Introducing Jewelry Boxes by TVP {Giveaway}

Updated with Random Winner: Congrats to Julie, commenter number 7!

How sweet are these?


The Vintage Pearl, an Oklahoma based business, has been my go to hand stamped jewelry shop for years. I love the heart behind the company, the quality of their products and The Cute. Because seriously, they have mastered both.

For example, earlier this week when the Oklahoma tornado devastated Moore, they offered this gorgeous piece and gave 100% of the proceeds to the Red Cross to help aid in relief efforts. They have raised an incredible $150,000!! Amazing.

love for Oklahoma

I love these new Sweetheart Jewelry Boxes because you can customize them for a special event and put a sweet secret message inside. It’s the perfect place to keep your special silver necklace too.

The perfect little trinket box to hold your lovely little keepsakes!

This jewelry box measures about 3 1/2″ across. It’s a 2 piece heart box with a lid that was hand molded in our studio and then cast in fine silver– it has handmade imperfections that make it perfectly imperfect. This handstamped jewelry box looks beautiful on your bedside table, ready to hold your favorite tvp pieces and keeping them safely stored when you’re not wearing them. You can customize both the lid and the inside of the heart by handstamping them with names, dates, an inspiring quote, an inside joke, favorite scripture, whatever is meaningful to you– making it a unique custom keepsake.

This jewelry box makes a sweet gift for mom, grandma, a new bride, a graduate and more!

Today, I’m excited to give away one custom jewelry box to a lucky winner.

Tell me what you love at The Vintage Pearl as your entry.


  1. 1


    I love the box! It would be so special to give to my daughter! I also love the nest necklaces – all their stuff is great!


  2. 2

    Kristi says

    I love the necklace I have from them that has each of my kids names on it. Each one is on a different shape. And we get to add another one soon, with our soon to be adopted daughter’s name. I would love a box to match!

  3. 3

    Rachel says

    I’m wearing my The Vintage Pearl necklace right now! It’s a circle with my name and the names of my husband and son. I get compliments and questions about it all the time, would love a box to keep it in.

  4. 4

    Jennifer says

    So many pretty things! I really like the birthstone rings. I also like the golden teardrop briolettes earrings.

  5. 5


    I don’t need the box (but I know who I would give it to!) … I just wanted to say that I love the hearts of the people who run companies like TVH.

  6. 6


    Where was this three weeks ago?!?! We just bought a handmade jewelry box for a friend for what would have been her son’s first birthday, but I like this one better! Ah, well. If I win, I still know someone else who would love it! =)

  7. 9

    LaShanda says

    So many wonderful stamped jewelry pieces. I also love the scriptures and biblical themes. The skinny message rings are very nice.

  8. 13

    Lisa L says

    I live the beautiful stamped necklaces. This new box is also beautiful. I haven’t seen anything quite like it before.

  9. 16

    Lalena says

    The vintage lovebirds necklace is gorgeous as well as the secret keeper necklace. But all of the options in the vintage necklace section are to die for.

  10. 17

    Sarah says

    I love the necklace with the kid’s names and the mother of pearl center paired with the mother of pearl earrings! Too bad Mother’s Day is past and Christmas is still more than 6 months away!

  11. 26

    Anne Marie says

    My daughter Emily will be 16 this year and this would make a special gift for her. She is so precious to me!!

  12. 27

    Heather E. says

    I love Vintage Pearl because they make beautiful jewelry that includes sentimental elements as well.

  13. 28

    Kelly says

    I LOVE the heart jewelry box…there is just something about look, the clean lines the silver-ness of the box…I just love it!!!!!

  14. 31

    AR says

    LOVE the box!! Could also add to my ‘love’ list – wrap ring, the mens leather bracelet… actually just love the entire site!!

  15. 34

    Kristin Birkholz says

    I love it! I like lots of the things on The Vintage Pearl’s page, it’s hard to pick just one. One favorite is the flower and circle necklace. Love!

  16. 40

    Brandy Lane says

    What’s not to love? There are two special things on their site that made me actually cry! One is the vintage pea pod necklace (that would be dear to me… as there are 4 pearls, and I have 4 little ones!) The other was the Dad key chain. I can just imagine my husband opening the little heart box with the key chain… with all of the names on it. He would cry tears of joy! He has been working in Colorado while the children and I are back in Indiana waiting for school to get out so that we can join him. There just wasn’t enough work here, so he had to go! I would love to present this to him! <3 Thank you so much for the opportunity, this is gorgeous jewelry!

