It’s Like Duck Dynasty, Only With Cows

There aren’t ducks, only plenty of cows.

But we are still happy, happy, happy every time we visit my in-laws farm in Oklahoma.

Since losing my sister-in-law in January, we crave time with family even more.

My husband, Terrell, took the kids and cousins down to one of the ponds to fish and drove grandpa’s truck since the ground was so wet. When my mother-in-law and I finished cleaning the supper dishes, we headed out to join them. Before we got there, we saw everyone hurrying to round up the cattle. The air was tense and my husband shouted, “Something’s wrong.”

My heart stopped as I searched for my kids and tried to figure out what happened.

While they were busy fishing, the cattle surrounded the pickup truck that normally delivers their feed. Terrell didn’t think anything of it until my daughter yelled that one of the cows running away, acting sporadic, had a fishing pole hanging from it’s mouth.

The cow had a giant hook in his tongue and was foaming at the mouth. In a matter of minutes, my 70 year old (next month) father-in-law was in action. He quickly and skillfully separated the injured cow from the herd, with the help of my husband and a few grandsons. They got her in the shoot and carefully located the fishing hook and removed it by attaching a medieval looking device called nose pliers to hold her still.

I think they would be an excellent child rearing tool.

We all sighed in relief and laughed about the biggest catch of the day.

Second biggest:


I didn’t catch any big ones, but I did catch the most (9!) And all the guys were asking me for fishing tips (ha!) So, there’s that.

My kids loved playing with their cousins. And doing the Harlem Shake, of course:

[From left to right]

1. Cousins playing football (skins won) 2. Field of flowers 3. My kids found a turtle (poor thing) 4. Cows  (or I like to call them Dinner) 5. My nephew: He thinks he is famous now 6. Sunset  7. My daughter’s playmate 8. Windy Family pic 9. Grandpa passing down a gun to his namesake


The kids swam in a blow up pool for hours. When I went out to check on them, I discovered they were swimming with a family of small frogs they had named Willie, Corry, Si and Mrs. Kate.

And that’s what you call a dynasty.

Or a wart bath.


It was a wonderful weekend and we rode off in the sunset.



  1. 1


    this living time with relatives? priceless. simply priceless. we get a week together at the beach every summer. i cry when i leave….

  2. 4

    Beth says

    I love reading about your visits to my home! Oklahoma sure is something special. And even more so when it is spent with family!

  3. 5

    Missy says

    LOVE your blog…so glad to have found it. You provide much needed relief in the midst of my crazy day and make my antics seem normal. Thanks! :) And if you think the nose pliers are startling, you ought to ask your father-in-law to see some birthing chains 😉 Either of them not much more torturous than the pallette-expander they want to put on my 6 year old, in my opinion!!

  4. 6



    I just returned from a too-rare weekend with my eldest daughter, who lives in Washington, D. C. We walked our legs off touring the city, ate “girl food” and petit fours for breakfast (shhh), and talked late into the night while I stroked her hair. We’ve learned to treasure the together times. Thanks for sharing your adventures. Visiting today from Hungry for God . . . Starving for Time and glad I did :)

  5. 7


    I enjoy your blog and the great advice you give about family – even if it just learning from your life. It’s nice to know there are still people out there who believe in a slower pace and kids who are humble, giving and responsible. I loved this post, especially the part about the kids naming the frogs after the folks on Duck Dynasty. Too funny!

  6. 9


    It’s my first time here on your blog and i fall in love with it :)
    The idea itself behind the blog is worth thumbs up and i wish you continue to have good times to tell us about them like the one above. Keep being happy and tell us about it so we become happy as well :)

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