Introducing Colton Dixon {Giveaway}

Updated with random winner, comment #185 Ann McCarville

You might remember him from American Idol?

Colton Dixon is a new artist with an old message. He could have probably had any number of record deals, but he’s following his passion and his heart by singing the good news of Jesus. His debut album The Messenger is just that: a message.


And I don’t know about you, but I like these kind of young leaders for my son to look up to.

Colton Dixon is 21 years old, has a stunning voice and some wild hair.

I love this. Powerful.

Today, I’m giving away Colton’s new album, The Messenger, a cool messenger bag, journal and a $25 iTunes gift card to winner.




Leave a comment to win!


  1. 155

    Pam B. says

    It is so good to have young people sing about the Good News of Jesus! I would really love to win the CD I could play it while working on my Journal and Paper Crafts, etc Thank you for introducing us to Colton!

  2. 158

    Kathy Albright says

    What a great role model he is! And yes, we followed him on American Idol! Thank you for offering the chance to win this!

  3. 164


    I got to hear an interview he did on Sirius radio and they played the songs live. Loved hearing his heart! Yes, our children’s generation desperately needs these types of influences!

  4. 168


    you’re right…he does have wild hair!! being in England, i didn’t have the chance to follow him on American Idol, and i really feel like i missed out!! i’ll definitely be buying his album after this!

  5. 176

    Connie M. says

    We followed Colton through his season on AI. Now we can hear his music on our favorite Christian radio station!

  6. 179

    Bree says

    I loved Colton on AI, and I was so excited to hear him on our local Christian radion station! This would be awesome to win for my kids.

  7. 185

    Ann McCarville says

    I was so impressed with him on American Idol. I loved how he stood up for God, when it probably would have been easier not to. AND I loved his voice! Bonus. :-) I would love to have this giveaway!

  8. 186

    Laura says

    So awesome to have young men like this as role models for our kids! Thanks for the chance to win and the awesome words you share.

  9. 187


    The world needs more role modles for our kids. I was just discussing this with my sister the other day. We mother’s have to search for them and then expose our children to the goodness and then shut all the other nonsense out. Thanks for the chance for a great giveaway. -Steph-

  10. 193

    Christina Jenkins says

    Wow! Wow! Wow! What a powerful song! Gave me butterflies. I would live to win this thanks for posting this artist.

  11. 205


    I’d love to win…though I wasn’t able to listen. If the music isn’t my type I’ll give it to a friend or give it away on my blog.

  12. 206

    Victoria Cowles says

    Loved Colton on American Idol and now share his music with others via YouTube. I need to purchase his new album. His love of Jesus is such an inspiration and his message spoke to millions on American Idol. To watch last night and see Angela Miller singing his music must have been a real Blessing!

  13. 207

    Kayla Hughes says

    I loved Colton on AI and love him still! His music is great and he is a real inspiration for me to become a singer!

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