An Epic Love Story

Congrats to random winner, Kit Jordan.

Three years ago today, I traveled to Kenya for the first time to blog about poverty and found true religion.

I took many of you with me on the life-changing trip.

I’m still amazed at how God took a willing heart and sent it around the world and turned


a small, simple yes into a House of Mercy, brimming with happy babies, healthy girls and expanding every day.




God’s funny that way.

He gives us just enough information and protects us from the big dream we haven’t grown into yet.

Because I didn’t know finding Edith would stir my heart to help her orphaned siblings, living in a rural village so far from their big sister. I didn’t know Edith would mourn them everyday in our house. I didn’t know we’d find them in desperation and we would be able to help.

Update pics Feb 2013 209

I didn’t know rescuing Cindy and baby Nicholas would give us the chance to help her family allowing her mother start a business and give her siblings an opportunity for the future.

Home visitation pics 165

I didn’t know that digging deeper, exposing ourselves to more work and pain, would present more opportunities to love and new chances to see Jesus.

I’m glad I didn’t know.

It makes the discovery so much more powerful.

There are still so many unknowns in my life and yours, but the beauty is in the journey.

God is writing a a great love story there and here. Because I also didn’t know a mom would sacrifice $3 every month faithfully for 13 months and on the 14th month, donate $1000.  I didn’t know He would compel others to do the same over and over to keep this little mission afloat.

I didn’t know He would build Mercy House thru your generosity or give us a thousand miracles to get from there to here.

But He knew.

Love’s like that: a contagious, spreading fire that cannot be snuffed out by our inadequacy or ignorance. You would think the world would overwhelm this heart of mine, but instead it’s just grown bigger for the world.

Three years ago today, I didn’t know the end of my trip was really the beginning of an epic love story.


125x125-h&g-mercy2This month, my favorite art company, Show Offs Art is loving mercy with us. You can join them by showing Christ’s love and compassion by shopping their company this Easter season. Use the word MERCY to get a 10% discount and 25% of your sale will go to Mercy House. If you’d like to win my favorite beautiful canvas, leave the name of  the person who needs a little extra love in the comments as your entry.


  1. 1

    Wendi says

    Our friend Bill needs a little extra love. Three days ago he found out that when they tested his appendix, that they removed before it burst, it is cancerous. A very aggressive cancer. He had to fly home, as he was on vacation when this happened, and get going right away with treatment.

  2. 4

    Elizabeth says

    One of my friends has a brother who is going through some medical ordeals. James needs God’s love and mercy right now.

  3. 8


    Diane – she has taken on a serious caregiver role and done so without complaint while this has been super hard. She has sacrificed a lot to care and show love and I know that somewhere inside she must be tired, exhausted (both physically and spiritually) and this would brighten her ‘day’ a little!

  4. 10

    Kit jordan says

    My dear friend Debbie Taylor , she recently lost her daughter to cancer at the tender age of 17. She is trying to learn how to live life without her. It was just the two of them, and although she is smiling on the outside I know she is crumbling on the inside. I know God is close to her every second carrying her right now!

    • 10.1

      RLR says


      A friend of mine, along with several other ladies, contributed to a book entitled Farther Along. All of them share the bond of losing a child (and in one case, two children). While it is a book about grief, it is also a lovely celebration of their children. They also have a blog, , which has posts by this ladies of the writing group. Just wanted to share in case you think one of these would be helpful to Debbie in her grieving process. I will keep her in my thoughts.


  5. 12

    Brittany N. says

    My friend (who shares the same name as me :) ), Brittany, has just gone through some really tough times. I would love to give this to her.

  6. 14

    Rebecca says

    My husband is disabled and has a huge battle over these last two years.
    Thank you for this blog post, it was an encouragement.

  7. 18

    Jabber Jaws says

    My Kim. She’s a single mom living on disability about to have surgery again. My Kim needs your prayers and this would let her know that she is seen, known, loved and not forgotten.

  8. 21

    Deedra says

    My Sister-in-Law, Kimberly, is going through some rough times right now. I pray God’s love, peace and hope over her everyday and would love to show her some extra love.

