This Isn’t Really About Victoria’s Secret: Follow Up

When something you post on your blog is shared more than 500,000 times, it means you hit a nerve.

I wasn’t really writing about boycotting a certain store because while that can be effective, that wasn’t the point. It’s not really about what Victoria Secrets is or isn’t doing. I don’t shop there because I can’t get past the nearly nude women on giant posters at the entry. We call that smut around here.

I was sent this article by a couple of people to dispute my post (I’m sharing it because I want to have integrity and show you both sides of the story.)– Apparently the new line at Victoria’s Secret that caused such an uproar (part of PINK collection) isn’t for preteen girls and it’s not a new line. It’s advertising for new colorful, barely-there underwear for girls ages 15-16.

And somehow that makes it better?


It’s not just about one store (you can find leopard print bras, padded bathing suits and teeny tiny panties at Justice, which sells to girls 6-12 years old) devaluing our girls, that’s just one small part of the problem. It’s about how our world views girls generally and specifically our own culture which is often manifested through what’s hanging on the racks. Victoria Secrets and a lot of other commenters defended the fact that clothing actually encourages our teen daughters to feel sexy about their bodies.

And I have a problem with that.

Of course, I’m a conservative Christian mom and there are countless people who criticize me for that alone. What I stand for isn’t going to make sense to the world. “Something is wrong when our lives make sense to unbelievers.”- Francis Chan

I honestly think if we raise our daughters with a strong foundation on Christ and tell them these 7 things, they won’t need a lace thong to make them feel better about themselves.


Check out my latest post at (in)courage this week.


  1. 1

    Jai@wifeof1momof4 says

    Amen Kristen! I have 3 boys and boy o boy o boy – – don’t want to go to the mallwith them for fear of what POPS out at them as we leave Sbarro and take an innocent stroll to window shop. Not much anymore.

  2. 2


    Oh, I missed the post. I am heading there next. I did share on my FB page last week about this VS thing. I didn’t realize it was for 16 year old girls instead of preteens. But still… Really VS?

  3. 3


    Thank you for your courage and commitment Kristen. I have five boys and one girl and am grateful for your posts

    Joshua 1:9 (ESV)
    Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

  4. 4


    I recently found your blog, and, can I just say…I LOVE YOU! What a breathe of fresh air!!! Thank you for the encouragement you bring to your corner of the web, love it!

  5. 5

    Sylvia says

    Your last sentence says it all. How sad that so many girls think they must dress in a provocative manner. Guess what? A lot of the moms are just as bad. I see it all the time even at teacher/parent conferences. Church, too.
    I really appreciate you bold stand. You are in my prayers.

  6. 6

    Brenda Torres says

    Amen and amen. I appreciated your post. Stay strong, sister. Your daughters (and their husbands) will thank you one day.

  7. 7

    Eve says

    I agree with you 100% and I admire you for standing up for your beliefs when everyone else is contradicting you. It truely is a sad world when a 16 year old needs to feel “sexy” with a lace thong. I don’t know about other women, but at 16, feeling sexy was not my priority- getting in to a good college was. Thanks again for your wonderful posts and I look forward to reading many more.

  8. 8


    Amen! Amen! Amen! I’ve long had issues with the “training bras” I’ve seen in the stores thinking . . . there is no way my daughter is going to be wearing that at 9, 10, 11, etc.

    My daughter is only 4 and I feel it’s my job at this point to teach her about modesty now. To me teaching her about modesty starts with the clothes I buy her now and the example I set for her in my own clothing.

  9. 10

    Heather S. says

    As Christians we are to be set apart. What we believe and what we stand for will look different from those embracing the culture. This is a good thing – it’s even a God thing. When you strike nerves like that you know it is the Holy Spirit using your words to convict others. Some will fight you tooth and nail and they will never learn the TRUTH. Others, however, will have their eyes opened and they will embrace the only TRUTH there really is. I know that, Kristen, because I was in the latter group. Being used by the Lord is never easy, but what a blessing that is choosing to use you to reach His people and possibly increase the number of His people. Amen to the TRUTH and to your obedience!

