Moms Loving Moms {Limited Edition Giveaway}

Congrats to random winner, Tracy.
I became a mother thirteen years ago. I spent five years before that longing to be one. Little did I know eighteen-something years ago, I would get to connect moms here with moms in Kenya through my mom blog. It’s one of my greatest honors.

So, motherhood is sort of my thing.

We now have 11 moms, 8 babies and 3 on the way in Kenya and hundreds and hundreds of moms in the USA and Canada and other countries who make their residence at Mercy House possible. It’s mind-boggling, really. And it’s just proof of a great big God.

For a very limited time, you can bless your mom or a m0m in your life, by purchasing one of our unique mother/daughter necklace sets, designed specifically to benefit Mercy House Kenya this Mother’s Day.

Set includes both necklaces for $44  Buy Here.

Ribbet collage













All the proceeds will go to help us help more moms around the globe.


Mother’s Day is fast-approaching and I can’t think of a better gift to give to a special lady in your life that will also bless a mom and child across the ocean.

Perfect for adult daughters to give or receive…






or little girls to wear….


We also have gorgeous matching bracelets:


Every necklace/bracelet order between now and May 1, 2013, will receive a FREE gorgeous photo Mother’s Day card from Mercy House to give along with a necklace/bracelet.

We only have 50 sets of our Mother/Daughter Pottery Bird/Nest Necklace Sets and 75 matching bracelets. And we cannot guarantee more by Mother’s Day, so order soon. 

The set of necklaces is $44 each (2 necklaces).

Mother Nest Necklace is $30 (by itself)

Daughter Bird Necklace is $20 (by itself)

Matching Bracelet is $25

Today, I’m giving away a Mother/Daughter Set and a matching bracelet to one lucky reader. Tomorrow, I’m heading to Kenya to be with our moms and babies. Leave a comment about your mom or daughter as your entry.

[We have listed half of what we have. If we sell out quickly, we will restock. Please note: Jewelry will be shipped week of April 22, 2013]


  1. 151


    I’m not as close with my mom as I am with my daughters. My prayer is that my daughters and I continue to have a solid relationship on into adulthood. Thanks for this giveaway!

  2. 152

    Sarah Greer says

    so blessed to have my mom and my daughter. they bring much joy to my life! thanks for the giveaway! and thank you for what you are doing in Kenya!

  3. 154

    Emily B says

    I have an incredible mother. Her residence is in Heaven. I have a delightful stepmother, who is almost as close to me as my mom was. I would love to give this to her for Mother’s Day. I have four beautiful daughters, too. Each one is a precious gift from the Lord.

  4. 155

    emily parker says

    I know every mom feels as though they want this to be for them and their daughter. Each story is special. Each one is treasured. Ours is treasured because I got pregnant with my daughter just after starting college, very unexpected and quite frankly, unwelcome. However, God knew that I would keep this precious child, and that she would be what brought me to Him. She was. I tell her often that she was who God used to save my life. I was spiraling out of control in a life of selfishness, despite the family I had who loved me and wanted nothing more than for me to fall in love with Jesus. Well, I did. I fell in love with my daughter, who in turn, brought me to my love affair with my Creator. Ten years later, I am very happily married for almost 4 years to a man who loves Christ, loves my daughter and myself immensely, and we have a precious 2 year old boy. I never thought I would be this joyous in life. But because of the call to care for my daughter, I recognized it was bigger, that it was my Creator calling me to this life with Him. We started homeschooling again, after a three year hiatus, this school year. I know that it was something God laid on my heart because of the events that were unfolding with my daughter’s bio-dad. I know that God put every detail together to bring us to this point, so I would be able to protect her, love on her, and teach her the right way to live her life, including giving grace and offering forgiveness. I would like this gift for my daughter and I as a reminder of what our relationship has meant in my life, in leading me to my relationship with Christ, and to represent as well, my role of leading her into a life which longs for pleasing Him, seeking Him, and loving Him first.

  5. 156

    Kelly says

    These are beautiful!! As a daughter and a mother to three daughters, I really appeciate these!! Love, love, love them!! Thank you for serving and blessing these other mother’s in need.

  6. 157

    HeatherS says

    My mom is such a wonderful friend to me now. I hope my daughter and I will also be able to have that kind of relationship when she is grown up!

  7. 158

    Becky M says

    I love how my mom & I are friends as adults. I love her & I am so thankful for her love and support.

  8. 159

    Erin says

    How beautiful — mothers and daughters have a very special bond. I am the oldest child and a daughter as is my mother and my grandmother. My daughter is now carrying it on! I would love to win these beautiful necklaces.

  9. 160


    I have a beautiful daughter with the sweetest, purest heart, and an amazing mother in law who treats me as her own. I have been blessed more than I deserve!

  10. 161

    sarah says

    I have two precious daughtersand the best mom in the world. My kids and I have been through a lot lately and of weren’t for my mom, I’m not sure I could be strong for my girls.

  11. 162


    These are beautiful! I am blessed to have an amazing, loving mom and three incredible daughters. I think I would give the daughter necklace to my 11 year old, Anna.

