DIY Easter {String Art} Cross


During (our long and sickly) Spring Break, we perked up to do a special (and easy) DIY project that we will stay out long after our Easter baskets are put away.

Easter {String Art} Cross Plaque


  • Piece of unfinished wood (Hobby Lobby $2.50)
  • Paint
  • Embroidery string
  • Small panel nails
  • Hammer

We painted our wood first:

After the paint dried, we tapped 12 nails in the shape of a cross into the wood. We did two at the top, four in the middle, two on either sides and two at the bottom.

[Kitty can’t resist The String]

photo copy 2

And we just started wrapping it around the nails going with the shape of the cross. It works best to loop the string around the nails multiples times to get it started. Keep string taunt and wrap away!


This was a super easy project for my kids and they really got into it.


And a simple reminder that He is Risen!


*Pallet Family Mission Statement


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    Jenn says

    Oh! This is wonderful! I’ve been looking for some special things to do for Easter. The kids could do this while I’m reading them the Easter story. I’m going to add this to the list along with the resurrection plant centerpiece you posted last year.

  2. 8


    I’ve been looking for “non-traditional” Mother’s Day gifts, and I found the perfect idea right here! Thank you for sharing. Angela

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