In Which I Sign Away Movie Rights

When I got the 23-page contract for my next book, my (amazing) agent highlighted some areas for us to discuss.

Which is code for: I have no idea how to read a legal contract and needed a smart guy to explain it to me.

One of the sections he wanted to talk about was Movie Rights.

Yes, you read that right. You can laugh now. I did.

He said, “Now this would be a one in a million chance, but some books do get turned into real life movies, so we need to talk about it. I was folding laundry at the time. Riveting movie material, huh?

We went thru the legalese and I agreed that I wanted to add a clause that required my permission for any future plans to “sell my story for movie rights.” I got off the phone and cleaned the toilets. Clearly, I can handle TLC.

At dinner, we did highs and lows around the table, everyone sharing the high and low point of their days. When it was my turn, I told my family about the movie rights because that certainly doesn’t happen every day.

I was explaining how contracts cover everything and while there was no way a movie was in our future, it was fun to laugh about it.

My 13 year old had a dreamy look on her face and said, “Hmmn…I wonder who would play me in a movie about our family?” And then she started tossing out different teen actresses who were stunning and fashionable, of course.

I died laughing.

My son and little sister jumped into the conversation and before I knew it, they had cast our entire family, including the dog and cat. Let me tell you, it was quite a cast of characters.

We are all about reality down here in Texas.

It was hysterical and completely out of control.

Then my husband said, “I think Brad Pitt would play me.”


Because even I have dreams, people.



*Updated: I thought Angelina Jolie could play me, but my family picked Ginnifer Goodwin from Ramona and Beezus (she played Aunt Bea) and considering she’s at least 10 years younger and 20 pounds lighter, I’m not complaining. My 13 year old finally decided on Jennifer Lawrence from The Hunger Games (she played Katniss). My son will be played by Gabe from Disney’s Good Luck Charlie. My 6 year old is going to play herself, so will the dog. We didn’t argue with her on that. The cat will be played by the devil.


  1. 9

    Brittany says

    That’s great! I’d watch a movie about ya :) ha! :) Brad Pitt :) LOL! We played this game in my office the other day! We all picked who would play each other if they made a movie about the office I work in. It’s fun!

  2. 10


    You never know – a movie some day may be in your future. You do wonderful deeds and there are many people in this world that would love to watch a movie about how you do what you do – even folding laundry and cleaning toliets! You keep it real!

  3. 13

    Teresa says

    Absolutely cracks me up! I think I’m going to try that game at my dinner table tonight. :-)

  4. 15

    Ani says

    I found this entire post very amusing. However, I laughed out loud about the cat being played by the devil. That’s funny. This is coming from someone owning 2 cats and a puppy. The one cat and puppy get along just fine, but the other cat is a meanie, and the puppy is scared of her. I really enjoy your posts and your perspective. I loved the Empty Bed post. Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. 16


    L.O.L. for two reasons:

    1. I immediately thought, “Gabe should play her son.” (From GLC)
    2. My daughter would TOTALLY say the same thing about playing herself. :)

  6. 20


    I’d choose Ginnifer Goodwin over Angelina Jolie. Loved her as Aunt Bea! She seems so smiley and is adorable! What fun! :) God has already taken you a lot of unexpected places so you just never know!!

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