Have Mercy {Giveaway}

UPDATE: Congratulations Rachel G., Whitney, Thea, Sally and Krista D. – you have all been selected as winners of this giveaway. 

It’s not about doing something big.

It’s about doing something.

And sometimes that means shopping.

Can I get an amen?

Shop mercy: A tangible way to help pregnant girls, young mothers and precious babies on the other side of the globe. And just in time for Valentine’s Day, we have brand new, roomy PINK farmhouse totes by Freeset, for $20 each. When you purchase a bag, it not only helps Mercy House, it supports the women who made the bags, whom were set free from sex trafficking

Mercy never looked cuter:

There are several styles of our PINK bags, but a limited supply of each style. {Also fun:  we will be introducing a NEW color each month until summer!}

So, shop early. Order by Feb. 6 for Valentine’s delivery.

Another fabulous way of supporting Mercy House is by hosting a Mercy Party in your home. Everything you need is shipped to your door (invitations, brochures, product, videos), just add a few friends with an appetite for shopping and doing good.

Plus, for a limited time, if you book a party, you receive one of our NEW tote bags FREE! Fill out this contact form if you’re interested. Once your party is booked, you’ll be sent a bag.

Today, I’m giving away FIVE of these cute pink totes! Click over and tell me what you like and leave a comment here as your entry.

This giveaway will end on Thursday.


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How to Make Sheet Music

He starts his day nearly an hour before mine.

I wake up to the smell of scrambled eggs and find him in the kitchen making the kid’s lunches. He’s already dropped off our oldest at basketball practice and stopped by Chick Fil A for a sweet tea treat.

It’s sitting on the night stand when I reach for my glasses and wonder about my silent alarm.

It’s not even 7 A.M and he started the day making love to me–in the kitchen, doing my chores.

All day long, I think of this gift. His kind words, gentle expressions, his unselfishness–and I can’t wait to give back to him.

Sheet music starts long before you hit the sheets.

It starts with another S-word. One that doesn’t get nearly as much attention. Making sweet music in your marriage starts with service.

It begins with putting your spouse before yourself. Since we’re selfish people by nature, this little S-word doesn’t always come easy. But when we serve our mate, it sets up the perfect atmosphere for a symphony.

Sex doesn’t make a marriage, but the lack of sex and intimacy can certainly break it.

“When sex dies in a marriage, a man loses something very important to him—the knowledge that he can please his wife physically. And a woman loses the satisfaction that she has a man who is enthralled with her beauty.” -Kevin Leman, Sheet Music: Uncovering the Secrets of Sexual Intimacy in Marriage

It’s so much more than just a physical act. There’s a lot at risk when we neglect one another: his confidence as a man and her esteem in herself.

Three practical ways to serve your spouse.

  1. Treat your husband/wife like you would a guest in your home for a day. When we have company over and they ask for water, we don’t sigh and point. We anticipate their needs and bless them by meeting them.
  2. Surprise them by doing something unexpected: show up at work with their favorite lunch, do their chores, add a bit of romance to their day.
  3. Write them a note-tuck it in their drawer or in their glovebox, mail a card to your spouse.

Find simple, sweet ways to serve your spouse. It will be a warmup for some awesome music later.