WFMW: 5 Gifts Your Spouse Won’t Forget

When I was 19 year old freshman in college, I TWIRP’ED (The. Woman. Is. Required. To. Pay) a guy. We were friends, but I liked him a whole lot. There was a group of us who played Spades and so I took a deck of cards and creatively reconstructed them to be an invitation on our first date.

I took him two-stepping. I didn’t know how to dance, but he did. I believe that’s called manipulation.

That date was the beginning of a deep and abiding friendship for years to come. We ended up dating each other’s best friends and didn’t realize we were in love until 3 years later.

I married that guy.

I love that memory. “The heart of marriage is memories.” -Bill Cosby

You know what our spouses want tomorrow? They want us. Make a memory!

1. Some Time Together: Carving out date night time is always a challenge. Some times we just lock our door and don’t answer it. Last week one of our kids figured out the old butter knife door unlocking trick. My hubby high-tailed it to Home Depot and now we have a key. Time together  is always a valued gift. 30 FREE Romantic Printable Paper Craft Ideas

2. Something Handmade: He still has that deck of cards (swoon). Since my hubby is diabetic, making him a sugar-free dessert is always appreciated. Wanna give your spouse something sweet?  Fun Free Valentine Treat Printable

3. Something Sentimental: We like to give mushy cards and write each other letters. I might just pull out our old love notes and read them to him deep into the night. Free Valentine Stationary for the Love Note you need to write

4. Something They Love (but aren’t expecting from you): This is the hardest gift to give, but I love when I’m able to surprise my husband. What does your mate want to pursue but hasn’t due to time or money? What small gift can you give to encourage that dream in them?  Free Printable Coupons for Your Valentine

5. Something to Remember: Make a new memory, try something new, do something unexpected. Some of our best moments in our nearly 20 year marriage are the small decisions to try something we haven’t. Beautiful Free Printable Card to write a memory for your Valentine.

 What works for you?


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    What a sweet story! I love it. My hubby used to date my roommate but I felt like she never really appreciated all the nice things he did for her, lol! They eventually broke up and a few years later he and I began dating! :) Thanks for hosting today.

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    Some nice ideas here. Our wedding anniversary is on Feb 18th so we generally combine these dates into one special event. We generally head out to dinner {a rare activity around these parts!} and then discuss the previous year, the upcoming year, and laugh about how LONG we have been together! Married 24, but we have known each other/dating together since high school so this summer it will be the 30th year since we met 0_0.
    Practically every awesome memory includes the hubby!
    My suggestion to wives: Husband really are not mind readers. You have to pray for the strength to speak up! To hubby’s: You need to MAKE the effort to acknowledge and listen to your wife’s concerns.
    Enjoy Valentines Day!!

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    Im giving my hubby a day off from Valentines day. The pressure to do these holidays can be so hard especially on guys. Well celebrate when we have some time. After almost 20 years of being together its not the day that matters its being good and kind to each other.
    But i better get some chocolate.

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    Thanks for all the great ideas and resources you’ve provided for us, Kristen! I went to a college that have TWIRP week too. :) I love the “card” story. Those are the kinds of memories we all need to revisit and cherish! Thanks also for your great link-up!

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    I married my TWIRP date too (except I asked mine in high school)! (and I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone else call it TWIRP. I always have to explain that part of our ‘love story’… “it’s like Sadie Hawkins”.)

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