WFMW: Kid Ventures Ebook and Summer Box Tip

Summer is so close I can smell it.

The grass is getting greener, the sun is shining brighter, in other words, it’s getting harder to get my kiddos out of bed each morning.

I love summer–especially those first few weeks of bliss and togetherness.

Then boredom strikes and I make them turn off the TV and go play outside. As a work-at-home mom, it always a balance between squeezing in work in the cracks of my time. I already have things on my current TO DO List like “ for camp  2. stock summer box (see below) 3. get kids a bathing suit.”

So, when I read the new ebook Kid Ventures: 50 Outdoor Experiences of Wonder, Discovery and Childhood Memories, I knew this would be a good resource for our summer time together. (Ebook available May 8, 2013)


It has 50 awesome ideas with picture tutorials. Some of my favorites are Build a Homemade Toy Zipline, Make Coffee Can Ice Cream and Build an Outdoor Fort. My girls are rough and tumble and I know these ideas will keep them busy too!

7 Reasons You’ll Love This ebook:

  1. 50 Simple Ideas to Get Outdoors & Connect With Your Child

  2. Promotes Hands-On-Learning, Creativity, & Active Adventures

  3. Frugal Fun for the Family

  4. Suitable Ideas for Kids Ages Preschool to Preteen

  5. Clearly Outlined Step-by-Step Ideas

  6. Seasonal Suggestions for Every Climate

  7. Additional Printables, Diagrams, and Resources

Buy it Now for $4.99: Click on my affiliate link to buy KidVentures.

Make a Summer Box

I have a plastic tote I’m calling our Summer Box. I’m collecting fun activities for when boredom strikes. I don’t want my kids spending their summer on screens and so I’m hoping the goodies in this box will help stimulate their creativity. I don’t normally print ebooks, but I’m putting Kid Ventures in there, because my kids are old enough to do some of the activities themselves. So far, our box has a big jigsaw puzzle, fresh art supplies, water guns and balloons, a stomp rocket, origami paper, rubber bands to make bracelets, sidewalk chalk, and a new book for each of my kids.

It works for me (will hopefully!)


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    I love the idea of a Summer Box! I remember those long summer days of lots of running through the sprinkler, playing outside, but also days where they couldn’t figure out what they wanted to do and needed some ideas! 😉 Thanks for hosting today!

  2. 7


    Love the summer box idea! I just might have to put one together for our house.

    When I was a kid, each summer my mom put together what we called “Bored Bags” or “To Do Bags”. Each bag was marked inside or outside, and contained activity with instructions and supplies (or a note on where to find supplies). You had no idea what the activity would be and once you opened the bag, you HAD to do the activity, TOGETHER. Plus my sister and I had to agree which bag to open. There was much bag shaking and discussion before we even opened one :)

  3. 9


    I love the idea of the summer box! I think I’ll do something similar with my kids. I’ve been in the mood to create more so I plan on doing lots of fun arts & crafts, baking, and maybe some sewing with my girls this summer. Thanks for hosting!

  4. 10


    Thank you soooo much for sharing KidVentures! So excited for the adventures ahead this summer…and I love how you’re giving them some control of what they pick to do! My boys are BEGGING for the homemade waterslide, even though it’s in the 60s! =) Indiana boys!

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