  10. 11

    LyndsD says

    AMEN!!!! You hit the nail directly on the head. I have a 10 yr old that hates not finding anything modest. She loves drawing fashion but is always making it modest and says these are the types of clothes she wants. Appropriate ones. I have 2 boys too that we are trying to change the legacy for. Ones that can help fight the struggle their father faced and have overcome with Christ. Places all over targeting our girls is horrible and we loathe walking through even Walmart for all that is out. You’ve hit the nail on the head and I tip my hat to your voice!! Thank you!!

  11. 12


    And why would we want our young girls to feel sexy any ways??? The only person they should feel sexy for is their husband.

  12. 13

    Nicole says

    AMEN sista! My oldest daughter is almost 7 and she has not gotten into boy bands or teeny-bopper Disney shows or funky clothes or anything…and it’s because she’s a little sheltered, but I like it that way! Conservative Christian mom here, backing you up! (Not that there is anything wrong with boy bands or Disney shows, I’m just saying my almost-7-year-old is still very innocent, she likes watching Doc McStuffins and listening to Princess music. :-)

    • 13.1

      JayDee Rooker says

      same here Nicole (with everything you said) we also home school so our 10 yr old boy and almost 7 yr old girl are very sheltered indeed – and I am not ashamed to admit it! they are going to get enough of it later on in life (I feel they get enough of it now) so why bring into your home so early in life?
      and Kristen – just love your blog – keep it up – have been getting some awesome insight through it and a lot has been exactly what my husband and I have been discussing – so has just reinforced it 😉
      is good to know we are not alone in our thinking or way of life!! I appreciate everyone and their posts that have been for me that ‘hey that is just what I was thinking’
      thank you

  13. 14

    Leigh Anne says

    You know, I don’t comment often. And I like a lot of your posts, especially those about Being a Mom and how hard it is. But lately, you have gotten more and more self righteous. Do you realize how hurtful your words are when you say things like this: “Of course, I’m a conservative Christian mom and there are countless people who criticize me for that alone. What I stand for isn’t going to make sense to the world. “Something is wrong when our lives make sense to unbelievers.”- Francis Chan”

    You basically just alienated anyone who doesn’t believe the same way you do. I say, shame on you. You have a big voice and it falls on a lot of ears (eyes?). Please, don’t use it to draw a line between you and the people who still love Jesus but not in the same line you do.

    • 14.1

      Merkel Momma says

      I hear what your are saying, Leigh Anne. Strong opinions and unwavering beliefs can be offensive to those who may disagree, however, Kristin’s words can’t alienate anyone unless they choose to let them.

      Romans 12:2 calls believers to look different than the world. God is telling her that this is how she should address this issue. This is an area of her life and her family’s where she should look different from the world. That is between her and God, but she has chosen to be transparent in the struggle with us, her readers, as she is on many issues. If God has called another believer to live in a way that is different, that is between them and God, as well, and not anyone else’s place to judge. Their beliefs may be just as unwavering and opinions just as strong. Praise God we all have a place in His Kingdom!!!

    • 14.2


      Thanks for your honesty. I’m sorry my words have alienated you and maybe others. That’s obviously not my intent and you’ve given me something to think about. I’ve always written honestly from my heart. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me. There are a lot of people from various faiths who read here for whatever reason. My point was I’m writing a conservative viewpoint and that’s not popular sometimes. But people can click away and not attack with negative words when they don’t agree. And that was my point…I can’t please everyone and I’m not going to compromise what I stand for. The last way that I want that to come across is self righteous. I’m the first to admit in nearly every post I write that I’m in the trenches still trying to figure this life out.

  14. 15


    Haters gonna hate, and usually because they confuse liberty and license.

    While you may alienate some, you are encouraging many many others who are inundated with the messages of the world, and need the salt and light. Stand firm! :)

  15. 16

    Leigh Anne says

    My point is, just because you say something other people get upset over, doesnt make you right. I can say many things that Conservative Christians would get angry about and push back on, does that make me right? No.

    • 16.1

      Sarah says

      But… She does believe she’s right. It doesn’t have anything to do with the number of angry people.
      In some ways I think the world is so afraid of truth that we actually make it an insult to say to some “wow, you really believe you’re right and the world is wrong, how self-righteous!”
      Well, the world thinks Jesus was wrong, but I think He’s right, and I think I’m right about that. . How self-righteous!

  16. 18


    You are speaking truth, and I stand fully with you!! I hope many more people do as well. It’s the only way we can bring about change…and I think our daughters deserve that.

