Gypsy Burlap Queens {Giveaway}

Congrats to random commenter #21, Deidra. You won!
My sister opened a darling Etsy shop and I’ve been helping her get it ready to open. My twin and I are like night and day–different, but dependent on each other. We live close and raise our families together (cousins rule!) I wouldn’t have it any other way. Love you, Kara!

Introducing: Gypsy Burlap Queens

How cute are these smocked patriotic matching outfits just in time for Fourth of July?

2013-05-21 22.47.43

Almost makes me want another. Almost.

Her gypsy shop has a bit of everything:


And today, I’m giving away a set of MR & MRS block letters and funky “&”. It one of my favorites from her shop:



Hop over, take a look, tell me what your favorite item it and then leave a comment on this post as your entry.


  1. 4


    OK! Was gonna say that lacy pearl necklace; but the rhinestone ampersand from Mr. & Mrs. wouldn’t let me…
    Cute shop! I wish her well with it. Thanks for having a giveaway!

  2. 9

    Amanda McKee says

    I’m sure by baby girl would LOVE the patriotic dress and my bedroom would look super cute with the Mr&Mrs in our bedroom!

  3. 11

    Erin says

    The little purse! Etsy tells me it’s lined with satan, but I’m hoping its more of a satin…..

  4. 13

    Jacquie Olsen says

    I love the Mr & Mrs too but those smock outfits would look adorable on my two 3-year-olds (my son and daughter). Never seen a matching outfit for male/female siblings. Love it!

  5. 17

    Wendi says

    Cute. Cute. Cute. Liking the clutch purse, the headbands and the Mr & Mrs. Wishing your sister a wonderful time with her Etsy shop.

  6. 19

    Erin W. says

    Love the Mr. & Mrs., love the burlap headbands, and love the hair ties! Love it all! What a fun Etsy shop!

  7. 26

    Amanda B. says

    I love the block letters and my daughter would love those headbands (those might be in her future). Beautiful items!

  8. 27

    Beth says

    The Mr and Mrs are cute but I’d be excited to hear what came out of my kids imaginations with those KEYS!!!

  9. 29

    Meagan says

    Loooooove those Mr. & Mrs. blocks. Love. I’ve been wanting to incorporate something like that into my bedroom decor, but just haven’t gotten a good vision for it. Those are perfect!

  10. 45

    Kristin Birkholz says

    The smocked outfits for my twin boy and girl! And I love the Mr. and Mrs.!!!! Beautiful and whimsical!

  11. 46


    Oooh, love her stuff! :) I have to say my fave is the Mr & Mrs blocks, but I’m lovin’ the Rusty Key ring, too!

    Added her to my Etsy fam and am excited to know the “connection” – will definitely help promote her shop in whatever way I can.

  12. 48

    Taylor B says

    I think the lace and pearl necklace is adorable! I am a lover of all this old, and that piece has a very sweet vintage look to it. I am getting married Sept. 22 and the pearls, lace and vintage feel are what we are going for. I am so excited! :)

  13. 49

    Brittany says

    The mr. & Mrs. sign is so cute, but I love the key ring and the Try New Things clutch! :) Some very cute things! And I love the name of her Esty shop! :)

  14. 50

    Jennifer T says

    Congrats on her new shop… love it all.. I almost want some more little’s to fit those darling outfits on! But my fave is the Mr and Mrs Sign… Love Love Love!!!

  15. 51

    Tricia says

    My kids would get a kick out of those keys… remind me of the keys in Pirates of the Caribbean.

  16. 54

    Alison L says

    I LOVE the Mr and Mrs. sign!!! We celebrate our 20th anniversary in just a few weeks and these would be perfect for our bedroom makeover!

  17. 58

    Robert W says

    I think my wife would love to win the Mr. & Mrs. sign. And the patriotic dress would be adorable on our daughter.

  18. 64

    Niki Blake says

    Besides those adorable Mr. and Mrs. signs……I LOVE the clutch purse! WE have another thing in common….I used to live inThe woodlands and the second thing….I have a twin too!

    Thanks for the chance….her shop is awesome. I will go in and follow her. I have one too…….LOVINMYBOYS Custom signs…God has grown it like CRAZY…I know He will do the same for your sister’s if that is His desire…..thanks again!