  17. 43

    Gwen says

    I love it all. If I won, I’d gift my Army-wife daughter with something to honor her and her solider.

  18. 44

    Carla says

    I love the pea pod necklace. I often call my kiddos ‘sweet pea’ and I think the necklace just fits! (even though sweet peas are flowers, I love the thought…)

  19. 49

    Brenda T says

    My favorite thing from TVP is my own necklace that I wear everyday, handstamped with my kids’ names. LOVE VINTAGE PEARL!

  20. 50


    Thank you for the chance to win! I love all the personalized, stamped jewelry… I would probably get a ring with my children’s names on it. I have one child in heaven and one on earth, and the hubby and I are currently in the process of being approved to foster/adopt! The Vintage Pearl jewelry is all just beautiful, and the hand stamped look is perfectly imperfect. Thanks again… be blessed today!

  21. 51

    April says

    I love the nest and the love my state! The jewelry box would be perfect gift for my daughter. Thanks for the chance to win,

  22. 56

    Meagan Jones says

    The box is absolutely adorable! My daughter would absolutely love it! But really all of their stuff is adorable!!

  23. 62

    christa says

    I love that They raised that money for Moore,OK . there stuff is adorable the jewelry box is super cute!

  24. 68

    kate nowak says

    Today my favorite is the “I love you to the moon and back” necklace. (Ask me tomorrow and I will probably have a different answer!)
    Thanks for hosting this giveaway, Kristen.

    Kate N.

  25. 69

    Andrea Lisk says

    I love all things from TVP! Half of my “Jewellry I love” board on Pinterest is from TVP. This would be wonderful to win!

  26. 71

    Rebecca says

    I love the handstamped baby feet necklace and keychain. I got one in memory of the baby I miscarried last year. On a lighter note, I also love the pearl earrings they have. They’re gorgeous!

  27. 73

    Amy says

    I love my Vintage Pearl pieces and it would be nice to have a Sweetheart Jewelry box to keep them in. Thanks for another great Vintage Pearl giveaway!!

  28. 74

    Wendi says

    I have always loved The Vintage Pearl. There is always so many beautiful pieces to choose from. A great place for a special, personalized gift. Love my personalized necklace.

  29. 75

    Georgi says

    I love the names around my fused heart and the wishing star. They are great and the boxes are wonderful!

  30. 76

    Jackie says

    I love Vintage Pearl! The Sweetheart box is so cute and would be fun to have…I love that they are raising money for Oklahoma.

  31. 77


    Can I just say that my favorite thing at the Vintage Pearl right now is Erin’s heart and generosity? It’s one of the reasons I like to order from her shop. My favorite piece of jewelry is the one around my neck…the I love you necklace w/ my 5 boys’ names.

  32. 79

    Elise says

    I love my vintage silver charms necklace from tvp. It’s my favorite necklace and goes with everything.

  33. 80

    Kara says

    Love everything from the Vintage Pearl! But I just noticed the secret message heart for the first time today – that’s so sweet! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  34. 81

    Melissa says

    Whats not to love about The Vintage Pearl?? I really like it all…especially those new jewelry boxes!

  35. 87

    Tara S. says

    So many cute things! I love the jewelry box and those skinny message rings are wonderful too.

  36. 88

    Leah says

    I love my mother of pearl necklace with my husband and boys names on it that I received for my birthday!

  37. 91

    AnnKC says

    I bought my mom a necklace from Vintage Pearl that said ” I love you to the moon and back” and then the names of her 4 kids on it. I also bought my grandma a necklace with the names of her 13 grandkids engraved. I love Vintage Pearl and I would love to win a jewelry box for my only daughter (who will be getting a third brother 3 months from now).

  38. 98

    Amy says

    I like the loved and redeemed necklace and the mother/daughter charms, except I’d need 2 daughter charms!

  39. 101

    Tasha says

    The Cowgirl at Heart necklace would be perfect for my 5 year old daughter. She loves to go to the barn with her auntie to “help” take care of the horses with her.

  40. 104


    Do I really have to just pick one thing that I love at TVP?….. Cause I’ve been longing to have tons of stuff from their site for forever. lol
    That is beyond amazing how much they have raised already!! Way to go TVP!!! Praying for Oklahoma.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  41. 105

    Meghan says

    I love this store! And the box is adorable. I got all of my bridesmaids personal necklaces with a pearl attached. LOVE them!

