Welcome to Summer

Well, we made it to the end of the school year.


The last two weeks have been exhausting. We’ve been living on whatever’s available in the pantry (don’t judge me) and wearing whatever happens to be clean in the laundry room. Which is the same 4 things for my youngest because I’m also behind on laundry, but still a control freak about what she wears. But not if it’s the same thing over and over, apparently.

My son cleaned out his backpack and found a smashed paper sack lunch from January in the abyss, which sort of explains the random odor. He also pulled out a handful of his favorite pencils, one-inch stubs he’s apparently been writing with since 2010. Gah.

Here’s to weeks without alarm clocks or schedules, to sibling fights, reteaching my children the fine art of sleeping in, wet towels and sunblock in the eyes…

Welcome to Summer

2013-05-29 21.31.01

I may never be Mom of the Year (see above), but I am above average at recycling old birthday balloons and a roll of crepe paper.


Sidenote: To all the teachers in our lives: thank you for making this year amazing!


  1. 1


    i tend to forget how exhausting school is for elementary parents….i teach middle school and feel like parents don’t WANT summer to come….

  2. 2


    PLEASE, lady! You are DEFINITELY a fantastic mom! It’s not about getting it all done…it’s about living life and making it special for the ones you love. I don’t care how much laundry you pile up, how old that nasty lunch sack in your son’s backpack was, how short those pencils were (which is AWESOME for hand strength and pencil grip by the way!)…the fact that you took the time to make your kids so excited about summer by decorating your front porch shows how big your heart is and how much you really care about your family. Cheers to you for being such a great mom and for inspiring me to do something whimsical and exciting for my own family as our summer begins! (Which is in 3 weeks…gotta love NY!).

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    Lacey Morgan says

    I think I may copy your doorway next week when our kids get out of school!! And I will have to say…you are definitely an “above average” mom. :) Happy Summer!!

  4. 4

    Jenn says

    Did you silly string this year???

    We have 1 more week of school. I’m soo ready for it to be done.

  5. 5


    I love your doorway – I will have to do that next week! We have mixed feelings about summer at our house – we are all ready to take a break from the school routine, but our oldest, who has autism, has a very hard time filling empty time with productive things to do (ie. not bugging his brother or the dogs or endless stimming). So, we have to work a little harder to have some structure to our days. Fortunately as he is getting older. it’s getting a little easier :)

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    The Kamak Family says

    We are so LOVING reading your blog! We welcome our kids home just the same on the last day of school! While summer can be a lot of work keeping the kids busy finding things to entertain and attempting to keep some of the old schoolwork fresh from the year prior, we look forward to it every year!! After waiting 9 years for our first prized gift to arrive from our heavenly father, and after 2 miscarriages for our 2nd blessed bundle, we are embracing parenthood and squeezing every last bit of it’s treasures out while they are still within reach! Before you know it they will be off seeking adventures and living their lives as God has planned. We look forward to the next read from you and your lovely family….keep them coming!

  7. 7


    YAY Summer!!! My oldest completed his last day of Kindergarten last Friday and I was definitely counting down the days, too!

    I love the decorated door and may have to steal (ahem, I mean borrow) that idea for next year!

  8. 11


    I love the way your are welcoming in this new season for you family. I’ll have to keep this idea tucked away for future use.

  9. 12

    Sylvia says

    Cute idea! Only 13 more days of school this year. My students are already excited and so are we teachers. Summer is awesome.

  10. 13


    I’m just beyond impressed that you kid can keep track of pencils. My homeschooled boys can lose and destroy them like you wouldn’t believe!

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