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My husband pulled the old windows out of a condemned building 10 years ago. Our life was crumbling, our glass house fragile, a lot like the dilapidated building. He brought them home and I cleaned them off and they’ve been on our walls since, serving as a reminder of our brokenness and more importantly, of how God put us back together.

Maps made their way into our lives, as we traveled to places here and there. They serve as the perspective we so desperately need in our safe little world, so we don’t forget all we’ve seen and how the rest of the world lives.

The colorful fun bunting is a simple reminder to have fun, be happy and not take life too seriously.

The large funky letters cover most of my living room wall. They are a proclamation of our emancipation. They are a freedom cry.



Definition of REDEEMED

1a: to buy back : repurchase
b: to get or win back
2: to free from what distresses or harms: as

a: to free from captivity by payment of ransom

b: to extricate from or help to overcome something detrimental

c: to release from blame or debt : clear

d : to free from the consequences of sin

The word embraces and encapsulates the very essence of who I am because of Who He Is.
I work from home, live and spend 90% of my time here. I want it to reflect the deep transformation that has occurred in my heart and my family.
What does your home say?

Today, I’m so happy to tell you that I’m partnering with Dayspring and offering the large beautiful REDEEMED letters at their lowest price ever! They are regularly $49.99 and are on clearance for $19.99. Use this unique code: WATF30  for and additional 30% off and that makes them only $13.99.

Redeemed – Inspirational Wooden Letters – Set of 8


This code is good on ALL Redeemed Clearance for an extra 30% off! The code will expire Tuesday, April 9th at midnight CST. My affiliate link included above.


  1. 4

    Sylvia says

    Love the wall. The message is wonderful. Redeemed. That pretty much says it all, doesn’t it?
    Glad to see you have the wooden Texas, but where is the “lone star”? Surely, you have one somewhere? I’m teasing you. We are big fans of the state of Texas. Former residents, our son still lives there and you’d think he was a 5th generation Texan. With the exception of college football (ROLL TIDE), he loves him some Texas.

      • 4.1.1

        Sylvia says

        Yes, that counts. I’m really relieved. I’d hate to see your Texan citizenship revoked. As my Texan friends used to tell me, “We used to be our own country, you know”.

  2. 5


    Funny you should mention this today :) Just yesterday I was discussing on my facebook page about a Global Wall we’re currently working on in our home. I wrote about it on my blog briefly a few months ago and updated it yesterday with the progress.

    Yesterday I bought frames for the first two pictures and hung them. Today I’m heading to Hobby Lobby to buy 2 more frames and to buy the shelves so it might actually be completed this week.

  3. 6

    Nicole Ross says

    Thank you for this code. I ordered a bunch of redeemed items for Christmas! (Already thinking ahead….)

  4. 7


    My husband and I have a wooden plank with the letters “EBENEZER” carved into it that hangs in our dining room. It serves as a constant (and much-needed) reminder that God is our help and that indeed He has brought us safe thus far. I also sewed curtains for our living room last fall with fabric that has the Fruit of the Spirit listed on it.
    I need to have these reminders of the Lord and His faithfulness all around. They also make for great conversation starters when we have guests!

  5. 9


    What a great deal!! Thanks so much for sharing. :) I’ll be stocking up on Mother’s Day gifts and some fun decorations for our inRL event. :)

  6. 10


    Kristen, I love this! My walls and shelves are covered in various types of Zambian art as four of my now grown brothers are Zambian. I’m a geography teacher, so maps thrill me to no end. We also have Bible verses in various rooms as a reminder of how to please God in that particular place in our home. I think ‘redeemed’ needs to join the bunch. What a great idea.

  7. 12


    Thank you Kristen. I have wanted those letters for a long time, but could not afford them! I just ordered them. I am so excited :) I have the words PRAY, LOVE, JOY hanging on my way that I painted out of wood letters. I also have used scrabble letters which I have made the words eternal and lead me. I love words! I also have a globe on a table with the words hope and rejoice surrounding it. I can’t wait to add the word REDEEMED. I actually took a small block of wood and found some small wood letters (about 4″ tall) that spelled out redeemed. I painted the block brown and the letters black and glued them on the wood (I think I spent $6.00 to make it!). I did that after I saw the Dayspring letters but knew I couldn’t afford them! But now I can have both.
    Love your wall!
    Thanks again.

  8. 14


    Love your window frames … a form of “Ebenezer stone,” aren’t they? :) And the map … and the Africa in the frame. And as a new arrival to Texas, I smiled at that particular bit of state pride. Thanks for the special discount code!

  9. 15

    Meagan says

    Random question – did yours come in the dark color or did you repaint/stain them? If you redid them, was it easy enough? I love the letters, but a darker color would work better in my living room and I’m wondering if I could change the color myself without making them look terrible. :)

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