morning…had to ask my kids for forgiveness {again}…sigh…but grateful that they give grace even when I don’t deserve it.

  64. 239

    Cynthia Cusson says

    Ummmm…just 15 minutes ago at breakfast. Trying to do devotions at breakfast and it is soooo hard when the kids are bugging each other, getting up, or having bad attitudes because they didn’t get their way earlier, etc., etc..

  65. 242

    Ann says

    Yes!! Sometimes we all feel alone, yet our daily battles lie in the same. Praying God’s Blessing on each of us, in the desperate moments and in every moment. Keep the Faith Mommas!!!

  66. 246

    emily says

    With a 3-year-old and a newborn at home i often feel like i live in “desperate” right now. I’m so thankful for the honest mommas who help me press through it!

  67. 247

    Kelly H says

    I think all moms get to this point, at one point or another – I do imagine, however, that the good as in the the other post I just read about the homeless family and the love you and your kids chose to show, that the love you are teaching your children far out numbers the bad.. reading your blog is a true inspiration as to where I want to help lead my children!

  68. 248

    Linsay says

    My 9 yo has been a real challenge for us over the last few years. There have been many times I have lost my cool and locked myself in my room and away from all the crazy. Motherhood is a bitter sweet thing. Thank you for keeping it real!

  69. 249

    Ashley says

    I have these moments far too often, especial with a husband who is a pilot in the AF (who is never home) and a very strong willed, beautiful, 2 year old! Desperate for peace and grace…

  70. 252


    I became and instant mama to 5 when our adoption was finalized. Three girls and two boys ranging in age from newborn to 9. A few years later my husband lost his really good job and we found out we were unexpectedly expecting all in the same year. The last 2 years have been one crazy ride. I am a better mama then I was 7 years ago when our adoption was finalized, but there are times when I’m just desperate. Desperate for something to change. Desperate to be the mom I always wanted to be. Desperate to be the mom I know God has called me to be. I’m in the midst of our 2nd unexpected blessing who is due in May. There are times we don’t know how we can keep going, but God has seen us through it all. I still find myself gasping for air at times, praying that I can just keep my head above water and get to the end of the day. I am desperate!

  71. 255

    beth says

    This is me today! As the mom of a five yr old and three yr old boys, I feel i live on the edge of desperate! I have spent many hours laying awake a night and many locked in the bathroom pleading for grace. Grace to answer the same question for the thirtieth time, grace to not lose my cool when i have to bodily intervene in a fight. Grace to apologize to my sons when my actions have been un-Christlike. I would love to read this book!

  72. 258

    JesseB says

    I thought I had things all under control and then God gave us twin girls and now I’ve misplaced my patienc, memory, and sleep deprivation is not a good way to parent at all. I feel the only hope I have sometimes is to know I’m not alone.

  73. 259

    Melisa says

    in the bathroom with chocolate. exploding in the car. eek. apologizing again. yep. grace is the bath I need every single day.

  74. 261

    Jenny Martin says

    Desperate? That is my middle name! I hate yelling at them–losing my cool–of course I always appologize–and they always know I love them–but some days are worse than others!

  75. 266


    I can definitely relate. I’m either hot or cold…either really overwhelmed with an abundance of love for my sweet little, or wondering how in the world I will ever raise my little child to be obedient and without screwing her up!! I love how mothers can all relate to the ups and downs of motherhood and the knowledge that we need grace! I’ve heard all good things about this book and have been planning on purchasing it at some point! Thanks for sharing!

  76. 267

    Hannah says

    Oh me, me, me! As a mom of 3 and daycare provider I always feel pulled every direction and just worn by the end of the day. I have a really good happy face but having the happy heart is a struggle. I want to be perfect for them, they all deserve perfection. I just put this book on my reading list yesterday, would love to win a copy!

  77. 269

    Heather says

    I too struggle on a weekly basis. Things seem to go so well and then BAM one little thing can set me off, and I am back to feeling ashamed. Learning to breathe is so important!

  78. 270


    With a 3 year old and 1 year old…I am a Desperate Mama many, many days. Motherhood helps me realize just how sinful I am and how much more I need my Saviour. Thanks for this giveaway!

  79. 273

    Jen says

    I’ve been a desperate mama more times lately than I would like to admit. We recently brought home our fourth child from the hospital. Amongst sleepless nights with the baby, add a sick six-year old, a sick husband and now a sick mommy and things are bound to be desperate. “Desperate : Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe” sounds like the breath of fresh air that I need. Other than the bible, it could very well be a go to book that I would reference throughout these trying moments of motherhood.

