Gypsy Burlap Queens {Giveaway}

Congrats to random commenter #21, Deidra. You won!
My sister opened a darling Etsy shop and I’ve been helping her get it ready to open. My twin and I are like night and day–different, but dependent on each other. We live close and raise our families together (cousins rule!) I wouldn’t have it any other way. Love you, Kara!

Introducing: Gypsy Burlap Queens

How cute are these smocked patriotic matching outfits just in time for Fourth of July?

2013-05-21 22.47.43

Almost makes me want another. Almost.

Her gypsy shop has a bit of everything:


And today, I’m giving away a set of MR & MRS block letters and funky “&”. It one of my favorites from her shop:



Hop over, take a look, tell me what your favorite item it and then leave a comment on this post as your entry.


  1. 153

    Kathy L says

    I am super torn on what item is my favorite. I have a niece who would look amazingly adorable in the little patriotic outfit…but…for myself, I can see the lacy pearls over my nice light teal summer dress…So I am going to have to say, your sister’s creativity is FAR beyond anything I could imagine doing, and picking a favorite is impossible!

  2. 154

    Liz Flurry says

    I agree with you – the Mr. & Mrs. Blocks are my fav.! I am moving and looking for a new master bedroom look. The Gypsy Burlap Queen look is the way to go! :) Now to find bedding to coordinate… :)

  3. 157

    Elissa Schouten says

    I’m so loving the mr. & mrs. letters. So cute and creative and great way to be proud of marriage.

  4. 158

    Rachel S says

    I really like the Mr. & Mrs. letters. What an awesome idea! And the headbands are my second fav . . .

  5. 160

    Joy says

    Mr&Mrs would be perfect as a gift for my brother in law who is planning a wedding and the Rusty Keys would be darling as a housewarming gift for my son who just purchased his first home…so those two items strike my fancy:)

  6. 163

    Amy says

    Thanks for sharing your sister’s Etsy site. I think the Mr. & Mrs. sign in really unique. I would love it!

  7. 164

    Maria says

    Your sister is really creative! I think the key chain is my favorite. It’s a vintage-like item and would stand out just a bit. Thanks for letting us know about her shop! I may make a purchase for my wedding soon…your giveaway would be perfect for decoration (but the keys are still my favorite!!!). =)

  8. 165

    Melissa says

    My favorite is also the Mr & Mrs sign…thinking that might be the perfect gift to an upcoming wedding I’m attending!

  9. 167

    Denise Ayer says

    Love the Mr. and Mrs. sign. If I had small children, I would favor the 4th of July outfits as I always dressed my girls for the holiday! The 4th was our favorite!

  10. 170

    LoneStarLifer Paula says

    Love the Mr & Mrs. I have a niece getting married and that would be right up her alley!

  11. 174

    Erin says

    The Mr. & Mrs. signs are my favorite, but all of the items are adorable and creative! Love the rusty keyring too!

  12. 177

    Paige Gilmore says

    I like the headbands. They would look so cute on my nieces! Thinking they might make a good birthday present.

  13. 181

    Ann says

    Love it! Great items and best of all great prices! I love the headbands (I have a little girl) but I also love the giveaway item. It’s so unique and my husband and I really need some good deco for our bedroom! :-)

  14. 184

    LaurenAshleyy says

    I love the skeleton keys!!!!!!!!! I have several in my personal collection and love the uniqueness of the rust and scuffs on all the ones i have :)

  15. 188

    Jennifer Dreier says

    Love Love love the lacy pearls and also the Mr. Mrs. Blocks. Love how you are supporting your sister! What a blessing you must be to one another!

  16. 189

    Misty says

    The Mr & Mrs blocks are adorable, I have a rusty keyring much like the one in the shop, but I think the fun and funky burlap headbands are my favorites. Perfect for an almost 10 year old who is still (thankfully) a little girl!

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