  19. 70


    Hmm…huge toss up between the rusty keyring and the Mr & Mrs sign. I’m thinking if I don’t win your giveaway, I may be buying the Mr & Mrs sign anyway. 😉

  20. 71

    Lisa Wheeler says

    LOVE the Mr. & Mrs…..would look fantastic in our new house (well, once we get a new house.) :)

  21. 78

    Bethany Feustel says

    I’m a fan of vintage keys, so the rusty key ring is my favorite. But the Mr and Mrs is super cute too :)

  22. 80

    Heidi Weaver says

    Mr & Mrs blocks are so cute :) We are starting our own Etsy shop to so I will tell my friends to check hers out.

  23. 84

    kristen says

    Congrats on the new shop! My favorite is the Mr & Mrs – the headbands are really cute too though! :-)

  24. 85

    Melissa D says

    I like the little purse, because I need that reminder. The dresses remind me of a set I had for my two oldest girls, which had a watermelon design. The cool thing was that we got them in two different places and at two different times and they just happened to match.

  25. 87

    tonya says

    LOVE the mr & mrs blocks! and those burlap headbands are darling…although i don’t think i could get my 13yo to wear one. :(

  26. 90

    Jill Pierce says

    I absolutely adore the lacy pearl necklaces and the Mr and Mrs sign…so hard to choose just one!

  27. 91

    Megan says

    My favorites are the fourth of July outfits! Sew cute! We do a big celebration in our cute little town and I could see my littles running around in those!

  28. 97

    RLR says

    Love the Mr and Mrs sign! Getting ready to overhaul the master suite and time and budget allow – I have two ottomans on the way – and these would be a fun addition to my “a little bit of this, a little bit of that” plan for the space. Also, today’s our 15th anniversary!

  29. 101


    I LOVE her items! Very cute shop! I love the mr & mrs. and am thinking that I should consider that for my brother-in-law’s upcoming wedding-as a special gift to them. But hope your sister has success–it is a lot of fun to be creative! :)

  30. 114

    Kelly says

    It is a toss up between the keys and the Mr./Mrs. I’m going to have to say the Mr. & Mrs. though because I’ve been looking for something to put over our bed! I thought everything was adorable.

  31. 116

    Lajoie says

    The smocked dress is absolutely adorable! What a great little shop. The sign would look great in my bedroom for my 10 year Anniversary!

  32. 118

    Shana says

    Good luck to our sister. I wish my sister lived close and we could raise our kids together. I like the purse and the Mr and Mrs. I wish her well.

  33. 131

    Robin (in AZ) Statezny says

    What a cute little shop! I love the uniqueness of her items! The key ring would look very cool hanging on my coat hooks by the front door but I love the Mr & Mrs too!

  34. 134

    Kathy says

    There are many cute things. The smocked clothes are cute, it I do not have little ones anymore. Since tomorrow is my anniversary, I would have to sat that I like the mr. & mrs. the best. A very cute idea for a bridal shower or an anniversary gift. Thank you for sharing the website!

  35. 136

    Kathy says

    Sorry! Tired teacher typing….it should have said “but” I do not have little ones. Also, sat should be “say.”

  36. 138

    Cathy says

    I like the Mr. and Mrs.sign and the vintage keys. My husband and I have been married for almost fourteen years. The last couple of years have been difficult due to my health problems. Despite so much that has happened (it is indescribable) we have stayed together and loved each other even more.The keys are also symbolic. They remind me of the chains that bind us and the love that sets us free.

  37. 140

    Kathryn says

    I hopped over to check out your sisters shop and LOVED the ‘Try New Things’ clutch! Please do NOT enter me in the contest as the prize does not apply to my life but I had to tell you I have a wonderful new clutch to remind me to be bold every day! Thanks for bringing her to our attention.

  38. 143


    How did I not know you had a twin sister??? I have twin girls and they are the best of friends….

    the mr. & mrs blocks are SO CUTE!!! my niece is getting married this fall…would make such a fun gift for her!

  39. 145


    Love the keys! My grandparents have a set like that in their front hallway, so big metal keys always remind me of them. :-)

  40. 148

    Jennie says

    What’s not to love! All cute, but these blocks are perfect as been wanting to redecorate our bedroom and this make for perfect theme! Smock outfits are cute, be perfect for my little one’s! Thanks for awesome give away oppt and for sharing your sisters etsy page, love etsy!

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