WFMW: DIY Resurrection Garden

Easter is just a couple weeks away, but as Christians we celebrate it every day, right?

It was easy to make, everyone got to add their own touches and it cost pretty much the same as making one large one like the picture above.

Supplies Needed: We found all of ours at WalMart and averaged about $7.50 per mini garden.

  • Terra cotta mini pot (tomb)
  • Terra cotta small tray
  • Small pebbles from Floral dept(one bag was plenty for three)
  • Grass seed (we have enough left over for the bare patch in our yard)
  • One small bag of potting soil
  • Small twigs and Large rock (smaller than a child’s fist) from the yard
  • Glue gun
  • Spray water bottle

1. Place mini pot on the tray and add potting soil around it.

2. Pack soil in and on top of the mini pot, forming a small hill.

3. Add pebbles coming from the opening of the “tomb”

4. Place larger rock half covering the tomb

5. Sprinkle grass seed on the soil

6. Glue small twigs to form three crosses (hot glue works best)

7. Stick each cross into the “hill” behind the tomb

8. Spray soil lightly every day with water bottle

9. Watch and wait for new life (grass) to spring forth!

It’s a beautiful reminder that He is Risen!


(I researched it and I believe this idea originated on the creator’s Facebook page and ended up on Pinterest. Thank you, Melissa Holt for the beautiful idea!)

Edited repost from the archives


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    Love this garden idea. I thought I saw this idea on your blog awhile back, but maybe it was somewhere else. Nevertheless, I think it’s a great way to remember the resurrection. Maybe I’ll try it next year when my little girl’s a teensy bit older. Thanks for the link-up, as always!

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    Love your pictures of this project. I’ve never made it but always love seeing everyones variations! Christ Has Risen, indeed! Thanks for the party! SusieQTpies

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