Floyin Hosurs Couldn’t Drag Me Away

She hands me her stapled construction paper book, “I wrote this for you while you were in Africa.”

I pull her into my lap and breathe in soap and cheerios. I tickle and she throws back her head so I can reach the tender spot under her neck. I’m not always good at pausing and capturing these little moments. But sometimes I am.

Scrawled across the top in big red crayon letters it reads, “My Floyin Hosur.” It’s a book about a flying horse, she explains and then reads it to me, carefully turning pages and pointing out pieces of the story.


I can see baskets of unfolded clothes in the laundry room from this spot in the kitchen and piles of papers on the counter. Dinner is still a big question mark and my to do list is on it’s second page. But there’s not another place in the world I’d rather be.

Because sometimes you have to leave and return to realize what you missed and where you belong.

My son jokes, “I sure could use one of those hosurs right now.” I threaten a scowl and he smiles, patting his sister’s head until she is proud of her work again. My oldest rummages through the snack basket, catching my eye, then asking the little author to read to her next.

We munch on tacos for dinner and read a chapter from Wild Grace. My kids each do hilarious impersonations of Sweet Georgia Brown and I giggle until I have a sharp pain in my side. They play Knockout with their Dad in our driveway, while I sit in the grass and watch my youngest try out her garage sale roller skates. We end the night with a walk around the block, spontaneously holding hands and touching.

It’s a peaceful night of love and laughter, sometimes a rarity in my rambunctious, hormonal offspring and crazy-busy world. Sometimes I’m not good at acknowledging it. Sometimes I am.

I have the opportunity to write, travel and speak throughout the country. I have the priviledge of encouraging mothers here and supporting mothers in Kenya, and sometimes it may seem glamorous or extraordinary. But mostly it’s hard, uncomfortable work for me.

I don’t know how to lead a non-profit, raise a million dollars or write a 3 year plan, but I know how to nourish a baby with my body, kiss a scraped knee, fit my child in the curve of my arm, read a dirty look or touch the heart of my wounded child.

Motherhood is my job.I am paid in love notes and a quiet thank you over a puke bowl. The hours are long and the work is risky, but it is a high calling. Some days it’s harder than all my  previous jobs lumped together…

But there’s nothing like coming home.

Not even floyin hosurs could drag me away.


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    Beautiful reminder to not get caught up in the everyday busyness so we miss out on these precious moments. Thank you! Praying God will guide and direct you as you attempt to lead (mostly from behind the scenes) Mercy House – it’s a big job, but He’s got BIG plans for all of those you are reaching through this ministry!!!

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    AmberK says

    It’s no wonder God gives us children “Every good and perfect gift”…He loves us. :)
    Kristen, every once in a while, I think you need a cheerleader. If you’d like my number, message me and I will give it to you. You’re a lot more successful at this than you think…and I get it. I get the mistakes we make as mommas and wives and as the woman who just wants to be able to breathe without anxiety lurking in the lungs and muscles. You’re inspiring many with your “Yes, Lord. I’m not ready but YES, Lord. Send me.” I’m terrified of it, LOL, and you said it so you’re a few thousand steps ahead of me. That wasn’t fun to admit. But…you’re always honest so there ya go. 😉

    I love the picture and the spelling. It’s beautiful. Have you read the quote “Every love story is beautiful…but our’s is my favorite.” Seems fitting for this post. :)

    Hugs and Prayers

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    flowerpowermomma says

    beautiful! Your love for your family shines forth brightly here. Being a mom has been one of the hardest jobs I’ve had.(am also married to a pastor) But my “mom” hat has also given me the most joy. Raising good members of society is so important. I think you are on the right track. Blessings on your ministry as a mom and with the Mercy House.

  4. 11


    A calling that varies so radically from person to person…how God uses our divine unique’s to bring Him glory through mamahood. My kids are finally in bed, and I just want to hold them some more.

  5. 12

    Amy says

    This was so sweet! Is there any greater paycheck than the love of our little ones?

    My husband and I have just started a non-profit, and to hear that you don’t find this easy either was strangely encouraging. We don’t know what we’re doing, we just know we need to do it.

  6. 13

    kelly says

    as always…your honesty and a real life look at your home life is encouraging to me on my good/bad days…because it sounds just like mine..and the things i wrestle with…aside the non-profit part…i always second guess myself…and to read someone else struggling in similar situations(again aside the non-profit stuff) makes me feel less alone…..thank you

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