  12. 163

    Judy says

    I am the youngest of 5 daughters. It amazes me how my mom raised 5 girls who were 8 years apart. I now have 2 teenage daughters who are 16 months apart and who are very close. It is a very special gift from God to watch them grow up.

  13. 164

    Angel says

    beautiful necklaces, my mom lives in another state and we don’t get to see each other often, this would be a neat way to stay connected. But of course I also would love to wear it with my own daughter.

  14. 165


    My daughter is flying the nest this summer to spend it in Cambodia serving in a rescue home. What a fun thing to send with her!

    Hosting my first Mercy House event in two weeks. I can’t wait!

    Give Maureen a hug from me!

    Fort Mill, SC

  15. 167

    Leslie says

    I’m a mom of two boys but would love to share this with my niece who lost her mom last year around Mother’s Day. She’s the closest I’ll get to having a daughter.

  16. 168

    Anita says

    I have 4 sons – no daughters — but I do have a wonderful daughter-in-law who has 2 precious girls… Thanks so much for the opportunity. Be Safe and Energized and Healthy and Blessed during your trip Kirsten – Praying with & for you.

  17. 170

    Wendi says

    Love the beautiful jewelry, what sweet gifts. Have a wonderful trip to Kenya and will be praying for a safe trip, electricity, and not too long of a trip to Mercy House when you get there. I am blessed to still have my loving mom, and blessed by my 14 year old daughter. I love reading about your oldest daughter as ours are close in age. Such blessings.

  18. 171

    suzi failing says

    I have 4 daughters………but my oldest is my prodical child right now…would love to send her the daughter necklace…with my prayers for her….

    suzi failing

  19. 172


    My daughter is 4. My precious first born. Precocious, intelligent, funny, forgiving, sneaky, sensitive, stubborn, creative, soft hearted, loves the Lord, artist, singer… light of my life.

  20. 173

    Amy Marshall says

    My daughters are so precious to me. I pray they grow up to follow the Lord all the days of their lives.
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  21. 174

    Katie says

    I think I would give one to my beautiful mom Jeanette, who serves my family always and my gorgeous daughter Audrey

  22. 175

    Jody says

    I am so blessed with a wonderful mom and two precious daughters. I pray that I can be the mom that God has called me to be.

  23. 176

    Pam says

    Being the mother of a daughter is so special. I have many “full circle” moments in raising my 13 year old daughter where I know I feel exactly what my mom must have felt raising me. The love and bond between us is indescribable!
    The jewelry is beautiful.

  24. 177

    Connie Comstock says

    I feel so blessed to have been raised by a wonderful Godly mother. I did not have any daughters, but will be blessed to add daughter-in-laws to our family.

  25. 178

    Vanessa Gooch says

    So beautiful! I have a beautiful 3, almost 4 year old daughter who is such a blessing! She just accepted Jesus into her heart and it was such an amazing moment. I pray that we will always have a close, open, loving, forgiving, relationship. I pray that she will follow the Lord always and that she will have a Faith a thousand times more than mine. Her name is Genesis, and it is a very significant name for us. It means ‘the beginning’ as our prayer is that she will be the beginning or start of a long line of Christian women in our family.

  26. 180

    Erin in CO says

    I have two beautiful girls, (plus a boy in the middle!) who are so different, yet so alike. I look forward to watching their relationship grow, as well as mine with each of them individually. I pray for that…relationship…to be the marker of my time with them.. all the other important things can be taught from there, I think…beautiful jewelry for a beautiful cause. Blessings on your trip!

  27. 182


    I am so blessed to have two wonderful daughters, Madison, age 3 1/2 and Sophie, 23 months. They are the most special and wonderful daughters that any father could ask for. The real beauty, is that they are pure reflections of everything their mother is. They radiate with joy, kindness, independence, humor, beauty and humility. I’m the dad who never seems to get the right gift from these girls for their mom. But these necklaces, the nest, and 2 matching ones for the girls would absolutely make my wife so happy. I hope you get more, I’ll pay extra or whatever it takes to not only help the beautiful women and their babies in Kenya, but also to help my little girls bring an extra special smile to my wife on Mother’s Day. Thank you for your blog! 😉

  28. 183

    Amy says

    This set is adorable and my almost 7 years old daughter would love it! Thanks for this giveaway and for all you do in Kenya!

  29. 184

    Shani Pearce says

    I am so grateful that the Lord has entrusted me with my precious children. I often feel so ill-equipped, but what a beautiful, crazy journey!

  30. 185

    Liz M says

    These are absolutely gorgeous! I would be thrilled to share such a precious treasure with my beautiful daughters!

  31. 186


    My mom and I are really close. We talk about EVERYTHING.
    Ive learned so much from her over the years. And now that I am a mother too I go to her that much more for her thoughts, prayers, and advice.