  17. 19

    Tamara says

    You Go, Girl! I don’t have a daughter but am thankful for moms who are raising God fearing daughters who will one day be a wife to my son. BTW, I won’t take my son to the mall where the Victoria store is located. He doesn’t need THAT kind of view.

  18. 20

    Toni Nash says

    I have never read anything “self righteous” in any of your posts….only the complete truth! Its a know fact that its not popular to be a conservative Christian these days so making that obvious statement shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone and definitely has nothing to do with being self-righteous! Thanks for stating the truth and taking efforts to preserve the innocence of our teens! No, it’s not popular but it’s definitely God-honoring!

  19. 21

    Debbie says

    Please don’t be hurt by the above comment by Leigh Anne. I don’t feel you are being self-righteous at all in your comments or in your postings. I appreciate what you offer to your readers immensely.
    We are called to be set apart from the world and it is true that some things we say may offend others, not because it is our intention, but because I feel it convicts people on a deeper level. Even saying the word ‘convict’ will offend some Christians… I don’t feel you drawing a line around where your family falls is wrong in anyway.
    You are doing awesome kingdom work.
    Blessings to you and your family and prayers to keep your family protected!

  20. 22


    Amen! I agree with you all the way. Raising children is hard enough and the world just keeps making it harder every day. People do not understand the choices we make as a family and I know that look at us with wondering minds regularly. Our choice is Christian schooling for our family because the other options available will jot give my children the foundation they need to face the world.
    When unbelievers see our lives and don’t question “Why, do they do it that way?” then I fear we have lost what truly sets us apart as Christ in action in this world. No offense intended just simply a reality of the differences between those walking and doing to glorify The Father versus those that are not.
    Making the choices to glorify Him in all we do in this life is not about taking the easy route or going with the flow of what the world is throwing at us. Nor is it about being cautious and wary so as to not “offend” someone. The choice to live a Christian life is by honoring and serving Him by being respectful of our selves, our friends, the stranger on the street and showing love not judgement in the midst of the chaos that this life is.

  21. 23


    I LOVED that first post. As someone who blogs about the fight against human trafficking you hit the nail on the head of what is wrong with our culture.

  22. 24


    I recently found your blog when one of my FaceBook friends shared the very post you are following up. I was very encouraged to hear that there is a mother out there that cares – as a newly married young woman preparing her (spiritual) house for children with her husband, I am appalled by what the world seems to think is okay. I remember when I was in college studying youth ministries, we had to write a paper about the subliminal messaging in one of the leading magazines geared to teens. Disgusting. Girls NEED to know that they are more than just sex appeal.

  23. 25


    Living as a Conservative Christian (man or woman) in the world today is not easy. It is polarizing. But as another commenter pointed out, Jesus has called us to be set apart from this world. While we are to live in the world and interact with it, we are not to be OF (act like) the world. To raise children to be set apart can not be easy especially when there are so many influences in this world that will try to pull them away from living that way. (I can’t speak from experience in that aspect as I am a single woman.)

    All anyone can do each day is their best to live how they believe that Jesus is showing them to live. We are all walking this path together and we are all at different points on the path. We need to encourage and support each other to continue to walk together.

  24. 26

    Dawn says

    Amen! As a mom of 3 boys, I hate VS and what it promotes. I hate having to get in between my sons and the store windows while walking through the mall – while trying to distract them from what they should not be seeing with their young, immature, unmarried eyes. And as a woman, I don’t need someone to tell my I am ‘sexy’ – I need to know in the core of my being that I am BEAUTIFUL. And that has nothing to do with lacy undies and push up bras.

  25. 27

    Jodi T. says

    Hi! I’m a new reader, and actually found your blog via one of those 500,000 shares. I appreciate your view on the way companies market to girls/ teens. Keep up the good work. In a world full of “smut”, it’s refreshing to read a blog with a different perspective. A perspective that I can get behind. Have a great weekend.

    Jodi T.

  26. 28

    Kara says

    From one conservative Christian mom to another – thank you! I so appreciate your stand on what is “true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable” – it’s so good to know that there are other families out there who believe in and fight for what ours does. You are such an inspiration and encouragement, Kristen!