  9. 22


    Yesterday our adoption agency contacted us about a month old little girl that is in interim care that is need of a family. We are waiting to find out if our family could be her forever family. But no matter what, this little baby girl — Kayleena – needs all the extra love and prayers she can get for all the changes and transitions ahead.

  10. 24

    Whitney says

    My Mother- She is going through a lot right now. Has been going through a lot for 5 + years… shes so strong, but I can tell she’s hurting even more now. Praying for resolution soon!

  11. 29

    isabelle says

    My sister Stephanie.

    After a whole year being invalid for work because of a work accident (she is an amazing artist and suddenly could do nothing without having pain. She actually could do nothing…litteraly. Even lifting her arms was difficult. ) and fighting depression, she learn that she loose her job.

    I love her so much .

  12. 30

    kelly says

    My daughter Julia, and US are having a very VERY hard time communicating with each other and she is 16 and its sooooooo much more complicated and hurtful and just plain exhausting…I worry constantly about her, her decisions, her choices b/c of those decisions….I worry what her not so much younger sisters see when we have these HUGE discussions and the words become mean and hateful and hurtful…I KNOW my husband and I are doing what/how we know best with
    our daughter(s) I KNOW God is crying with us with each disagreeable word/action but all we can continue to do is be there for our daughter and pray…and pray

  13. 33

    Alyson Ferren says

    My sweet mama. Early onset Alzheimer’s is taking its toll on her. She knows tht she is not the same, and to see her not be the strong, confident woman I have known is hard.

  14. 34

    Debra Stanley says

    Our dear friends in Tanzania Africia! Beatrice has been sick for several years. It has taken a toll on her body. She sees the dr on march 13 and we are praying this will be her answer.
    And myself:) Life is just HARD right now…..

  15. 37


    Family friend Richard. He lost his wife to cancer 18 months ago, and now he and his 3 daughters and a grand daughter have lost their house too. They had to dismantle all that their wife/mom had poured into it. It will be healing for them to move on, but it is painful at the same time.

  16. 49


    My dad, Greg, who has struggled with depression his entire life. He has begged God for healing, tried medications, even electroshock therapy. Though he struggles every day, he gets up to take care of my two younger adopted brothers (my 2nd cousins biologically) and the many compulsive struggles they have. He loves God with all his heart.

  17. 50

    Rachel says

    I have to list just one?
    Allen – my brother, who cares almost solely for my mother, who is hard to care for, and love
    Donna – my dear friend, who has taken in 2 foster babies, in addition to her own 4 children
    Dad – my dad, who is getting old, and older, and I miss dearly and wish he could know my children like I knew him growing up
    Justine – another dear friend, who was a widow when her son was just 2 and her daughter wasn’t even born, but has since adopted 2 down syndrome kids

  18. 51

    Anita says

    My friend Freida, who lost her husband to a heart attack just 6 weeks ago… while they were on their way to their annual few months of helping at an orphanage in Mexico. She is in such pain.

  19. 52

    Liz @ The HomeStyle says

    My grandma is recently widowed. (Just last week.) she needs to know that she is loved and she’s not alone.

  20. 53


    My friend Lisa and her husband Gary that have just found out that her Melanoma has spread. To her brain. Gary has been falling apart at the thought of losing his wife.

  21. 55

    Christina says

    My husband Joe our 17 year old son died in November & he is hurting so bad!!! We all our but I worry about him.

  22. 61

    kelly says

    we are struggling with our 16 year old….in every aspect….we cant seem to get the communication “block” down…i pray to God ALL THE TIME….I know i am trying VERY HARD to keep my ears, heart and mind open not only to listen to what God is saying but to hear my teenager turn back into the lovely young girl i know is in there…

  23. 62

    Kristy Lynn says

    my beautiful daughter Shelbeylynn who just turned 18. she struggles with knowing who she is and how loved she is in God!

  24. 63

    Katie R-C says

    My friend Amanda, who 8 months ago held her baby girl for the first time and then had to say goodbye to her 2 days later.

  25. 64

    Shane says

    Houston – He found my brother (his uncle) dead, on his couch. My brother was one of his very best friends. He could use some uplifting artwork when he goes off to college this fall. :)

  26. 65

    Mel says

    My good friend Erin, who is currently serving in Afghanistan, could use some extra love (and prayers).

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