  42. 106

    Lindsay Carter says

    I love the wrap ring!! It’s all beautiful really but that piece stood out. Great stuff!

  43. 107

    Mikaila says

    I love my name jewelry! I love being able to wear my hubby’s and kids’ names around my neck. This little box is PERFECT.

  44. 109

    Renee says

    It’s impossible to pick just one “favorite”, but one of my favs is the hammered copper heart necklace charm, titled “Bold Love.”

  45. 110

    Erin says

    Everything!! Especially the Word of Inspiration necklace. I love the idea of putting a word of the year on it.

  46. 112

    Lindsay says

    I love everything at TVP! Last year I purchased an ornament for my son’s first Christmas – beautiful.

  47. 117

    Angie says

    I LOVE the “he holds the key” necklace & keychain set! My 8 yr old daughter would love this little box. I know exactly what I would inscribe to her….. :0)

  48. 121

    Amanda Faircloth says

    I love that their items, such as the heart box showcased, are so unique in that each one is made by hand. They are elegant and timeless and a great gift for ANY age group…that is hard to pull off!

  49. 122

    Judy says

    Seriously? What is NOT to love? :) If I had to pick one I would say the Messy Nest Necklace and then not look at anything else or else I would keep changing my mind. :) Thank you to TVP and their generous heart in giving to OK!

  50. 123

    Carrie Dietrich says

    There are so many I love but just saw the “He loves me” necklace & “you are my sunshine” necklace, used to sing that one to my oldest (15) when he was little.

  51. 127

    valerie says

    Ohhh, I love just about everything at TVP! :) Love the Oklahoma necklaces they made, love these sweet jewelry boxes….but I think my favorites are the vintage name charm necklaces. Thanks for this awesome giveaway!!

  52. 128

    Erin says

    I love the personalized circle necklaces with the names of my sweet children (Gideon and Gibson) inscribed on them. Thanks!

  53. 131

    Amanda T. says

    I love that TVP is in Oklahoma because it’s my home :) and they make the most beautiful and unique jewelry!

  54. 132

    Estella says

    I love the vintage pearl! It is so hard to just pick one thing. I love the he holds the key necklace and key chain set.

  55. 134

    Deb says

    I love The Vintage Pearl, I would love to win the box, I would give it to my daughter who just graduated high school. She is a great kid and I am so proud of her!

  56. 135

    Stephanie S says

    I love so many things from TVP. I think my favorite is still the birthstone stacking rings. I love the hammered band that makes them a little rustic.

  57. 136

    Amy says

    I have tons of favorites from TVP, however, one of my long term faves would probably be the Coordinates of my heart necklace.

  58. 138


    It’s hard to pick!! Love the Sweetheart Jewelry box, the Pearl Nest Ring and so many more! I have been waiting to adopt our 2nd child before ordering a necklace with their names. Thanks for the giveaway!

  59. 139

    Amy B says

    Endless amounts of lovely at The Vintage Pearl, but I especially love this Sweetheart Jewelry box. It’s great to know it’s a company that gives to others as well.

  60. 140


    I love all things Vintage Pearl – but especially their initial jewelry. I have one with my son and husband’s initials and it is so dear to me. I’d love to have a special place to keep it. :)

  61. 142

    Alison says

    My husband and kids gave me a Vintage Pearl necklace with my kids’ names on it for Mother’s Day this year. It makes me smile every time it clinks around my neck :) The Sweetheart Jewelry box caught my eye because of the name on the front – Tessa Grace. That’s the name of my little girl :)

  62. 143

    Rachel says

    All of the simple necklaces are so beautiful, but my favorite is the one called “a flower and a circle”. Now that our family is complete, I’ve been wanting just such a lovely necklace. Maybe this will be my lucky day. Thanks for the opportunity!

  63. 148


    I love the dainty drop necklace. But I really want a box to give to my 11yo daughter for 5th grade promotion. She would love it!

  64. 149

    cathy cunningham says

    I LOVE the box! Would love to have it engraved for my little grand daughter! Then I’ll have to find something similar but not so girly for my little grandson! Thanks for sharing these with us! I’m new to your site as well as theirs.

  65. 150


    How fun and such lovely jewelry!! I like the rectangular drops necklace as well as the wrap ring. So pretty. Thanks for sharing with us! :)

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