  27. 29


    Wonderful posts, Kristin. It’s a challenge and an encouragement for me to see other mothers out there who are willing to take a stand in protection of our children. Thanks for making me feel like I’m not alone. Big hugs to you. :)

  28. 30


    So proud of you, Kristen. I started shopping for a summer swimsuit for Annalyn yesterday and honestly, the options are just laughable. How do I choose from itsy bitsy, teeny weeny bikinis and long-sleeved suits with culottes? CULOTTES. Why is it so hard to find a reasonable compromise? She’s FIVE…how hard will it be next year and the next and…

    Anyway. You hit a nerve and I think you shared GREAT points in the original post. {{hugs}}

    • 30.1

      Jamie says

      Lands end has great modest swim suits. I get my girls tankini tops and skirt bottoms and they are adorable :) also thank you to Kristen from another conservative mom who wants her little girls and little man to remain innocent and pure.

    • 30.2

      Karen says

      Actually as my girls (4, 8, 10) have gotten older, I find bathing suit shopping a bit easier. Sounds crazy I know! I have found that I can shop for their swimwear at our local sporting goods stores (think youth swim teams). There are some great lines of Speedo suits. They cover lots, come up high on the chest, fully lined front and back, and have special gripping seams to stay put in those places a suit needs to stay put. I think sizes start around 7/8. I might pay a bit more than the sale ones at department and discount stores, but that has been an option that works for us that I thought others might want to know.

      Thank you Kristen for encouraging us in so many things!

  29. 31


    Thank you for both of head posts!

    The claim that the a campaign is targeted toward 16 year olds and not preteens (and is therefore okay) feels like a pretence to me. Do we really think that preteens who desperately want to be more grown up won’t be paying attention to this?

  30. 32


    Kristen, I just want to say that I am SO thankful for you. I love how unafraid you are to stand up for what is right. I love that you put Jesus first. I love that you are standing up for our children. Thank you for being such an encouragement to me and to countless others. I stand with you on this issue and pretty much everything else I’ve seen on your blog. You are not alienating people. You have a specific audience that you have been given to encourage and while some see standing up for truth as “self righteous,” it is the furthest thing from. Keep doing what you’re doing.

  31. 33

    Ginger says

    If I’d been asked to choose one word to characterize you it would not have been “self-righteous”. I could choose “Jesus-loving”, “transparent/real”, “self-sacrificing/giving”, “practical”, “needy” (in the “I need Jesus every day” sense of the word), “funny” (to include making me laugh and the ability to laugh at yourself). But never, in my experience reading your blog, would “self-righteous” have come up. To think that standing in humility of spirit on the Truths taught in God’s precious Word would be considered self-righteous breaks my heart.

    I would like to encourage you, as you so often encourage me. I read (and shared) your other posts. I know many other Christian moms who were encouraged by your words but most of all, by your pointing to Jesus. And I pray the Holy Spirit has used those same words to begin a work in the hearts of others who saw the shares on my FB feed who do not know Christ as Lord and Savior. The world needs to see those who profess to be following Christ actually following Him, in love and humility, but following nonetheless.

    Btw, the fact that VS is marketing this line to 15-16 year old girls versus 11-13 year old girls really has no bearing for me at all. Our worth as women (and girls) is found in Christ alone. Anything else will never satisfy.

  32. 34

    Tara Greeson says

    Amen! You said it perfectly! It’s troubling that there are probably more than I care to know that don’t see the harm in such ridiculous clothing/undergarments. It’s one thing to wear it for your husband but a totally different thing to target and tease the young and impressionable at an age when such attire is no where near appropriate. How anyone can think that teaching them to feel good about themselves solely for how sexy they feel on the outside is troubling. Thank you for your thoughts!

  33. 35

    Haylie says

    Thank you for standing up for what’s right and never backing down. Your blog is a blessing to me!

  34. 36

    Serenity says

    I realize this post and the previous one were not really about Victoria Secret but rather raising our kids to be sold out for the Lord in every aspect of their lives. I would like to say however, that I quit shopping at VS two years ago when my 18 year old brother came to live with us. My brother struggles with a serious porn addiction and has been at a treatment center for almost one year. At the time he came to live with us I was getting the VS catalog in the mail. One day when my brother brought the mail in there was a VS catalog and for the first time I saw the cover with the eyes of someone who was trying to protect a loved one from addiction. For some reason, I had always thought that since I was married and wore such things to please my husband that it was acceptable to give money to a company that was clearly marketing sex to men. Seriously, do women really enjoy the pictures of half naked women behaving in provacitive ways or is it geared toward men? I don’t refuse to shop at VS anymore out of spite. I simply want to vote with my wallet and I respectfully decline to give them one more dime of my money.