  32. 187

    Jennie says

    My mom and I grew close in my 20 and 30s and then with my hubby’s job we moved away, so I don’t get to see her much and so miss spending time with her. I have a sweet precious 4 year old daughter who would love this, she is so girly and I think the set is just beautiful. She broke her collar bone last night at gymnastics, so praying for quick healing.

  33. 188

    Kim D says

    I’m a missionary wife in North Wales, UK and one of the hardest things is being so far away from my oldest daughter and my mother. I’m thankful for skype and the internet, but there is nothing like being with them in person!! Those of you that live close to your family members, be sure to not take for granted the blessing of living close to those you love!

  34. 190

    Nancy L says

    What a beautiful set and meaning behind it. I am blessed with a beautiful little girl and a mother who has always been there for me and now us. Safe journeys to Kenya.

  35. 191

    Tara says

    I would love to have this set! My husband was going to order it for mother’s day and just saw that it was sold out. I hope that you will restock…just adorable! What a sweet thing to be able to wear as a reminder of that special thing a mother and daughter share!

  36. 192

    Wendy Hogan says

    I love my mom and love the stories about the work of love in Kenya! Praying for your safety and His blessing as you go! GO KRISTEN GO!

  37. 193

    Carrie says

    Only girl in my family, so naturally my mom and I share a special relationship. And I am NOT spoiled no matter what she says!LOL Thank not only for this giveaway but also for your hard work in Kenya! May God bless you abundantly!

  38. 194

    Meghan says

    I would love to win this to give to my mother. We just found out yesterday that she has more cancer in her body then we originally thought. She just finished 4 rounds of chemo. I would love to give her something precious like this to wear always as she continues her fight. We don’t know what the outcome will be… but these would be so so special for us.

  39. 195

    Jodi H. says

    My daughter would feel on cloud nine if we could share a necklace set like this! What a great way to help cherish a mother/daughter relationship. :)

  40. 197

    valerie says

    These necklaces and bracelet are just beautiful! I’m not close to my mom, and I pray so earnestly that God would give my daughter and I a close relationship as she grows up. Would love to share this necklace with her as a reminder of how precious she is to me. Thank you for this awesome giveaway, and blessings to you during your time in Kenya!

  41. 198

    Stephanie says

    My daughter and I have a great relationship at this point and I hope it will countinue to blossom and grow as we grow as parent and child.
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  42. 199

    lisa kulak says

    almost 11 yrs ago and 4 IVF attempts later- as a single mama praying for baby- God sent to me the most amazing baby girl :) My finest work and gift straight from Heaven. If I do nothing else at all in this life time- this is enough

  43. 200

    Megan says

    I am blessed with both a wonderful daughter and a terrific mom. Just dealt with a health scare with my mom and I’m thankful to God that all is well. Travel safe to you!

  44. 201

    Heather Johns says

    I’ve been so blessed to grow truly close to my mom as we have grown together over the years. It has been a joy to finally have my own daughter after two boys. And my mom and daughter have the same chocolate brown eyes which has been fun for them both. I’m looking forward to actually being with my mom this year on Mother’s Day. Thanks for your work in Kenya and for sharing glimpses of your family with mine.

  45. 202

    Alisha says

    My mom left us when I was a little girl, so I promised myself I would never do the same to my children, and I’ve finally been given the chance to prove that. After losing two of our babies due to a blood disorder that I have, my daughter was born, and because of the loss of our other children, I have learned to appreciate her so much more than I ever imagined.

  46. 203

    Sandi says

    I have two precious daughters and I know my oldest would find this set very special. She has such an awesome heart and loves Jesus and helping others. Thanks for the giveaway.

  47. 204

    Lori says

    My mom and I are really close, I would love to win this for her, she is a great role model to me an I love her so much. Thank you for what you are Doug in kenya, that is wonderful! Thanks for the give away!!! May the Lord richly Bless You!!!

  48. 205

    monica says

    Love these! My mom and I are best friends.I would love to share these with her.
    monk5 at charter dot net

  49. 206

    Vanessa says

    Beautiful!!! My daughter is a true light in this world. She gives me hope and such a great feeling of love. We would be honored to share this set, and speak our hearts for the love of our global community! You are precious in all that you do.

  50. 207

    Kristen M says

    This is super sweet. I’d love to share this with my soon to be 12 year old daughter. It would make a great birthday gift next month.

  51. 209


    Because I don’t have a relationship with my own mom, it has been my prayer that God would allow me to be different for my own daughter. That I would raise her to know that no matter what, she is loved by me and her Almighty God.

    LOVING your heart, your purpose, and of course this jewelry.

  52. 211

    Beth Lewis says

    Would love to share such a beautiful necklace with my beautiful 4 yr old daughter. :) Praying for travel mercies and a successful trip to Kenya.

  53. 212


    I have a beautiful four year old little girl. Motherhood is scary, rewarding, and transformational. She challenges me every day to be a better mom and to help draw her closer to the Lord. Praying for your trip and meeting the new ladies!

  54. 213

    Stina says

    I would so very much love to give this to my mom….she lives in Sweden(I am in the US)and it is so hard to be that far away from her….

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