Introducing Colton Dixon {Giveaway}

Updated with random winner, comment #185 Ann McCarville

You might remember him from American Idol?

Colton Dixon is a new artist with an old message. He could have probably had any number of record deals, but he’s following his passion and his heart by singing the good news of Jesus. His debut album The Messenger is just that: a message.


And I don’t know about you, but I like these kind of young leaders for my son to look up to.

Colton Dixon is 21 years old, has a stunning voice and some wild hair.

I love this. Powerful.

Today, I’m giving away Colton’s new album, The Messenger, a cool messenger bag, journal and a $25 iTunes gift card to winner.




Leave a comment to win!


  1. 7

    Maia H says

    A messenger,messenger bag. Like who wouldnt want that? Like does the band have these? They should get matching bags i mean seriously. Oh and Annie. Coltann should get matching bags too. Okay sorry letting my messenger mind say what it wants

  2. 9

    Ariana Schlax says

    I would really love to win these!! I am a huge fan of Colton, and it would mean so much if you picked me to win. I really look up to Colton and love him so much. He’s a great role model and has brought me closer to God. Such an awesome guy, and cool things to win! :)

  3. 11

    Emily Beltran says

    Major Messenger right here! I went to the AI Tour just to meet him, and I watched AI last season just for him! His faith is what makes me love him ♥ His example changed my life.

  4. 20

    Wendi says

    Liking the music of this new artist, and like you said I too am liking Colton for my son . Always great to find a young male musician for our sons and wild hair is a plus for them. :) Thanks Kristen for this review and giveaway.

  5. 24

    Rebekah says

    Colton is my favorite! I created a station on Pandora with one of his songs. My current favorite song of his is Let Them See You. The words of the songs combined with Colton’s voice are so powerful! They have me dancing in my seat everyday at work! :)

  6. 26

    Carley says

    Awesome! My husband and I just spent 1.5 hours looking through iTunes trying to decide which new CD to get…this would help us out! :)

  7. 39

    Erika says

    Our family would love to win this~ we loved Colton on AI and was impressed with how he carried himself and his humility!

  8. 40

    Theresa Taylor says

    Thank you for sharing something for our young men to hope in. Some are calling this generation “the anarchist generation”. My son, Ben, a gifted musician is struggling with the world’s vision of success and with the things the world rewards. He struggles with the facts that the world rewards selfish gain and idolizes riches and glory while most Christians accept and shine in menial, everyday, service work. He is 17 and desperately needs prayer. I reward his unselfish acts and his generosity. I also make sure to remind him that those things matter to God. I try to ONLY reward those actions pleasing to God and to remind Him that I am trying to do things the way God asks me to. I also try to remind him that some Christians live a life pleasing to God yet struggle and suffer every day even unto death and that death is sometimes this life’s greatest reward….. to be back in our Father’s arms for all of eternity…. It is hard to rejoice through his struggles. It is hard to praise God when his life seems so broken. But I trust The One Who made me and live for the day He delivers us all from evil forever. Until then, I will always rejoice in the daily grace that gives me one more day to reach my son’s heart for God. May today be the day his eyes are open and his heart rejoices in the Father’s love……. I hope I win this cd. If not, I will definitely buy it for my family.

    Theresa Taylor,
    In memory of SPC Freddy Hook,
    US Airborne Army Medic,
    My son, a gift from God,
    called home to Glory

  9. 44


    I just recently discovered him on the radio and then learned he’d be one of the openers for Third Day here in my small town in a couple weeks. I’d love to hear more of his music!

  10. 45

    Debra Stanley says

    Would LOVE to have a chance to win! I’m so thankful that you put all these resources out there for us moms for our sons. My son loves music and I want him to continue to listen to music with God as the focus!
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  11. 46

    Amber says

    I LOVED him on American Idol…I was so proud of him for sticking to his guns and singing Christian songs on a secular show! I’d love to win this!

  12. 47

    Laurin Beardsley says

    Wow. Let Them See You and Rise – especially. I remember him from American Idol – he was a hero because he wasn’t swayed. He was gracious and loving – and amazing! Laurin

  13. 51

    Donna H. says

    I’ve enjoyed being introduced to Colton Dixon by KLOVE. We don’t have cable so no Idol for us. We look forward to hearing more from him!