  35. 38


    If a 12 year old girl can wear the same size underwear as a 16 year old . . . than they are in fact marketing to the younger girls. What 12 year old DOESN’T want to look like a 16 year old?

    The panty lines of this situation are very visible to me.

    May those of us who chose to protect children continue to fight the fight for those who do not.

    Be Blessed.

  36. 39


    I have two young girls and I appreciate you standing up and posting this.
    I honestly haven’t ever shopped at VS nor do I intend to.

  37. 40

    Alisha says

    I have one living child, an eight month old daughter, and my husband and I often talk about these issues she’ll face and how we’ll protect her. I grew up in a way that I was basically taught to look ‘sexy’ and do immoral things to make guys attracted to me. I never had a good role model — quite the opposite! I grew up hating myself because of this and the things I was taught. One good thing that came from it is that I’ll NEVER let my daughter grow up the same way! I’m disgusted and saddened by Victoria’s Secret and this wicked world in general. It’s absolutely absurd to me that people want their daughters to grow up this way!

  38. 41


    Yes! My husband and I had a talk similar to this one after my four year old asked for a bikini from the store. It wasn’t that she realized what it was she just liked the colors of the suit. We have to be so careful how we raise our kids and show them what is truly important. Thank you for sharing! Loved this post!

  39. 42

    Nikkie says

    Amen! Thank you for speaking so openly about this! I pray I will be as faithful and bold a mom as you are! Ill be praying for you to continue to be a light and courage to continue to be bold!

  40. 44

    Amanda says

    Awesome awesome. Thank u for telling it like it is. We are supposed tBe set apart from this world. You speak truth my sister in Christ.

  41. 45

    Vanessa Gooch says

    Amen! I come to your blog when I need to be refreshed and reminded that there are others in the trenches too! My hubby ministers at a Youth Center and I truly believe that everyone should go and hang out with this generation of youth. I have never felt so compelled to take a stand against the ‘soft core porn’ ads we are bombarded with daily whether it be in the supermarket, mall or at a bus stop. I have never seen so many beautiful, young girls de-valued, and sexually exploited. Yes, these youth are sexually active( some as early as 10 years old), because they want to feel loved, accepted, beautiful, sexy, porn addicts, cocaine addicts, alcoholics, cutting, bi-sexual (it’s the new ‘in’ thing), my list could go on, but this is what the world tells them to be like. We need to protect our kids, protect the youth, and fight for them. Most of the kids that are at the center are only 14 years old. These kids need Jesus and it is a war out there! Thank you! It’s a narrow, narrow road!

  42. 46

    Melinda says

    Thank you for your honesty, as a Christian parent, it’s a tough world and getting worse all the time, but we have been called to be “salt and light” so that others may know the hope we profess!! I am glad to have found your site recently, really enjoy reading your blog, and feel encouraged to know that there are people out there willing to rise up and take a stand for the Lord, and raising up children who will carry that message on someday! It is a parent’s job to guard the hearts and minds of our children, until they are old enough to take on that responsibility for themselves. Thanks again and God Bless you and the platform He has given you to speak from!

  43. 47

    Jan says

    As you can see many of us stand at your side in agreement. Sex sells and it appears that even women have bought into that. Young girls need to understand that they have so much more to offer. Women in the past have struggles to get us where we are and too many women are back sliding. Today’s girls have a self esteem issue and this isn’t going to help.

  44. 48

    Tami says

    Excellent article! I am a Pastor’s wife and the Women’s Ministry leader at our church. I felt very strongly led by the Lord to teach about modesty a couple of months ago at one of our meetings. My husband or any other person who is teaching/preaching/singing has been subjected to low cut tops, high cut skirts, etc while on the platform. I firmly, but lovingly, explained to them the history about how women’s clothing has changed over the last 100 years. It was amazing to see the reaction on faces of the ladies of all different ages. Many were just not aware how the devil has been so effective at creating opportunities for men to lust even while trying to worship. My daughters taught the younger girls about modesty as well. They dress very stylish/cute without showing the body. They showed the girls how to look for clothes that were modest as well as taking immodest pieces and changing them to be tasteful.
    I applaud you for taking a stand with a very difficult subject to address! Keep it up!

