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    Kimberley Hash says

    For many years, I didn’t really know my mom. Alcoholism was what stood in our way. But now that my mom has found sobriety, I’ve had 22 years of getting to really KNOW her! What a blessing our Mother’s Day celebration are now! Not only do I really love my mom, but I also really like her too! Oh, and I’m totally proud of her as well!

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    Suzanne Haney says

    This post really hit home with me today. My daughter, Savannah, is a high school senior this year, and this morning we picked up her graduation cap and gown at school. She will truly be leaving my nest very soon, so I could relate to the image of the necklace all too well. Savannah is a childhood cancer survivor, and it is extremely difficult for me to let go of the need and desire to control all aspects of her life. I want to protect her from everything! However, God is showing me how to embrace this milestone as His gift of life to her, and He is giving me the strength to let Savannah spread her “wings” and fly into the will and purpose He has for her life. I am so blessed to be her mom, and so thankful to God for being the safe “nest” for us all.

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