WFMW: My Daily Happy


Who knew such a simple touch could make me smile every time I entered my kitchen?

When I discovered fun porcelain knobs at Hobby Lobby for 50-80% off, I knew exactly where I’d put them.

And by I, I mean my husband. He’s nice like that.

A bright kitchen makes me smile.

And works for me!


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    YOUR happy knobs made me happy :) I think we’re kindred spirits. You know what else makes me happy? anything miniature (except a paycheck). I collect tiny animal figurines, I love puppies, kittens, and tiny babies as long as they’re not my responsibility. My daughter sent me a miniature card that said, “You are my sunshine, my lovely sunshine,” because I used to sing it to her like my grandmother sang it to me. . . . thanks for sharing the happy :)

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    Pretty knobs. The color of the cabinets are pretty too. Maybe if I install knobs like these my three little girls would be more willing to help out in the kitchen more:) Linked up to the party for the first time today. It’s a fun idea and a great way to get to know other great bloggers.

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