  80. 274

    Ashli says

    I SO needed to read this today! We have two biological children, one we are trying to adopt (very complicated) and 2 foster daughters. I feel like I have been yelling for them to stop yelling for the past month! It really makes me exhausted and I feel like a mean person 99% of the time! Thank you so much for posting this and I could really use the book! :-)

  81. 275


    Oh, dear… desperate could definitely describe the last two months for me… This has been the most challenging year to date for me, I have a super clingy baby and 6 others that need mama too. Breathing in each day as God gives his grace and mercy to me – and I’m continuing to be thankful for His gifts.

  82. 276

    Kendra says

    Oh. My. Word. I could SO use this right now. I have a 3 1/2 and 2 year old girls and the squabbles, oh, the squabbles. Sometimes I just lose it. And then I get to go and model humility by asking for forgiveness. Which is, well, humbling! Good to know we’re all in this thing together. You are such a gifted writer Kristen. Thank you for sharing some of the more intimate (ugly heart;) bits of you with us!

  83. 278

    Gail N says

    I am so desperate! I’ve typed away this answer and then backspaced over it. That’s how desperate I am…I can’t even find the right words! God knows!

  84. 279


    Oh my, yes. Just went on a mini-vacation this weekend to an indoor water park. We had barely even made it in the door of the hotel when I was yelling at my kids to be patient. Was I displaying patience? Um, no – the opposite of patience. I still have a lot to learn.

  85. 280

    Erin says

    With a two and half year old boy and an 8 week old boy, I have felt more desperate in these last several weeks than I have ever felt before in my life!

  86. 283

    Mindy says

    Cannot wait to get my hands on this book! My heart is to minister to my 4 kiddos, and lift them high everyday, but with the demands of life, (cleaning, food prep, school, nursing, changing diapers, church -I’m a Pastor’s wife-, etc.), I feel like I can barely keep my head above water. I am trying so hard to take hold of each moment and cherish it as a gift, but most days I end up feeling as if I failed miserably. Ultimately, I just want to leave a legacy of love in and with my children. <3

  87. 285


    I understand:) Some days you feel like “Super Mom” and the next day you can feel like a complete failure…
    Some days you have an indescribable Joy in Motherhood… and the next week.. You are like “What was I thinking?” It is so important to stay in the word and develop friendships to help keep you motivated… I would love to win this book- as I’m about to have 3… 3 and under and will need some encouragement :)

  88. 287

    allison says

    OMG this has so been me for the last month or so…. I have not struggled ever the way I have been struggling lately…

  89. 290


    I am raising a 5 and 6 year old while being a full time care giver to our 2 year old who has a terminal brain disease. Se recently started hospice. I’m desperate every day in so many ways to just be graceful in it all. It’s so very hard but I’m learning. Great give away!

  90. 294


    Yes. So, so often. Sometimes I think I should have never embarked on this motherhood journey for the sake of my children. It’s that bad. I have to speak truth to the lies daily, hourly, really. Thank you for sharing this book!

  91. 295

    Brianna says

    Yesterday was”that kind of day” for us. I only have one child (with one on the way) and I just felt like everything I said and did was wrong. And I was SO frustrated!!! But now that today is here, it is a wonderful day with laughter and lots of love. Having good days and bad are all part of the learning. Thanks for the chance to vent and win!!

  92. 296

    Heather V. says

    You are right! It’s the days in between the good days! Nicely put! So true! Thanks for sharing your soul with us!

  93. 297


    The longer I am a moma, the more I realize how inept I am for the task, and how only He can really “turn my kids out right” :) With 7 littles, ages 9 and under, I have some desperate moments! I would love to read this book!

  94. 298

    Marie says

    Your last few posts have been right on with where I’m at in motherhood right now. There have been yelling and lots of tears between my daughter and myself lately! It is so hard to wake up and sometimes hear the arguing starting at 6:30 in the morning!!!! I find it hard to breathe some moments. I’d love to win this.

  95. 300

    Staci says

    Thank you for being so honest. I imagine you as the mother I wish I could be. I too am desperate and lose it….more often than I would like to admit. I’ve read one of Sally’s other books and just love her perspective. Thanks for all you do here on your blog.

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