  45. 49


    I’m sure you’re right. No lace thong has ever given me the confidence that standing on God’s promises gives…and I’ve got a VS arsenal since I used to work there :)

  46. 50


    I am neither a Christian nor a believer in a god yet I enjoy reading this blog most of the time. I’m 57 and would be considered left of liberal as a supporter of marriage equity, a woman’s right to choose, seperation of church and state and other issues that many ofi regular readers would probably oppose. But I do believe in trying toaccept the beliefs of others even if I don’t always understand them. How does one broaden one’s life view if the”other” side is ignored?

    That said, I also oppose the gross simplification of human sexuality as defined in the major market places. Kids need to be kids as long as possible. I support modest clothing, censoring what they see on TV and in movies, and protecting them. I support bolstering their self esteem so they don’t need to buy the trappings that are supposed to “make” them sexy or popular or rich looking. The trappings in and of themselves aren’t evil. It is our attitude toward them that is important.

    But, I think we need to broach topics openly dispite our discomfort. Kids notice if you hustle past the “bad stuff” and are intrigued. Window shop, stop at those displays, dwaddle a bit even. Ask the kids what they think of it, reinforce that not all women/men/couples find those things tastesful and that it doesn’t belong in your lifestyle. (Friend told me laughing that her 10 year old thought the manikins in underwear and ski boots/with poles were stupid because every knows it would be too cold to ski in your underwear.) Reinforce that it can be disrespectful to a woman to expect her to wear those things.But also reinforce that at the right time and place in life an empowered woman can choose to wear those things.

    A bit long winded, sorry. Keep up your good works.

  47. 54


    Good for you for speaking your mind. As a Christian mom, I00% agree with everything you’ve said. I have a 6 year old daughter and I’m already finding it more and more difficult to find age appropriate clothing. So much is tight fitting and what I would consider rather revealing for a six year old. I remember growing up wearing cute little plaid and flowered dresses with bows and ruffles. I know it is 2013, but where are the “little girl clothes” these days? Thank you so much for bringing attention to this. I’m going to post something on my blog as well to keep the ball rolling and bringing attention to this issue.

  48. 55

    SunHon says

    Great post!! You are so right about teaching young girls where their value really comes from. Childhood is a time to form an identity based on the things that truly matter. There’s plenty of time for “feeling sexy” later on in life, when kids have grown up and gotten married. I have nothing against lace thongs – for mature, adult women who buy them for fun (or because they dislike visible panty lines), NOT as a band-aid for low self-esteem.

  49. 56

    Heather E. says

    Amen Sistah! Thank you for continuing to be bold and honest in our LORD! I appreciate you so much!

  50. 57


    Society pushes girls to grow up way too fast.
    There is plenty of time for them to wear “sexy” underwear, preteen and young teens do NOT need to be made to feel like they have to be sexy.

  51. 58


    Yep, I turned around the Sports Illustrated in the rack at a store today. Why, oh why, do they need to parade these magazines at the check out line?

  52. 59

    Niki D says

    You know, who cares if you get 10 billion comments on the post?

    The Bible reminds us time and time again that Christians will be outcasted for being the way we are. We are different. Just because “everyone else” has lost their minds and let their daughters do whatever, dress however, doesn’t mean that we have to give in.

    I’m so glad God blessed me with a boy instead of a girl. What a tough battle to fight.

    And it’s not just the clothes or underclothes that have changed. Girls nowadays are allowed to have sleepovers with boys commonplace. In junior and high school! One things leads to another….

  53. 61

    Kelli says

    I read the VS answers article you posted and thought the same thing, their argument doesn’t make the whole thing any better. The fact that is “caught on like wild fire” should say there is a bigger issue there and in the hearts and minds of many many people not “radicals”. Product line or ad campaign makes not difference, “bright young things” doesn’t make a good mental picture. I’m with them on the part of creating and selling a product that appeals the young people, my problem with were and how those garments are advertised. As I raise my men today, they certainly don’t need the eye candy that is readily available for viewing to someone they supposedly aren’t marketing. They can’t even use email without inappropriate advertising bombarding them in the face. They don’t need to see models in swimsuits sitting at the desk in the den, they aren’t at the beach where you’d expect it and where they are distracted by the righteous waves.

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