  14. 59


    My family and I would love this. We never watch Idol anymore, the judges ruined it for me after awhile, but I remember hearing about him while he was on the show. I’ve also heard his song “You Are” on KLOVE and really like it. Thanks for the giveaway.

  15. 61

    Melissa D says

    Seeing him tomorrow night at the Third Day concert in Glens Falls NY. Looking forward to it! We haven’t been into American Idol in a few years, so I hadn’t heard of him before.

  16. 62

    Jamey says

    Well I have always had a heart of worship and I am finding every genre of music that speaks the love of Christ is pretty much awesome. We would definitely love to win this. Blessings

  17. 70

    Leigh Anne says

    Love him and his music! We’re going to see him live with Third Day at the end of March. It’s a surprise to my 10 yr old daughter. She has a huge crush on him and she brought her terrible Math grade up to a ‘B’ by working really hard and making sacrifices. She deserves a special treat! Would love to give this to her if I win :-)

  18. 74


    I remember when he got kicked off AI and sang his goodbye song, dropped to his knees and started worshipping…I felt like hugging the TV and shouting, “Yes! You go, Colton!” Or maybe I did…. :-)

  19. 76

    Renée K says

    So great to see and hear from Colton! Our family fell in love with him during American Idol, but I had kinda forgotten about him. Hope he continues to have great success in spreading The Message!

  20. 80

    Elizabeth says

    I haven’t been watching Idol recently and hadn’t heard of Colton Dixon. I enjoyed this video. Thanks for the chance to win!

  21. 82


    Last time I won something on a blog, it was just before my daughter’s birthday. I gave her the pink and chocolate leather Bible with her name engraved. If I win this…it goes to my son that turns 10 on Tuesday.

  22. 86

    zimms zoo says

    I thought for sure my girls would have already heard this song. But they hadn’t and they loved it. I would love to win this.

  23. 94

    Andrea Lisk says

    Was cheering for him on IDOL and will be cheering for him as he spreads the message God has called him to… praying that he will be able to stay true to his faith and calling! :)

  24. 98


    I LOVE that he stuck to his guns and went for praising the Lord! It is so nice to see young kids make fabulous choices and not be swallowed by societal pressure! What a great song, I can’t wait to hear more :)

  25. 99

    Kari Whaley says

    I love his music and I work in his hometown. He is quite the celebrity here. Would LOVE to have his music to worship with!

  26. 113

    Billie Jean says

    My son would love this album – I agree we need strong young men for our son’s to look up to instead of these idiot rappers.

  27. 118


    My oldest daughter, who is in 7th grade, heard the song “You Are” on the radio and asked me who sang it. I hadn’t heard it and had to look it up on K-Love. We’ve been fans ever since. We don’t watch American Idol, but it had turned out two excellent musicians who share their love for Jesus with the world: Mandissa and Colton Dixon. God will be glorified even through reality tv. Isn’t He amazing?

  28. 119

    Katherine Lang says

    I always thought Colton Dixon was a terrific singer/performer on American Idol. So wonderful to hear that he is choosing to use God’s gift to glorify Him!

  29. 122

    Jaye says

    We loved him on American Idol and were just tickled to see his debut song on the Christian music radio station! Can’t wait to hear the entire album! It’s great to see him spreading Jesus!

  30. 126

    Stacy says

    We LOVE Colton Dixon in my family – two teenagers included. We watched his whole career launch last year and are just so thrilled that he followed the Lord by singing for HIM. He’s such an incredible role model. We would be over the moon if we won!!

  31. 132

    Matt Hurlbert says

    I remember watching Colton on American Idol and voting for him as one of my favorites. My fifteen year old son and I love his music and find it inspiring. Great Christian artist for everyone..

  32. 140


    Gosh, I’ve never seen American Idol past the Kelly Clarkson days, but I really enjoyed the song video you have in your post & would love to win. My husband and I have a collection of Christian music, but it’s mostly old school Newsboys (which I happen to seriously love!) along with too many Wow discs. Would love to change it up a little w/ new inspiring songs!

  33. 142

    Stephanie says

    What an inspiration to see a talented artist who is sold out for Jesus. We all need more role models like this. :)

  34. 145

    Alisha Santiago says

    Oh my lands, look at all the comments. Lots of folks want in on this giveaway, and I think it’s great. My daughter and I would totally enjoy everything. Thank you so much!

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